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Real Name
Current Alias

Tactical Augmented Organism (T.A.O.)


formerly WildC.A.T.s, Syndicate



5' 10"




Marital Status

Crime Lord

unknown, likely beyond genius-level

Created by a subsidiary of Halo Corporation on behalf of I.O.

Place of Birth
Optigen Labs

First appearance

WildC.A.T.s #21



The Tactical Augmented Organism was created by Optigen, a subsidiary of the Halo Corporation, on behalf of International Operations. As a child, he grew at an amazing rate. The scientists working on him thought that he was imprisoned in his test tube, but at nights he would sneak out and use the lab's computers to learn more about the world outside.

When Savant and Mister Majestic were reforming the WildC.A.T.s, Savant read the files on TAO. The scientist of Optigen was unwilling to let TAO go until TAO handed him a note with several numbers on it. The scientist immediately agreed to release TAO. When asked what the numbers meant, TAO explained to his new teammates that the top one was the phone number of the scientist's wife, the other five were the phone numbers of the scientist's mistresses. Despite seemingly having no superhuman powers, TAO's intelligence and manipulative nature appeared to be quite an asset to the new WildC.A.Ts. He manipulated Mister Majestic into agreeing to recruit the murderous cyborg Ladytron.

Under TAO's influence the WildC.A.Ts started a true war on crime, but the criminals organized and struck back. The situation worsened when a criminal bombed Clark's, a bar for superheroes, wounding WildC.A.Ts-member Condition Red. Rival superhero team Stormwatch and the WildC.A.Ts formed an alliance against the criminals, but the heroes soon discovered that TAO had been behind the bombing. They returned to base to confront TAO and found out that he was far more dangerous than they had expected. In an attempt to capture him, several of his pursuers were hurt. Fuji was manipulated into a mental loop, which took him some time to recover from. Ladytron's nuclear power source was damaged and Savant, who thought she loved TAO, was tricked into stepping in front of Grifter's bullets. In the end Majestic, after saving Ladytron, disintegrated TAO with his heat-vision. Or so he thought.

Months later, Savant found a letter from TAO and the WildC.A.Ts pieced the disturbing truth together. In the WildC.A.Ts holding cells a shapeshifter called Mr. White had been imprisoned. When TAO tried to escape he had hypnotized White into thinking he was TAO and while the WildC.A.Ts confronted White, TAO managed to escape unseen.

While hiding, TAO learned on the existence of the Secret Monarchy, a loosely affiliated group of secret organizations that manipulated the world behind the scenes. Seeing them as potential peers, TAO infiltrated the organization. He discovered, much to his disappointment, that the Secret Monarchy's members were beset by human weaknesses and flaws, which, in his opinion, made them unworthy of ruling humanity.

At that point, TAO decided to use his vast intellect to destroy the Secret Monarchy from within. To this end, he established a secret organization known as the Syndicate. Unlike other groups, it made a point of using post-humans with low/mid-level powers to carry out the bulk of the operations. Under TAO's leadership, the Syndicate made a series of surgical strikes at seemingly random targets. At the same time, TAO joined the Secret Monarchy, gaining influence and playing its members against each other. Somewhere along the way, TAO started calling himself Tao, disavowing his acronymic name.

As the Syndicate gained strength and momentum, Tao kidnapped John Lynch, implanting him with a set of false memories and cosmetically altering his body to the point where Lynch was completely unrecognizable. He then infiltrated Gen 13, a group Lynch mentored at the time, and took Lynch's place. Tao eventually allowed himself to be discovered. He appeared to have initiated a bizarre plot that would allow him to control the planet's population through their undergarments. He appeared to have been defeated when his subtle manipulations and mindbreaking logical problems were no match for the sheer stupidity of Gen¹³ members Grunge and Freefall. Given Tao's usual modus operandi, one can't help but wonder how much of this plot was actually what it appeared.

Eventually, John Lynch managed to regain his memories and escape Tao's imprisonment. Realizing that Tao was far too dangerous to be allowed to operate unchecked, he used his connections to regain his post as the Director of Operations of I.O. He assigned agent Holden Carver to infiltrate the Syndicate. Holden had been exposed to an alien artifact that endowed him with superhuman powers, while making his mind unreadable to Tao. Carver entered the operation and quickly rose in its ranks. Unfortunately, the US government decided to shut down International Operations. John Lynch joined Department of Paranormal Science Investigations, a fellow intelligence organization.

