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Tariq (Arabic: طارق) was Sayid's superior in the Republican Guard, during Desert Storm. When US forces enter a bunker, he orders the destruction of numerous documents. He is captured alongside Sayid.

He was interrogated on the whereabouts of a US pilot but refuses to answer. This leads Inman to attempt to convince Sayid to torture him for the information. He encourages Sayid by telling him that Tariq was resposible for spreading nerve gas on Sayid's hometown.

Sayid eventually gives in and tortures him with a set of tools given by Inman. Tariq revealed that the captured US pilot was killed.

During his interrogation, Tariq accuses Sayid of being a disgrace to his uniform and orders him to kill himself. Given his strong opinions on this subject, and the fact that Sayid continues to serve in the Republican Guard after this period, it is reasonable to assume that Tariq never returned to service (at least in good standing), instead being killed or remaining in allied captivity. ("One of Them")

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Amer Tariq was an old Human and former physician who served as Governor-General of Rhinnal during the first stages of the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Tariq had had a past relationship of some kind with Leia Organa Solo, as they called each other by their first names, instead of using the surnames and/or titles.

Once the Yuuzhan Vong began attacking planets, Rhinnal decided to accept refugees from these planets. Rhinnal easily accepted ten thousand refugees from Ord Mantell but, while doing so, it had to strain its resources "to the breaking point". Two thousand more refugees where redirected to Ruan as soon as Tariq discovered that Ruan was accepting (and even more, asking for) refugees.

Leia Organa Solo came to Rhinnal the following day with six thousand more exiles from Gyndine. Tariq greeted her from channel four and was as gentle as he could be due to the circumstances. Tariq explained Organa Solo his situation, suggested her to try Ruan and asked for her forgiveness.

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  • Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse

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