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A tattoo was a type of body art, a mark or design which was placed under the skin. Tattoos were a common form of decoration amongst many races and often had some sort of cultural significance.

The traditional facial tattoo of the Maori people was the moko, which was worn by Maori to signify their character and identity. (TNG video game: Away Team)

Some Native American groups, such as the Rubber Tree People, also wore facial tattoos, both Chakotay and his father Kolopak had tattoos of Rubber Tree design above their left eyes. (VOY episode: "Tattoo")

Chakotay's tattoo was one of his most identifying features and as such was sometimes a source of parody and imitation: In 2373 Q attempted to impress Kathryn Janeway by appearing with a much more elaborate version of Chakotay's tattoo; The Bajoran character Katanay in The Doctor's holoprogram Photons Be Free was based on Chakotay and sported an elaborate facial tattoo; In 2377 Ventu villagers on Ledos began to imitate Chakotay and Seven of Nine, which included copying Chakotay's tattoo. (VOY episodes: "The Q and the Grey", "Author, Author", "Natural Law")

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A tattoo is a permanent design marked on skin using inked needles. Tattoos are a common style of body art used among humans.


Tattoos of Organizations

Tattoos are often used to promote bonding between members of a certain group.


Tattoos are frequently displayed with pride by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Melissa McKay wore a tattoo of a skull and the letters "ODST" on her bicep.[1] Jacob Keyes, while not an ODST, was given an ODST tattoo of the kanji symbol for either "bastard" or "bad ass", as the meaning differs depending on who is asked.[2] An Unnamed Female Corporal had the words "cut here" tattooed around her neck.


The Kelorists of Mamore mark members with a tattoo of a cross within a circle.[3]


Members of fraternities such as Sigma Chi are known to wear tattoos to signify their involvement. One such tattoo ended up blowing the cover of an ONI spook sent to test Rani Sobeck.[4]

Individual Tattoos

Tattoos can also be personal decorations of individual persons. Dominique wore one such tattoo of a Besell function around his wrist.[5]


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Numerous characters on Lost have tattoos, although they may not have been explicitly referenced.

Characters with tattoos

Character Description Image(s)
Bryan sports a tattoo of two Japanese kanji, yuu + ki, on his right shoulder. Yuuki means "courage, boldness, daring, brave spirit, brave heart." It is actor Charles Mesure's actual tattoo. IMAGE
Charlie (as well as the actor who portrays him) bears a tattoo on his left shoulder which reads "Living is easy with eyes closed". This is a quote from The Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever," a song whose lyrics and/or meaning could be considered symbolic of the Losties' experiences, Charlie's in particular. For further dissection of "Strawberry Fields Forever," see its Songfacts page.
Charlie is seen in "Walkabout" to have a tattoo of the Quenya symbol for "nine," a fictional language from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth cosmology. Dominic Monaghan got this tattoo after playing Merry in all three of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, as did the eight actors who portrayed the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring. Image:LOTR_Tat.jpg

Cunningham sports a tattoo on his left wrist. The tattoo appears to be either a circular or ovular design.
Main article: Jack's tattoos

Jack has various tattoos, one on his left shoulder, one on his back, and a third on the left forearm, at least one of which was placed by Achara in Phuket, Thailand. ("D.O.C.")
Main article: Juliet's mark

Juliet is branded by the Others. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
Keamy has a tattoo on his left shoulder seemingly consisting of a winged figure loosely resembling a bird.
On his right shoulder, Keamy has a tattoo of a red (bear?) claw overlaid with a curving symbol - all within a black, compass-like circle. This is similar to the logo used by Blackwater Worldwide, a private military company based in North Carolina.
Naomi has a tattoo on her right shoulder. It was first visible when she was healing at the beach camp, in "The Brig". From what is seen, it appears to be chain-like in design; there is a line running through four individual squares.

This tattoo belongs to actress Marsha Thomason, and can be seen in the TV series "Las Vegas" in at least one episode, "Good Run of Bad Luck" (Season 2, Episode 5).
Tom sports a tattoo on his chest. It has not been referenced, but was barely visible in "Live Together, Die Alone" on Tom's upper left pectoral. It appears to be circular with a green, possibly clover-shaped object in the center.

William Kincaid
Locke's physical therapist, William Kincaid, has a tattoo of six Chinese characters on his left forearm.