Point Blank

In 2002, Lynch, with the help of his former comrade, Cole Cash, mounted an aggressive assault on the Syndicate, seeking to extract Holden Carver. In response, Tao manipulated Cole Cash into shooting Lynch. Cash didn't kill Lynch, but put him in a coma. Cash attempted to find and kill Tao, but Tao outwitted Cash, manipulating him into forgetting everything he learned up to that point.


Carver now was forced to work within Tao's organization, because the only person who knew he was a double-agent, was Lynch. When one of Tao's top-ranking officers (called Prodigals) was killed, Tao assigned Carver as his replacement. When Carver's role as a double-agent finally came out, Tao revealed that he had known all the time, but that Carver had nowhere else to go now. Carver rejoined Tao's organization, this time for real.

At the same time, Tao set into motion a plan that would destabilize the US government. With Holden's help, he tricked the US government into obtaining a device that would allow them to enter the Bleed. Unbeknownst to the government, the device was inherently unstable.

In December 2003, Lynch woke up from his coma. Less than a month later, Tao's plan finally came into fruition, when the American scientists finally launched a probe into the Bleed. It exploded, damaging the Carrier of an ancient extra-dimensional race known as the Vigil crashed into Florida, killing millions of people on impact. Once the Authority learned that the US government launched the flawed probe, they set out to take over United States. In twenty-four hours, the nation was under their control.[1] Sensing an opportunity, Lynch convinced the new government to let him establish his own agency, Internal Operations. It's stated goal was to take down Tao and the Syndicate.

Over the next few months, the war between Lynch and Tao raged with Holden in the middle, manipulated by both sides. Tao claimed that Lynch was his father, not his physical father, but his spiritual father who had ordered the project that created TAO. In the end, Lynch managed to restore Grifter's memory and gave him protection against Tao's mind-control. Grifter attacked Tao's organization, while Carver made his move on Tao himself. Grifter single-handedly wiped out the remains of Tao's syndicate, while Carver captured Tao and removed his tongue. Tao was found by I.O. and imprisoned.[2]


After the events of Sleeper in which Tao was finally caught, there isn't much known about what happened to him. It was assumed that he was still in I.O. custody, but it appears that was not the case. It turned out that he had escaped at some point, regenerated or regrew his tongue, came into possession of the restored Void, and was making rather elaborate plans to continue his work of destroying the world. Tao's first move was to use Void to send various heroes into the future to show them a world that had been destroyed. Heroes from several prominent groups in the Wildstorm Universe saw the future but for whatever reason the actions they took on their return to the present didn't have the results that Tao wanted (or change it like they wanted). That was until Nemesis. When she went into the future and came back she reacted in the way Tao wanted her to and in her efforts to stop the end of the world, actually started it.[3]

In preparation of the Armageddon Tao prepared for the event, possessing an army of SPBs in storage that he'd planned an uprising of another group of SPBs, and it appeared that he had set up a backup body with his personality in it in case anything should happen to him.

Worlds End

After the events of Number of the Beast, Tao set out with Void in order to capture Providence. He had learned about the Orb of Power and wanted to control anyone who had parts of the Orb's essence. He also revealed that using Void's power, he was able to control some of the most powerful heroes on the planet including StormWatch's Jackson King and Majestic. But for some unknown reason he could not control some heroes like John Lynch. However, Tao considered heroes like Lynch too weak to even oppose him and his new power. He intends to go after Max Faraday as well, the only other person to have the power of the Orb just like Void and Providence.

