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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese ダンタリアン
Romaji Dantarian
Location Alexandria Castle Library
Class Demon
Steal Ether, Elixir, Silver Fork, Demon's Mail
Item Dropped Running Shoes
Card Dropped Ramuh
Abilities Paper Storm, Edge, Doom, