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Tariun Sakaros
Biographical information

None; born in space at Denarii Nova




Unknown (ABY)

Physical description

Half-Sith, Half-Human




1.83 meters (6')

Hair color


Eye color

Emerald green

Chronological and political information
Known masters

Tak Sakaros, assisted by Khrado Sakaros

Known apprentices

Assisted in training Rin Sakaros

The youngest of the Sakaros brothers, the sons of the Sith warlord Tak Sakaros, Tariun Sakaros was a Sith Lord during the New Republic era. A talented Force adept, famous lover, and master of Jar'Kai, Tariun was his father's most loyal agent and his right hand man for decades before siding with his half-sister Rin against Tak and becoming her foremost general and the new Steward of Ziost.




Early Life and Training

In 1 ABY, Tariun was born into a family which could be described as dysfunctional at best; his father was a Sith conqueror, his oldest brother Khrado was constantly criticizing and badgering his other brother Marquand, and within months of Tariun's birth, his mother was decapitated by his father for infidelity. Remarkably, Tariun would grow up to become the most well-adjusted of the three brothers.

While Khrado had disliked Marquand from the onset, viewing him as both weak and a competitor for power, he took a more neutral view toward Tariun due to the ten-year age difference between them. By the time Tariun was four years old, Khrado was fourteen and already an expert lightsaber duelist, so he occasionally assisted his father in training the young Sith. Less powerful than Khrado with the Force, Tariun nonetheless had greater Force potential than Marquand, roughly equal to his father.

After developing formidable skill with a single blade, Tariun, like his brothers, began to search for a more personalized style of combat. He found Khrado's style too incapable of defense, and Marquand's not powerful enough to suit his tastes. Instead, the young man adopted one of his father's preferred fighting styles, Jar'Kai. To him, it seemed the perfect form: twice as many blades, and one could either have double defense, double-offense, or both at the same time. Like Marquand, Tariun bested Khrado once with his mastery of an alternative style.

During his training, Tariun developed a fondness for leisurely activities. Somewhere between irritation and amusement, Tak constantly challenged his son in new and brutal ways, but Tariun always came out successfully, so Tak indulged the boy's hobbies. Tariun was a talented Sabacc player and a fantastic fighter pilot, far better than either of his brothers and nearly as good as his father. He stumbled across his favorite pastime, however, on a mission in the Outer Rim.

The Star-Crossed Lover

In 17 ABY, Tariun was sent to Nar Shaddaa with Khrado to visit Arba the Hutt. While Khrado handled negotiations, Tariun found himself more interested in the Hutt's dancers. Khrado was irritated, but Arba, a very old friend of Tak's, was amused and gave the Twi'lek girl the rest of the night to spend with Tariun. The next morning, the young Sith was a changed man.

On subsequent solo missions throughout the galaxy, in the midst of gathering resources or allies for his father, Tariun would always find at least one woman at every spaceport he stopped in. While his earlier conquests were marked by mixed success, sometimes forcing him to resort to mind tricks, he gradually developed a reputation as a lover that stretched for Nal Hutta to Borgo Prime. When word of this reached Tak from a now-deeply amused Arba, the elder Sith Lord commanded his son to maintain a lower profile and most often sent him in the company of one of his brothers.

However, Tak was quickly forced to admit that Tariun was far better on his own, and often a more useful agent than either of his brothers. He was more ferocious and resourceful than Marquand, but also more subtle and tactful than Khrado. Khrado was a weapon to be used against any enemy; Tariun was a silver-tongued diplomat as much at home wooing useful contacts and trading diplomatic barbs as wielding a lightsaber.

Dorian IV

While the Sith brothers were performing their various missions in training, Tak was leading his armies through the Outer Rim, conquering systems that had once been part of the Sith Empire. In 21 ABY, however, he launched an attack on Cato Neimoidia while the Neimoidians were applying to join the New Republic. Seeing a chance to rid the galaxy of a cadre of dangerous Sith, the Jedi persuaded Republic Chief of State Ponc Gavrisom to agree to the Neimoidian request for a counter-attack. The three brothers foiled an assassination attempt by Republic Special Forces, leaving only three to report back to Gavrisom and confirming that a massive battle was unavoidable.

After the Sith decided to hole up on the fourth moon of the Dorian system, Khrado was assigned to lead the vanguard. Though still a just an apprentice, Tariun was allowed to lead the rearguard, the last line of defense before the fortress in which Tak and Marquand were holding the last redoubt. The battle initially favored the Sith; from his vantage point, Tariun watched gleefully through his electrobinoculars as his brother slew Jedi after Jedi. However, the Jedi finally realized that Khrado was the lynch-pin of the counterattack, and four Jedi Knights attacked him together, slicing him and his lightsaber apart.