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This article is about bodily markings. You may be looking for other similarly named objects.
A tattooed woman at the Black Hole cantina on Kiffex, wearing tattoos on her forehead, left arm and right shoulder.
"Please tell me that all that stuff will wash out of your hair."
"It will. But the tattoos are permanent."
Myri Antilles startling her father

A tattoo was a permanent insertion of ink or other pigments below the skin using a sharp instrument. A number of beings had tattoos, normally for cosmetic reasons or as part of their culture or an organization.

Tattooing was a also used as a common identification or branding of slaves. One example was the slave trade planet Orvax IV. The Togorian Mezgraf, a former slave of this planet, had his slaver's mark on his right shoulder, still visible through his white fur, and would often wear a long-sleeved jacket to cover it.[1]

A tattooist, or tattoo artist, was a person who drew tattoos on people's skin as a job. Notable examples were Bojam Rees, who made a living as a tattoist on Starstation 12,[2] and the male Lafrarian Nuyu, a tattoo artist and body decorator who ran a small shop on StarForge Station[3]. The Blue Sector of Corellia's capital Coronet hosted a high proportion of tattoo parlors.[4]

Though tattoos were meant to be permanent, they could be removed with a pen-like device, which was seen used by Deliah Blue to remove Cade Skywalker's Sith tattoos.[5].


Notable cultures

Luminara Unduli with Mirialan tattoos on her face and knuckle joints.


The Mirialans and the Kiffar stood out from other Humans and Near-Humans by their tattoos.[6] The Mirialans had a religious belief based on a primitive understanding of the Unifying Force, and believed that an individual's actions contributes to her or his destiny. Their actions encompass a long and specific list of tests of skill and character. The Mirialans tattooed themselves with patterns on their faces and hands, sometimes on their arms, legs, feet and shoulders. The specific patterns told other Mirialans what tests an individual had undertaken successfully, and what general part she or he would take in the future of the Mirialans, as well as that individuals importance to the future of the universe.[7]

The Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee wore unique tattoos to signify that the Force had singled them out for greater destinies. Luminara's tattoos included her lower lip, her chin and the knuckle joints on her hands.[8] Her lower lip had a purplish-black color, and her chin was adorned with interlocking black diamond-shaped tattoos, while more intricate markings covered her knuckle joints. Later, she had her upper lip tattooed as well, and her chin-tattoo was enlarged with more diamonds.[9]

Barriss' tattoos were not as detailed as her master's, but she knew that she would acquire more of them as she grew older. A diamond-shaped pattern ran across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, and a diamond-shaped tattoo consisting of four smaller diamonds were emblazoned on the backs of her hands. Her lips were the same dark color of the tattoos, but it is uncertain whether they were tattooed as well, or were just make-up. The nails of both master and Padawan matched their tattoos. [10]

Quinlan Vos with yellow Kiffar tattoos on his face and left arm.

The male Mirialan pirate and mercenary Arwen Cohl was rashed from temple to temple with small diamond-shaped tattoos.[11]


The Kiffar, meanwhile, believed that it is the mother who gives life, and the power of the Force flows through her to her children. As part of this belief, the tattoos of the Kiffar signified their family heritage from their mothers.[6] Various patterns, designs and colors identify an individual's clan. Known colors were yellow, like the Jedi Master Quinlan Vos[12], green, like Asanté Vos[12], purple, like Horsea[13], black, like Sintas and Ailyn Vel[14], and red, like Vanlin[13].

When an individual's mother was not a Kiffar, apparently the father's tattoos were taken on; this was the case of Korto Vos, the son of Quinlan Vos and Human mother Khaleen Hentz.[15]


The A'mari were the former ruling clan of Melano III. They were marked with a black tattoo across their neck.[16]

Bk'trugh clan

The Bk'trugh clan was a Gamorrean clan whose members could be recognized by a tattoo on their arms.[17]

The Blood Carver Ko Vakier with tattoos on his nose flaps.

Blood Carvers

The Blood Carvers sported tribal tattoos along the ridge of their nose flaps.[18]

Bomu clan

The Bomu Clan was an extended family of Rodian mercenaries. Each member was marked with a tattoo of the clan's family symbol as soon as she or he was old enough to hold a blaster carbine.[19]


The Bosph stood out from other tattooed cultures by their unusual motif: star maps. The first Bosphs were nomads, and would often tattoo themselves with maps and star charts for navigation. This tradition is still practiced by high-ranking officials and many non-ranking Bosphs. When the species was discovered by scouts several decades before the Battle of Yavin, the Bosphs who took to the stars developed the tradition further by having their skin adorned with intricate star maps, which often depicted star systems and planets not yet discovered by even professional scouts.[20]


