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The Tarutaru (タルタル, Tarutaru) are a race of very short beings with brownish button noses and chipmunk-like attributes from the Federation of Windurst in Final Fantasy XI. Although they resemble children in size, this does not reflect their age. In fact, the Tarutaru do not seem to change their appearance at all as they age, and while short in stature, the Tarutaru are extremely proficient in magical ability, which they hone through careful and determined study of the natural world. The Tarutaru are said to understand the importance of the balance between natural harmony and magic. Because of this understanding, they have produced some of the greatest mages in the world's history. It was their way of life that fueled the rapid reconstruction of Windurst following its destruction during the Crystal War.

The Tarutaru enjoy a friendly relationship with the Mithra, who live in Windurst as well after they were admitted to the nation by the Star Sybil, the ruler of Windurst and moral leader of all Vana'diel. Tarutaru lack the physical strength and durability of their fellow enlightened races as a result of their racial prejudice towards magical study, but do control greater reserves of magical power (MP) as a result, and are the most studious and intelligent of the races of Vana'diel - although not the most wise or spiritual. In the storyline of the game they are often presented as heedless of caution - a trait which many players in Final Fantasy XI note as also applying to Tarutaru player characters. Archetypally, Tarutaru excel at the study of Black Magic and White Magic and they excel most well in the ancient art of summoning, although the combination of their vast magical power, precise spellcraft, lack of caution and physical vulnerability has resulted in the death of many such Tarutaru Black Mages. Like any race in Final Fantasy XI, Tarutaru can play any job, as racial disadvantages can be overcome by numerous methods.

Race Comparison

  • HP: Galka > Elvaan > Mithra = Hume > Tarutaru
  • MP: Tarutaru > Hume = Mithra > Elvaan > Galka
  • STR: Elvaan > Galka > Hume > Mithra > Tarutaru
  • DEX: Mithra > Galka = Hume = Tarutaru > Elvaan
  • VIT: Galka > Elvaan > Hume > Mithra = Tarutaru
  • AGI: Mithra > Tarutaru > Hume > Galka > Elvaan
  • INT: Tarutaru > Hume = Mithra > Galka > Elvaan
  • MND: Elvaan > Galka = Hume > Mithra = Tarutaru
  • CHR: Hume = Tarutaru = Elvaan > Galka = Mithra



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