His brother's final cry ringing through the Force, Tariun bellowed in rage and led his rearguard in a second attack. He engaged the Jedi, killing a Knight before being struck an injury. Tariun was willing to fight to the death, but was dragged from the field by his father's Massassi general, Kartok. Once inside the fortress, Tariun was unable to prevent the death of his brother Marquand, but escaped with his father to the Sith fleet in orbit. Together, the Sith Lords vanished into hyperspace.


During their decade of self-exile, Tak and Tariun continued the younger Sith's training, but given his defeat of a Jedi Knight in even combat, it was not long before he was declared a Sith Lord in his own right in 22 ABY. Tak decided to wait out the aftermath of his defeat, letting the Republic focus on other concerns and forget about him. Discontent with sitting around and practicing his Force powers, Tariun traveled the galaxy, spreading his reputation as a connoisseur of alcohol and women. Over the course of a decade, he managed more conquests than even his father.

In the downtime between these more pleasurable pursuits, Tariun occasionally lent his services to Arba the Hutt (with his father's consent), dealing with the gangster's enemies and amassing favors to be later owed to his father. On one such mission, though, he was stunned to encounter his cousin, Adrienne Keane. While she did not return with him to the hidden Sith fleet at the Denarii Nova, she nonetheless provided Tariun with a long-absent connection to family.

The Vong War

From First Blows to Coruscant

Given his propensity for traveling the galaxy's fringes, it was Tariun who first received word of the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. Like his father, he was initially content to let the Vong consume the Republic as a vendetta. However, when the depths of Vong barbarity became common knowledge, he began to urge his father to consider a temporary truce, leading to several spats between the Sith Lords. The fall of the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV finally led Tak to ally with the New Republic.

The Sith fleet tried its blade against the Vong in the Battle of Coruscant, and Tariun was an active combatant. Though the Republic leadership was still unaware of his survival, he led several Sith drop ships to the surface of the besieged capital, attempting to evacuate survivers. His third run, however, finally ran foul of Vong craft, and several drop ships were destroyed. Tariun managed to weave through the attacks as his ship plummetted back to the doomed capital.

On the ground, the young Sith came out swinging, both lightsabers tearing into the Vong warriors who had taken the ground. Though he left a pile of corpses around him, Tariun finally suffered a paralyzing bite from an amphistaff. He was left to watch in impotent rage and despair as the Vong warriors broke his lightsabers, bound him, and carried him off.

Captive on the Capital

Tariun was taken prisoner to a Vong damutek and made to assist the workers as they went about Vongforming Coruscant. His Force powers useless against the Vong and their biotechnology, the Sith Lord had no choice but to work as directed. However, very slowly and with extreme caution, he began to collect small, seemingly useless pieces of technology: wires, steel tubes, bits of rubber, buttons, and a small red jewel.

The Vong were undecided on what to do with Tariun. Initial plans to "shape" him were quickly aborted when word of Tahiri Veila's exploits on Yavin came in. Knowing him to be a Force user (though they simply called him "Jeedai"), they considered executing him. However, a Hunter named Vahlung Rek took special interest in Tariun; more specifically, in debasing him. He forced the Sith Lord to serve him personally in addition to working with the slaves, and never missed a chance to mock the proud warrior for his weakness without the Force. When the two broke into a hand-to-hand fight, Tariun was quickly subdued and tortured by other Warriors.

Totally alone on the world, surrounded by enemies and other prisoners who blamed him for the war (as they, too, considered him a Jedi), Tariun began to sink into himself. His use of the dark side to date had generally been offhand, strong but lacking the bottomless reservoir of hate his father and brother Khrado had. His captivity by the Vong changed this, and much of the wry, debonair wittiness which had characterized him began to burn away, replaced with an icy determination.

Having inherited his father's linguistic abilities, after several months of servitude Tariun had learned the essentials of the Vong tongue, which would prove instrumental in his escape. Assigned by Vahlung Rek to massage nutrient oils by hand into the flesh of a minishal, Tariun served beside a group of Shamed Ones who had taken to the Jeedai heresy. While he had no interest in any Vong, he recognized the opportunity and began to encourage them in this direction. His attempts to add a doctrine, that of the Sit'o, a superior branch of Jeedai, met with mixed success.

