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Task Force 59 is the ninth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



While on patrol the USS Swiftfire-A comes to the aid of several Starfleet attack fighters belonging to Starfleet Task Force 59. The task force commander, Rear Admiral Douglas, recruits the ship for a dangerous mission. The force is hunting a Jem'Hadar super carrier in the area and needs the extra firepower the Swiftfire can bring.

Memorable quotes

"Where were you stationed?"
"Outpost M562."
"Sounds exotic!"
--Jasmine Carter and Carol Murphy
"You don’t like the idea of these types of weapons, do you?"
"That obvious is it? This weapon is only produced for one thing; to kill."
"Would you still say that if I told you it had a stun setting?"
"Does it?"
--Colonel David Tiki showing Miss Carter some of the Marine's less friendly weaponry.
"But we would be stupid if we didn’t have weapons like this. Just because we respect others doesn’t mean they will respect us. Powers like the Dominion see the galaxy as their stomping grounds to conquer and pillage. If we are going to protect ourselves from these powers we need to fight them and kill them."
— Colonel Tiki's views on Starfleet's "conflicting" missions of an armed force and peaceful explorers.

Background information


3rd Tactical Wing; 59th Tactical Wing; Austin, Eric; Battle of Ulairi; USS Brisbane; C-4194; Carter, Jasmine; USS Cartwright; Herald; Jem'Hadar super carrier; Jimmy; Masters, Dalton; Oasis Squadron; Overcome Squadron; Outpost M562; Puma Squadron; Rekris, Andrew; USS Sparrow; Task Force 59; Ulairi system; USS Venture

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  • "Task Force 59" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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