Seven years after the Battle of Endor, refugees from Eol Sha made a new home on Dantooine, the homeworld of the Dantari, only to be wiped out by Imperial Admiral Daala. To the primitive Dantari, the arrival of Daala's forces was an event of unprecedented awe, and they began incorporating Imperial symbology into their belief systems. As part the new tradition, the Dantari tattooed themselves with Imperial symbols; Imperial crests, AT-ATs, blaster rifles, and in the case of the truly brave, full body depictions of stormtrooper armor.[18]


The Duhma species identified themselves through their tribal tattoos of a unique pattern. The former Imperial Colonel Abal Karda had his face tattooed with their symbol, as part of a disguise to avoid being captured for the bounty placed on his head.[2]


The Ebranite social structures were based on family and clan units. Each clan, or thilda, had a unique identifying insignia. This insignia was a source of pride and honor, and any insult directed to the clan insignia was viewed as an insult to the clan itself, and to each and every clan member of that clan. Every Ebranite had their clan's insignia tattooed on the uppermost left arm at birth, and remained loyal to their respective clans until death.

In the past millennia, the Ebranite society was plagued with clan warfare, but as their society slowly evolved, many clans would cooperate for mutual advancement. It became increasingly more common to find several clans living together, and children were now given a new clan insignia symbolizing the unity of several clans.[21]


The Gorothite had several wattles beneath their chins, which they decorated with complex, helical tattoos of bright color. The tattoos denoted ancestry and status within their society, and also identified to which j'ber (a kind of clan or extended family) an individual belonged. Most Gorothite couldn't understand how offworlder could be insensitive to these fine gradations of status.[22]

Ziro the Hutt with the tattoos of the Hutts of Sleheyron on his head, back, arms and tail. He also had the symbol of Black Sun tattooed on his belly.


The Gree decorated their long forehead with hieroglyphic tattoos which indicated rank and caste.[23]

Humans of Aquella

The planet Aquella was notable for the Human males' ritual tattooing and dyeing on their bodies upon reaching adulthood.[24] A combination of permanent dye and micro-tattooing was applied during rite of passage ceremonies, and the resulting purplish-green skin made them look like a race of Near-Humans.[25]

Hutts of Sleheyron

The wealthy Hutts of Sleheyron, a Hutt trade world, wore unique headdresses, jewelry and golden tattoos. When Ziro the Hutt began his criminal career, he operated as a loan shark on the planet, and adopted the ornaments of his fellow Hutts.[26]


The Nightsister Robetheri wore reddish-brown tattoos on her bald head and face, which drastically altered her appearance.[27] Other Nightsisters had their faces emblazoned in a similar, dramatic way; notable examples are Mighella[28], Zalem[29] and Silri[30], though it is whether these decorations were tattoos, instead of just paint. Others Nightsisters, like Ros Lai and Vonya[29], wore facial markings of a simpler design. Again, it is unknown whether these were permanent or not.


After the Mindharp of Sharu was activated, the life-energies of the Sharu were awakened from their computerized slumber, and the Toka, the species' temporary, primitive form, were restored to the Sharu. Many of the new Sharu had tattoos on their foreheads of the Mindharp or other Sharu symbols.[31]


Each Sullustan's cranial markings and dew flaps were as unique to that individual as a retinal marker or fingerprints. Some Sullustans took this uniqueness a step further by adding ritual tattoos, reinforcing their individualism.[6]


The Tarasin had a tattoo design unique to their species: A kir'ala tree with its long, weeping branches. Color-changing inks were reserved for marks of true honor.[32]

Nei Rin with Yuuzhan Vong tattoos.

Yuuzhan Vong

Among the Yuuzhan Vong, tattooing was part of a religious ritual of reshaping and disfiguration. Most Yuuzhan Vong bore severe disfigurements, scars and tattoos to more closely resemble their Gods, which they fanatically worshiped.[33]


The Near-Human, blue-skinned Wroonians[34] often wore ornate markings on their faces, but it is unclear how often these facial decorations were tattoos, instead of make-up or paint. The Wroonian woman Azoora had her forehead decorated with a yellow mark that matched her lips.[35] Chi Eekway, the Pantoran senator of the Wroonian homeworld[36], whose skin color matched the Wroonians, wore black markings on her forehead, nose and chin.[37] The planet Saleucami was home to several offworld cultures, including Wroonians.[38] Among the Wroonian colonists, ornate facial markings appeared to be common. At least two colors, red and black, existed.[39]


The Zabrak wore facial tattoos made up of thin lines that they received during their rite of passage, which takes place after their horns begin to grow at puberty. These facial marks could be symbolic of many things, like family lineage or where they came from, or could be a personal design of their own. The Sith Lord Darth Maul had his skin covered in black Sith tattoos.[6] It was unusual for a Zabrak to have no facial tattoos[40]; notable examples were Jedi Master Agen Kolar[41], Pol Haus, prefect in the Imperial Sector Police[40] and the Jedi Padawan Maris Brood[42].

Notable organizations

Jarael with the Flames of the Crucible on her face and arms.

The Crucible

The Crucible was a slaving ring, whose minders wore tattoos[43] known as Flames of the Crucible[44]. Some members, such as Chantique and Jarael, were known to bear the Flames of the Crucible on their arms and faces.[43] Jarael had never explained her body art[45], but in the end, her past caught up with her when she ran into a slave called Goethar Kleej on Pantolomin[44]. Goethar had never met her before, but recognized the markings printed on her face.[44] However, the tattoos on Jarael's face spelled out her name, which in the ancient tongue of the Crucible[43] meant "protector", and had been given to her by the slaves she had tried to help as well as she could.[46]


The followers of the K'thri martial arts had their mark tattooed on their skin.[47]


The Matukai were an ancient sect of Force-users spread throughout the galaxy. When a member completed her or his training, that person tattooed themselves with a symbol that covered parts of their forehead and the sides of the face at the eyes.[48]

Rav's Pirates

Jariah Syn with the Bloody Bones tattooed on his shoulder.

The pirate Rav and his crew wore tattoos of the Rav's insignia called the Bloody Bones, composed of two crossed red bones. His symbol was feared throughout the galaxy. After joining Rav's crew, Cade Skywalker was marked with Rav's insignia, but added a skull to his tattoo, thus making the symbol his own.[49] Many members of Rav's crew wore other red tattos as well.[50] For example, Cade's friend and fellow pirate Jariah Syn had red markings tattooed on his right forearm, wrist and hand.[51] Cade had a similar tattoo on his left forearm, reminiscent of a red anchor,[51] as well as a red skull tattooed on his left leg.[52]

Red Hand

Several members of the Coruscant criminal organization Red Hand had their organization's symbol tattooed on their skin. At least two different color designs, red and purple, were used.[53]

Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance

The Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance were a religious group of Lorrdian mercenaries. When traveling outside their temple, they wore full length robes and masks to hide the lines of scripture tattooed on their bodies.[54]

Sith Order

Several members of the Sith Order adorned themselves with black tattoos of various patterns and designs.

Sith Empire

XoXaan, one of the first Sith Lords, had her face tattooed with black markings.[55] The Dark Lords of the Sith of the old Sith Empire wore tattoos of rank on their foreheads. The burning venom of a kind of pincerbug was used to burn the mark into the Dark Lords skin.[56] Centuries later, the Sith Lord Naga Sadow would bear the same mark.[57] 1000 year after the fall of the Sith Empire, the spirit of the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos named Exar Kun the newest Dark Lord, and made Ulic Qel-Droma Kun's apprentice. Marked with Sith tattoos on their foreheads by Ragnos' hand, the newest members of the Sith joined forces.[58] When Ulic returned to the light side, his tattoo was carved away, leaving an x-shaped scar.[59]

Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War)

During the Jedi Civil War a few decades later, the fallen Jedi Knight Darth Revan founded a new Sith Empire and declared himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Several members of Revan's new Sith order sported tattoos. Uthar Wynn, the head of the Sith Academy on Korriban, and his apprentice Yuthura Ban had parts of their heads and necks adorned with a detailed pattern of tattoos. Revan's follower Jorak Uln had his bald heads tattooed with a striped design.[60]. However, Revan's apprentice, Darth Malak, got his tattoos, blue stripes which adorned his head, before he became a Sith.[61]

New Sith Empire

In year 1,750 BBY, the powerful Sith leader known only as the Dark Underlord consolidated a large Sith group known as the Black Knights.[62] One of these knights was a Zeltron commander[62], whose red skin was decorated with black tattoos on the left side of his face and bald head.[63]

Brotherhood of Darkness

750 years later, by the time of the battle of Ruusan, two and a half thousand years after Revan's time, the tattoos of the Sith had evolved into circles, wavy lines, straight lines, squares, spots, swirls, triangles etc.[64] One example was the Sith Lord Githany, who bore a wavy, circular black tattoo on her forehead. Several Sith of this era had their eyelids and skin around their eyes tattooed.[64] One prominent example was the Sith Lord Darth Bane, the man who eventually reinvented the Sith order after its destruction and established the Rule of Two.[65] Apparently, most of the Sith of this era wore tattoos on their head and/or face, though some had other parts of their body decorated.[64] One of them was the Sith Lord Kas'im, who wore his tattoos on his chest.[66]
Darth Talon, a Sith Lord of Darth Krayt's New Sith Order, had black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku.