Tao was eventually confronted by Lynch and his allies Team-7 and the Wildcats at his center of operations in Salt Lake City, and was able to overpowered both teams, even including Spartan who regained his godly power. The teams were forced to retreat and Tao killed Providence who sacrifice herself to delay him, but proven effortless as Tao was still able to track them in leading him to Faraday.[4] This led Tao and his Syndicate to attack and wreak havoc on Faraday's island refuge, forcing Faraday, Team-7 and the Wildcats to engage the Syndicate in a raging battle. Tao was too powerful to both Max and Faraday, and almost close to finish them until Majestic arrived and effectively subdue him with the Nemesis Swords as they were forged from the Creation Engine. However, Tao's underling Pit Bull have Faraday's wife Susanna taken hostage and was protected by Tao's remaining powers from Faraday, placing Tao to easily demand Faraday to reveal him the Creation Equation that would fulfill his quest into becoming a god.[5] Faraday done this, but Ladytron listened to what Faraday reveal him and recorded and channel it to his enemies in possessing the power that matches Tao. Though Tao teleported them to the Hollow Realm where he separates all the heroes into facing their weaknesses in order to keep them occupied, and for him to personally battle Faraday and Spartan.[6] After defeating the two and taking away Spartan's power, Tao was then confronted by both Void and Susanna who tries to make him see his human flaws which still exist despite his new godhood. Spartan further told Tao that the very power of the Creation Equation will eventually "fix" him because his use of it for chaos and destruction go against everything the Creation Equation exists for. Tao still fights it but eventually does relinquished some of his power. But he keeps enough to still be more powerful until Grifter takes advantage of Tao's monologuing and shoots him in the head. Tao disappears and had relinquished his powers back to Void and Faraday.[7]

Powers and Abilities


Vocal-Induced Manipulation: Tao is superhumanly intelligent, especially when it comes to predicting and manipulating human behavior. His inhuman perception allows him to see a persons deepest secrets and flaws after a few glancing moments or a conversation. Scientists working on the TAO project found that even speaking briefly with him was dangerous. He always seems to be a step ahead of everybody else. People are like pawns on a chess board which he moves around with ease, always multiple steps ahead of all others. Words are his most dangerous weapon, allowing him to subtly apply psychological pressure, he can quickly manipulate people, forcing them to do what he wants or erasing specific memories. At one point he is shown completely undermining Stormwatch-member Fuji's self-confidence, rendering him nearly catatonic merely by having a short conversation with him. He has single handedly taken control of the WildC.A.T.S and Stormwatch as a personal army for a brief while. Upon discovery of this neither the WildC.A.T.S nor Stormwatch were able to stop him due to his exit strategy already in place. While there may be some kind of superhuman ability (psionics, subsonics, magic) at cause, it seems more likely the application of an insidious intellect on flawed human minds. In an issue of Gen¹³, he was described as having the ability to completely control a victim's sense of logic.


Martial Artist: Physically Tao doesn't seem to be much of a threat, though he has shown amazing agility and some knowledge of martial arts.

Master Manipulator: Usually Tao manipulates circumstances so that he has no need to fight. Tao's ability to manipulate others not only allows for a personal army to fight for him, but rarely do his enemies find themselves able to lift a finger against him.

Master Tactician and Strategist: More often than not anyone fighting him is stopped by Tao taking advantage of a weakness, or his enemies find it too costly to attack him.

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Master of Kung-Fu

[[File:|200px|center|Shang-Chi (Earth-9997)]]
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Master of Kung-Fu







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Universe X #4



Shang-Chi of Earth-9997's history mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, Shang-Chi would join the Asian super-hero team called Xen and take on the identity of Tao, to signify the balance the balance of good and evil between himself and his father Fu-Manchu. During his time with Xen, he was charged with protecting a portion of the Absorbing Man's body left in the care of Lord Sunfire prior to his death.
Aside from being protectors of the Asian continent, Xen would also be charged with protecting the comatose body of Stephen Strange and protecting their portion of the Absorbing Man. However, the Tong of Creel would succeed in collecting the portions from Tao. Much later, Xen would travel to Asgard to aid the revived Stephen Strange in rescuing Clea. This led to Tao and the others battling numerous varieties of Asgardian species sent to destroy them by Odin. Eventually, they would be returned to Earth, where Xen would have to work together to destroy the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom. Although Xen worked together to stop the creature and ultimately destroyed, relationships between the members of Xen and their leader remained strained. Tao's current whereabouts are presently unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Tao at least has the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart. It is unknown if the Terrigen Mists had any effect on Tao or not. He was armed with the hands of the Absorbing Man which he fashioned into a pair of nunchucks.


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This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canon by either the author or the Star Wars licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Star Wars universe.