The second element of Tariun's eventual escape was a polyp planted near his slave quarters, on which three amphistaves were being grown. When the plant had obviously reached maturity, he made certain he was in the area, and seized one once it had broken off - then dropped it. Having bound itself immediately to Tariun, the amphistaff would serve no other master, and was discarded as useless. Tariun recovered it and took it back to his barracks, alongside his technical components, to which he had added more circuitry and a belt clip. He later began wearing it as a belt, its distinctive head tucked into his shirt.

The opportunity for escape finally came in 28 ABY when Vahlung Rek discovered a glowrod and asked his slave (whom he had taken to keeping on a leash) what it was. With a look of manic desperation, Tariun assured him that it was a sacred object to the Jeedai, upon which Rek promptly smashed it apart underfoot with a grin. Screaming and pretending to weep in despair, Tariun threw himself on the pieces, pocketing the power source. When Rek laughed and began to drag him along, however, Tariun, drew his amphistaff in a flash, whirling it like a whip and slicing into the astonished Rek's thigh. Breaking away, he returned to the slave quarters and added the final piece to his eight-month project: a makeshift lightsaber.

Yelling to the slaves in Vongese that he, the Jeedai, needed to escape, Tariun managed to rouse enough heretics to distract the warriors and make good his flight. On the way to the Coruscant downlevels, he encountered Rek, armed with his own amphistaff and Vonduun crab armor. Igniting his blade for the first time, the Sith Lord dueled the Vong Hunter, lightsaber to amphistaff. Though most of his Force powers would not affect Rek, Tariun could still anticipate his foe's movements, and wove around the deadly staff and the enraged Rek. At last, drawing his own amphistaff, Tariun struck Rek full in the face, the staff's poisonous fangs digging into one of his eyes. As Rek screamed in agony, the Sith Lord struck three precise blows, removing both of his tormentor's hands and his legs at the hips. The blinded and dismembered Rek was left to scream uselessly after Tariun as the poison ended his life.

In the downlevels of Coruscant, past even the Vong lines, it took only a few days for Tariun to find a serviceable crashed ship. Two weeks more of scavenging and repairing had its engines and shields working, and the Sith Lord blasted off in a roar past the startled sentry craft. By the time they realized what was happening, Tariun had escaped to hyperspace.

The Hammerstroke

Reunited with his father at the recently liberated world of Dellalt, Tariun was instantly observed by all concerned to be a changed man. His humor was more forced, and, free of the confining biotechnology of the Vong, his powers in the dark side had grown substantially. Tak allowed his son time to rest and recover, including a pleasure-stay on Zeltros, but Tariun was restless and returned to the front after less than a month, during which he had spent as much time training and building new lightsabers as he had seducing Zeltrons.

In world after world as the Sith assailed the weakening Vong forces, Tariun unleashed all his fury on his enemies. In a back-to-back fight with his father on Telerath, the two Sith slaughtered a force of Vong warriors and liberated the planet with their Massassi army. While Tak preferred to rain destruction on the Vong with the full might of his fleet, Tariun became fond of his newfound understanding of the Force and enjoyed the tactile pleasure of slashing Vong apart in melee combat.

When the Vong were ultimately beaten back and into surrender, Tariun enjoyed a private smug moment at the role of the Jeedai heretics in the liberation of Coruscant. However, he stayed out of the limelight as his father publically pressed for punitive surrender terms for the Vong; the Jedi as a whole had not learned of his survival after Dorian IV, as they preferred to stay as far from Tak Sakaros as possible when he was "working". Keen to keep this arrangement, he obediently returned with the fleet to Denarii after his father rejected an invitiation to the Conclave on Zonama Sekot.


When Tak Sakaros returned to Naboo in 31 ABY, Tariun remained hidden with the fleet; the elder Sith had not forgotten his lost two sons, and was not eager to lose the only child he had left more permanently than he already had. However, the appearance of Darth Teeron at Naboo necessitated the intervention of the Sith fleet, which Tariun led into combat. Nevertheless, his identity was not revealed to the Jedi at the time.

After Naboo had been liberated and the Republic presence minimalized, however, Tariun began to become more free with his visits to the planet. On one such visit, though, he was discovered by the Jedi Master Ye`keb Auroras. Tak and Tariun prepared to kill the woman or die trying, but stunningly, she was prepared to keep the secret, so they let her live. It was during this same trip that Tariun first encountered Tak's newest apprentice, Lorelai Whitesun, as well as the Sith Syrth Akai.

In 32 ABY, Tak Sakaros struck a deal with his old ally Gav Daragon to undermine the Galactic Alliance. Daragon, leading a rebellious faction of the Imperial Remnant, declared war, and Tak allied with the Alliance. Either way, a Sith would be among the victors, and in place to destroy the Jedi. Over a year of battles in the Outer Rim, Tariun frequently led all or parts of the Sith fleet to "victory" over the Rogue Empire. The Imperials grew to fear him and the Allied worlds to appreciate him, though neither side knew his true identity and he was referred to melodramatically as the "Dark Hand of Sakaros".

Things began to fall apart for the Sith in early 34 ABY. Gav Daragon, having touched the dark side too deeply, fell into madness and bequeathed the Empire to Tak, who imprisoned him and cut him off from the Force with ysalamiri, ostensibly to help him recover. However, Daragon escaped and announced his plans to repopulate the Sith through cloning technology, which both Tak and Tariun found reprehensible. The alliance was breaking.

To add to the misery of the Sith Lords, Tak's sister Valadyn returned from Wild Space, bearing the comatose body of Adrienne, who had entered such a state after an alchemical experiment went horribly wrong. Shortly after, Valadyn (who had been poisoned in the same incident) died, driving Tak to grief. The Sith vanished with his niece to put her in hiding, leaving Lorelai, Syrth Akai, and Adrienne's daughter Andromeda under Tariun's protection.

Realizing he was risking his father's displeasure, Tariun nonetheless slept with both Lorelai and Syrth, initially thinking nothing of it. As he spent more time with Lorelai, though, he began to see in the fiery young woman something he'd never encountered in a lover: an equal. Intoxicated, the Sith Lord started an affair with her which would persist, on-and-off, for a long time. When Tak returned and discovered what had happened, he was angry, but dismissed the matter, as he had greater problems, and realized his apprentice's new passion could connect her even more with the dark side.

Flight and Fight

When Gav Daragon and Tak Sakaros came to blows, Tariun helped evacuate Lorelai, Ye`keb Millennium, Ye`keb's student Jade Star, and Andromeda off Naboo and into hiding. While Tak went on sabotage and insurgent missions with Lorelai, Tariun kept Andromeda at Denarii, teaching her the basics of the dark side and lightsaber combat. In 38 ABY, Lorelai was proclaimed a Sith in her own right, Tak took Andromeda as his new apprentice, and the roles were reversed; it was now Tariun conducting the raids and assassinations. He personally assassinated two Imperial governors who had hunted his family most ruthlessly, and sent holovids of their (gruesome) deaths to Gav Daragon.

By 40 ABY, nineteen years after the deaths of his brothers, Tariun's existence was still known only to a handful of close allies, and the Sith Lord had Lorelai as his now-consistent lover and the Sith fleet at his disposal. He began to search out an apprentice of his own, having mastered the Force and being eager to mold a mind to his service. Before he could locate a suitable candidate, however, matters grew worse in the galaxy and the Sakaroses began to stand against the Alliance in earnest.

When the GAG was formed, Tak found its activities suspicious. Though pleased that Jacen Solo was arresting or wiping out Jedi, he was less pleased that all Force-users were being given similar treatment, though far more subtly. Tariun Sakaros made it his business to assassinate GAG forces when he found them, and many of the small operational forces in the Outer Rim were quietly eliminated.

After Tak assumed the post of Field Marshal of the Forces of Naboo, Tariun brought the Sith fleet to permanent orbit over the once-peaceful world. He himself rarely stayed with the fleet, however, working to collect information in the Mid Rim and even the Core with his lover Lorelai.

Change in the Winds

During the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War, Tariun counseled his father to remain out of the active fighting, even as Naboo seceded from the Alliance and joined the Confederacy. He feared that the departure of the Sith fleet from Naboo would make the system an easy target for Darth Caedus's wrath, leavingthe Sith without a power base even if the Alliance did lose. Though he agreed with his son, Tak became somewhat resentful of the decision following the death of Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, whom he had respected and admired.

"You may be the oldest Sith Lord among us, but you are not the only one!"
—Tariun Sakaros to his father

Despite opposing active military intervention against the Alliance, Tariun wanted to attack Jacen Solo himself. He and Lorelai both volunteered for the mission, but were refused permission by Tak. Tariun and his father descended into an angry argument, with Tak demanding the obedience of his one-time apprentices and Tariun snapping back that Tak was not the Dark Lord, and thus had no right to command any Sith but himself and his students. Though the argument did not persist and was rendered a moot point with the death of Caedus mere weeks later at the hands of his sister, it was the first of several fraying points in the relationship between father and son.

When Tak took the seat of the Naboo Senator on Coruscant in the reuinting Alliance, Tariun elected not to accompany him. Though he technically had diplomatic immunity, Tariun felt his full abilities would be wasted on Coruscant, where his father needed to act only within the confines of the elaborate public facade he had constructed. Instead, Tariun split his time between adventures on the Rim with Lorelai, including campaigns against both pirates and Mandalorian sub-groups, and providing early, rudimentary training to his half-sister Rin onboard the Sith Star.

Powers and Abilities

As strong in the Force as his father, Tariun Sakaros was inferior to the elder Sith only in terms of experience, and the expertise it brought. He was a master of the Jar'Kai dueling style, using his own dual-blade variants of Djem So and Ataru. Though capable of using Force lightning, he preferred more creatives methods of combat, such as Dun Moch and performing saber throws with one lightsaber while attacking with the other. As an outgrowth of this skill, he developed skill at telekinetic lightsaber combat, using one lightsaber as a Force-controlled boomerang and fighting two-handed with the other. Like his father and eldest brother, he was trained in hand-to-hand combat, and though he preferred his lightsaber, it was a rare enemy that got the best of him by hand.

Like his father, Tariun was a phenomal fighter pilot, preferring Sith fighters to his father's Z-95 Headhunter Mark II, though he lacked the elder Sith's knack for ship modification and mechanics.

"If you wish to know of wine, women, or warshipsss, I sssuggessst you asssk that red-ssskinned warrior there. Only keep an eye on your femalesss; one look at him and they may desssert you."

His frequent outings to less-than-reputable worlds in the Outer Rim led Tariun to mastering many skills some considered to be unsavory. His alcohol tolerance was incredible, partly due to Force manipulation but largely due only to practice. He was also a very good sabacc player; his Force powers gave him the ability to sense unease or fear in others, and his luck was almost uncanny. Surpassing them all, though, was his prowess and fame as a lover; women the Rim over knew his name and desired his company.

Like his father and brothers, Tariun was a polyglot. He spoke Basic, Sith, and Huttese fluently, and could get his point across in Bocce.

From years of co-leading or directing his father's Sith fleet, Tariun became a deadly space commander, and was widely feared when engaged. He experimented off and on with Battle Meditation, though often his presence was enough to inspire his officers. On the ground, Tariun was a better warrior than commander; with two lightsabers, he could cause devastation to massed enemies in a very short period of time.

Appearance and Personality

The shortest of the three brothers, Tariun stood as tall as his father, and was similarly built. In fact, the resemblance between father and son was a source of shock for many who saw them together after Tariun had grown up. Both had dark black hair and reflective, emerald green eyes, and carried two lightsabers on their belts. The principle differences (other than a noticeable age difference on closer inspection) were that Tariun wore his hair long and in a ponytail, and his skin was a lighter shade of red due to his human heritage. Though he normally wore a Sith tunic and robes in private, he often sported leather and Coruscanti fashions in clubs. Also like his father, Tariun was ambidextrous.

Charming, sophisticated, witty, and debonair, Tariun was the consummate romantic. He had a gift for saying the perfect thing at exactly the right time. Nor was this skill limited to sexual conquests; Tariun was equally at home negotiating or in the field of diplomacy. He had a strong appreciation for the finer things in life, and would occasionally go out of his way to obtain them for himself (and later for Lorelai).

Given his generally smooth attitude, many underestimated Tariun or dismissed him as an idle, rich fop. When pushed, however, he could transform with alarming speed into a focused and merciless warrior. It was often said that his use of two sabers was like watching art; he treated the blades as extensions of his arms and will, and it gave his dueling style a graceful flair. Nevertheless, the aesthetic qualities belied the ferocity of his power when it was provoked.

Tariun's mediative nature led him to be the go-between for his older brothers, who hated each other. He was closer to Khrado than anyone, and a good friend to Marquand as well, so he often kept the peace, fulfilling his father's wish that the brothers work in concert (whether they wanted to or not). Despite his peacekeeping, Tariun also had his father's sarcastic sense of humor, and was unafraid to tell either brother exactly what he thought of him.

The deaths of Khrado and Marquand, and especially captivity by the Vong, wrought a change in Tariun. While he remained charming and witty, there was an edge to his personality that had not been there before. His bright eyes were a bit harder, his views a bit firmer, and his mercy noticeably less reliable. Those who knew him before and after Dorian IV remarked on this change with some alarm, but Tak viewed it as a much-needed grounding in reality for his only remaining son.

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