Order of the Sith Lords

Darth Bane's apprentice, Darth Zannah, eventually acquired tattoos similar to those of her master.[67] Zannah's apprentice, Darth Cognus, already wore tattoos before she became a Sith - her chin was tattooed with four sharp, thin lines, extending like fangs from her lower lip.[68]

During the Rise of the Empire era, Darth Sidious selected Darth Maul as his apprentice. Sidious personally applied Maul's Sith tattoos, markings that were evidence of Maul's complete dedication to the dark side.[69] Maul's entire body was covered with jagged patterns of black.[70] The Dark Jedi Jerec, of the same era, bore Sith tattoos on his mouth and chin, even though he was never named a Sith Lord.[57]

One Sith

During the Second Galactic Civil War, decades after the birth of the New Republic, the Sith continued to survive on the planet Korriban. One of them was Dician, whose pale geometric-patterned tattoos on her cheeks stood out from normal black Sith tattoos. Her tattoos stood out in sharp relief on her dark skin.[71]

Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentices of the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh, wore what appeared to be a black tattoo that went from between her eyes to the left side of her forehead.[72] However, this was actually eye swirls that she carefully painted on every morning to draw attention away from a scar at the corner of her mouth.[73]

Many members of Darth Krayt's One Sith wore Sith tattoos all over their body.[51] Darth Krayt himself was tattooed long before he became a Sith. As a Human raised among Tusken Raiders, he marked his face with black tattoos so that he, under his Tusken trappings, would not have to be human.[74] One of Krayt's two Hands was the Twi'lek Sith Lord Darth Talon, whose tattoos were scribed by Krayt and earned in ritual combat.[49]

In addition to wearing black tattoos, many of Krayt's order had their skin tattooed red, evident from several Sith whose species complexion was other colors.

Vurrha's Blood

Vurrha's Blood was a criminal group lead by the Quarren Vurrha Chur. Their name derived from both the initiation ceremony where Vurrha would cut himself and smear his blood across the face of the new member, and the tattoos they wore - a red circle with a black teardrop inside.[82]

Zealots of Psusan

The Zealots of Psusan, female members of the cult Disciples of Psusan, could be recognized by a spiritual tattoo of a black starburst on the abdomen, surrounding the navel.[83] At least two designs existed: Nyrat Agira and Khaleen Hentz wore a mark which was slightly more detailed than the design worn by Rosha Vess. Khaleen Hentz was adorned with other tattoos as well: Two triangles formed a diamond under her left eye, and a flower made up of black diamonds, dots and lines was tattooed on the left side of her back.[84] The Farghul bounty hunter Breela had a belly tattoo very similar to the Zealots of Psusan, marking her as a possible member.[85]