Biographical information



Between 13 ABY,[2] Shumari[1]

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Known masters
"You're lacking anger and hatred! Sorely lacking! Become angrier!! Hate me!!"
―Darth Vader, to Tao

Tao was a Human male from the world of Shumari who trained as a Jedi Knight. He was part of a small group of Jedi that avoided Order 66 and the immediate decimation of the Jedi Order. Tao and his companions were eventually discovered by the Galactic Empire, however, and they were attacked by a taskforce led by Darth Vader, a Dark Lord of the Sith. Tao was the only Jedi to survive the assault, personally spared by Vader who took him on as an apprentice.

Vader trained Tao without the knowledge of his Master, Emperor Palpatine, using various methods to goad Tao into fully embracing the dark side of the Force. The apprentice was never fully subsumed in the dark side, and when Vader learned that his own son, Luke Skywalker, was alive, he abandoned Tao. Nevertheless, the Emperor discovered Tao's existence and forced Vader to mortally wound the young boy. Feeling some remorse for this action, Vader returned Tao to Shumari to die on his homeworld. There, Vader was attacked by a crazed Tusken Raider who almost over-powered the Dark Lord before Tao intervened with his final strength, saving his Master's life. Letting go of the anger that had been rooted in his heart, Tao died in the wastelands of his homeworld.



Battle of Shumari

―Tao's Master, upon being killed by Vader
Tao, before his training under Vader

Tao, a male Human, lived on the planet Shumari,[1] located in the Parmel sector of Outer Rim Territories.[3] He was part of a small Jedi community living there,[1] during the years that the Galactic Empire ruled the galaxy. The Empire had outlawed all Jedi, hunting them down wherever they could be found.[4] Despite this prohibition, Tao was trained by a bearded Jedi. As the Galactic Civil War progressed, the Empire discovered the Jedi presence on Shumari and launched a mission to subjugate the planet in response to both rebel and Jedi activity on the world. The Imperials ordered several Star Destroyers to orbit Shumari and subject it to a heavy orbital bombardment.[1]

Meanwhile, the Jedi that were on the planet fought against stormtrooper legions who were operating under the command of Darth Vader, a member of the Order of the Sith Lords and a former Jedi Knight. Vader, however, was able to singlehandedly kill several of the defending Jedi, while several more were overrun by waves of stormtroopers. Both Tao and his Master directly faced Vader's onslaught. In the ensuing fight, Tao's Master was killed by Vader. Upon witnessing the death of his Master, Tao gave in to his anger and wished to continue fighting the Sith Lord. Vader, however, could feel the hate and anger that radiated off of Tao in the Force and decided to spare the young boy in order to take him on as his own secret apprentice. As Vader and Tao departed the planet, the Imperial fleet unleashed a massive bombardment which completely annihilated the planetary surface.[1]

Vader's apprentice

"I have no more time for you, boy. You're on your own from now on."
―Darth Vader, to Tao
Tao, as Vader's Sith apprentice

Following the devastation of Shumari, Vader attempted to train Tao in the ways of the dark side, but he was unable to get the boy to fully submit to his anger. Meanwhile, Vader was called away to deal with the Battle of Yavin which saw the destruction of the Death Star superweapon. Upon returning to Coruscant, the Dark Lord was faced with the wrath of his own Master, Emperor Palpatine, who was displeased that Vader was unable to stop the Death Star from being destroyed. At the conclusion of this meeting, Vader returned to his meditation chamber feeling angry and frustrated; there, Tao confronted the Sith Lord. Fuming at what had transpired in the Yavin system, Vader demanded that Tao attack him with all his anger in an attempt to strike him down. Tao, however, could not bring himself to totally give into rage, earning his Master's disapproval at lacking sufficient hatred to be a Sith. Attempting to push Tao over the edge, Vader reminded his young apprentice of all he had taken away from him—his homeworld, his Master, his friends, and his family. Despite Vader's goading, Tao could not understand why his master was demanding such anger from him. Vader's explanation, that only the strong deserved to live, led Tao to vow that he would become strong.[1]

