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A detailed image of Tarn Razorlor in human form.

Tarn Razorlor is an evil necromancer that dwells beneath the Haunted Mines in his Lair. He is the boss monster in the miniquest called The Lair of Tarn Razorlor, and is guarded by his undead minions, animated steel and Terror Dogs.


He and his followers originally trekked through Morytania searching for a mysterious and powerful crystal to control the undead with. In the process, it is implied that Tarn encountered Treus Dayth, the guard of the crystals, and fled into an ancient dungeon beneath Burgh de Rott while his followers attempted to destroy the ghost. His followers are now dead, but with his necromancy skills he made them into the undead that scatter the lair. He is insane and was once an ordinary man; now he is a twisted monster.

He also seems to have had a few encounters with Sumona, as she says that he "annoyed her when [she] was young." What this means, or how they met, is currently unknown.

Fighting strategy

Please see this page for more fighting strategy.

When the player first meets him, he is in human form, and then proceeds to change into a mutant form (level 69) and attack the player. Even after the player defeats this form, a ghost form (also level 69) will appear and attack the player. After this form, Tarn will be defeated. After he is defeated, the player will receive 5,000 Slayer experience. In addition to that, the player has the ability to enchant the Salve Amulet into the enchanted Salve Amulet (e), using Tarn's diary. This amulet raises the wearer's Attack and Strength by 20% while attacking undead monsters.

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