Notable people with individual tattoos

  • The Zabrak bounty hunter Odon Anak wore a light red tattoo of a lightning bolt on her forehead and cheekbones, in addition to the traditional tattoos of her species.[82]
  • After the intelligence operative Myri Antilles startled her father by telling him about her new tattoos, she laughed. It is unclear whether she was telling the truth or only joking.[86]
  • The Dark Jedi Tavion Axmis wore patterns of purple tattoos on her arms and forehead, as well as under her eyes and on the bridge of her nose.[87]
  • Basso, a member of the Rebel Alliance, had his head tattooed with a black band that went over his forehead and around his head.[88]
  • Cavis Bault, a follower of the religious organization H'kig, had every inch of his arms decorated with elaborate tattoos disappearing into his plain habit.[90]
  • The minor Crime Lord Ray Carantar had a twisting and curving tattoo on the right side of his bald head.[93]
  • The smuggler and Rebel Alliance member Nera Dantels was distinguished by her black talon-shaped tattooed under her eyes. The tattoos were later enlarged, with bigger talons that and also covered her eyes, and the color was changed to dark blue.[95] Her tattoos prominently proclaimed her individuality and refusal to blend in.[96]
  • The Jedi Padawan and expert slicer Ekria, and the expert slicer Zakarisz Ghent both hailed from the planet Baroli[99], and were distinguished by their blue hair and the same blue facial tattoos[100]. It is not known whether their appearance was part of a culture, organization or sub-culture, or whether they were related.
  • Ushka Et, the Devaronian lead singer of the band Distraction, stood out from other tattooed people by a peculiar design: Half her face was tattooed to look like she'd been in a horribly disfiguring accident – that is, from a distance. Up close, she was very attractive. She had done this for the sake of attention, and was very self-conscious about her actions. She wasn't ashamed of the original body art, but preferred that people didn't stare at her tattoos unless she was performing. When she talked to people, she therefore tended to turn the tattooed half of her face away from the person.[102]
  • The near-Human Jedi-Master Fay had black lines tattooed on her left cheek and forehead.[103]
Jabba the Hutt's tattoo
  • Gauer, a man employed by the Galactic Empire, had a tattoo consisting of a brown line that ran over his hairless skull to the top of his nose, where the line split in two and formed another line over the bridge of his nose. His eyelids and the skin around his eyes was tattooed black, and both eye tattoos were connected by a black stripe underneath the brown one over the bridge over his nose.[110]
  • The Hutt crime lord Groola had a purple talon-shaped tattoo over each eye, as well as two bands of purple tattoos that went from his chin and down his chest and belly.[4]
  • The Clone trooper Hevy sported dark tattoos on either side of his face, from the back of the neck to the cheeks.[105]
  • The Mandalorian mercenary Briika Jeban had an intricate lacework of blue tattoos on her hands.[117]
  • The famous podracer Kerd K'Kerren had every inch of his hands, face and neck covered in intricate tattoos of green and gold. The left side of his had was shaved and tattooed with swirls and checks.[119]
  • Blue Squadron pilot Dorset Konnair had a blue starflare tattoo covering her right eye. Her skin was also decorated with other symbols, most of which were hidden underneath her clothes.[120]
  • The criminal Achk Med-Beq had a spiderweb of tattooed dark lines that curved and twisted outward from his left eye.[118]
  • Black Sun member Asa Naga had three thin, blue, vertical rectangles with black outlines tattooed in the center of his forehead. This design was enhanced with white color tattooed over his nose and parts of his forehead, in contrast with his blue skin.[28]
  • Thrynka Padaunete, leader of the People's Inquest, had a dark gray tattoo on her chest. Her face was decorated with red and white markings, which might have been tattoos as well, or just simply make-up.[125]
  • While posing as a pirate captain, the Twi'lek Dia Passik had her lekku decorated with temporary tattoos of an intricate pattern of black cuneiform marks. The body art told the misdeeds stories of her fictitious character.[126]
  • After the female Twi'lek Sienn'rha was abducted and enslaved by Bib Fortuna, her lekku was tattooed with delicate floral chains. A Twi'lek's lekku was full of nerves, which made the skin extremely sensitive, and tattooing excruciatingly painful.[132]
  • The zealous Xalto Sneerzick had the back of his hand decorated with a tattoo of the symbol of his cause: A purple cog being struck by a lightning bolt, which signified his devotion to freeing all droids throughout the Galaxy.[134]
  • The Human mercenary Clea Sook had black tattoos inked on her hands and across her face.[135]
  • Rebel Alliance member Wyl Tarson adorned his skin with a single, big golden tattoo which covered parts of his neck, chest, back, left arm and stomach.[141]
  • The bounty hunter Tirog wore a gray tattoo over his right eye and cheek, as well as a red tattoo on his head and right arm.[142]
  • The Nagai Lusubrin T'shkali, also known as Brin, had a violet royal crest tattooed around his left eye, and silver sigils tattooed on his neck. He refused to discuss the significance of either set of markings.[144]
  • The Rattataki Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress was distinguished by the black tattoos on her chalk-white skin. Six knife-shaped tattoos were arrayed on each side of her bald head, like daggers pointing at her ears, one for each of the twelve warlords she had killed after swearing their deaths.[146] On a few occasions during the Clone Wars, she was seen with markings that were slightly different, and had apparently added tattoos to her jaw.[147]


Below are titles in which tattoos are mentioned.

  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 16: Nights of Anger, Part 1
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 41: Dueling Ambitions, Part 3
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 42: Masks
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 45: Destroyer, Part 1
  • Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
  • Darth Bane: Rule of Two
  • Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
  • Marked
  • Cloak of Deception
  • Episode I Adventures 5: The Ghostling Children
  • The Approaching Storm
  • The Cestus Deception
Darth Maul had tattoos over the majority of his body.


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