Soon after his training session with Tao, Vader learned the identity of the Rebel pilot who had destroyed the Death Star—his son, Luke Skywalker. Unsure of what to do with this information, Vader began to meditate on it, only to be approached by Tao once again. Though the boy informed Vader that he had been practicing and believed himself ready, Vader told his apprentice that he had no time for him, nor his weakness, and that he was free to go out into the galaxy. Feeling shocked and betrayed, Tao demanded to know why Vader had not simply let him die back on Shumari, but received no answer from his former Master.[1]

Tao's freedom did not last long, as he was soon captured by Palpatine and taken by the Emperor's Royal Guards to confront Vader aboard the newly christened Executor, a Super Star Destroyer. Palpatine, displeased that Vader had betrayed him by hiding his young apprentice, demanded that Vader strike Tao down. Though Vader did not wish to do so, Palpatine took control of his limbs, forcing Vader to strike Tao across his chest with his lightsaber. The blow, however, did not kill the young boy. Instead, Tao was mortally wounded. Unsure of the innate reasoning by his unction, Vader took Tao back to his homeworld of Shumari and carried the dying boy to the site where he was born. Vader believed that Tao would hate him for what he had done. When Tao thanked him for allowing him to die on his homeworld, however, Vader was shocked. Before dropping out of consciousness, Tao informed Vader that there was still some good in him and pleaded that he not give in to the Emperor's hatred. As Tao lost consciousness, Vader felt remorse for the first time in many years.[1]


Tao's monument
"You have good in you…I believe it…"
―Tao, to Darth Vader

Vader's moment of sadness was quickly interrupted, however, by a Tusken Raider wielding a modified gaderffii who had been hunting the Sith Lord ever since the destruction of his village on Tatooine. The Tusken quickly gained an advantage over Vader, destroying a part of his helmet and bringing him to his knees. Vader could sense the dark side personified in the Tusken's pure anger and hatred. It was then that the Tusken revealed that his gaderffii had been modified to house two lightsabers. Just as he was about to kill Vader, Tao gave his last ounce of strength to save his Master, using his lightsaber to kill the Tusken instantly. Moments later, Tao passed into the Force, but not before telling Vader to let go of his anger. Feeling incredible remorse for the young boy, Vader screamed out in anger and frustration at what he had allowed to transpire.[1]

Before his departure from Shumari, Vader built a simple monument in honor of Tao, carving his name into a stone tablet which became the last man-made structure on the planet.[1]

Personality and traits

"You're lacking anger and hatred! Sorely lacking!"
―Darth Vader

Tao was an extremely ambitious and talented individual who held great potential within the Force. Following the murder of his Master, Tao was taken by Darth Vader, who attempted to turn the young boy to the dark side. Though Tao harbored great amounts of anger with regards to the destruction of his homeworld and the murders of those he loved, he was unable to fully yield to the dark side and satisfy the demands of Vader. Due to this, Vader disowned Tao as his apprentice and was later forced by Palpatine to mortally wound the young boy. Ultimately, however, Tao did not hold any anger towards Vader and saved his life on Shumari, exhorting him to let his hatred end.[1]

Powers and abilities

During the Empire's invasion of his homeworld Shumari, Tao, along with his Jedi Master, was able to survive the initial attacks that killed the other defending Jedi. He was a competent lightsaber swordsman, and displayed sufficient raw Force power to attract the attention of Vader. Tao, however, was never able to fully utilize this potential for the dark side, disappointing his Master with his insufficient hatred.[1]

Behind the scenes

Tao's first appearance was in the story Perfect Evil, which spanned issues Black and Silver of Star Wars Manga. The original publication of the work was labelled as Infinities, meaning the stories contained within the pages were regarded as not canonical. However, comments by Leland Chee in a forum thread on on the 6th of November 2006, described the continuity of these stories as "a bit fuzzy," indicating that the canonicity of the stories had not yet been established.[5] In 2008, a combined edition of Black and Silver was printed in French. These editions were clearly labelled as Infinities, securing their status as non-canon tales.[6] The planet Shumari has since been referenced in The Essential Atlas, which included the Shumari system in its appendix. However, according to Jason Fry, "its inclusion shouldn't be taken as a statement of canonicity for anything except the geography."[7]

In 2006, Abel G. Peña planned to write an article tentatively entitled Vader's Legacy which would have revolved around the legacy of Darth Vader and include information on Tao. However, this article was eventually canceled by Lucasfilm Ltd.[8]


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