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Tash Arranda
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Tash Arranda was a Force-sensitive Human female from Alderaan who survived the destruction of her homeworld.




Early life

Tash and her younger brother, Zak Arranda, were born on Alderaan. Tash had very few friends on Alderaan; she was considered to be odd, due to her habit of finishing others' sentences. Tash and her brother were on a field trip off planet when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Both children were later adopted by their Shi'ido uncle, anthropologist Mammon Hoole, who was only related to them because his brother married the Arrandas' Aunt Beryl. They accompanied Hoole and his research droid, DV-9, on his adventures as he studied the sapient races of the galaxy.

Project Starscream

One of their early adventures led them to the planet D'vouran,inhabited by the Enzeen, where Tash, Zak, Hoole and the droid D-V9 ran into a Hutt named Smada, who seemed to know Hoole and wanted to make use of his shape-shifting abilities. As Smada ordered his Gank killers to vaporize the Arrandas, he was stopped by the intervention of the Heroes of Yavin. While on D'Vouran, Tash befriended a supposedly crazy hermit named Kevreb Bebo. He led her to an abandoned Imperial lab and told her that all of his companions had mysteriously disappeared. He gave her a pendant that he believed prevented him from disappearing as well. She left the lab and was subsequently captured by Smada, who wanted to use her and Zak to draw Hoole out of hiding. They were later rescued and escaped D'Vouran. The children were Force-sensitive, and briefly encountered Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah shortly before the Battle of Hoth. They also met Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and Han Solo. While practicing with the Force, she found out that when she was angry she was more powerful. She found herself upset to discover Hoole once worked for Gog.

Later life

Both of the Arrandas received university training after the threat of the Empire had lessened and became anthropologists themselves.They also attended the Jedi Praxum for a time before Hoole moved them to an undisclosed location, possibly New Alderaan.

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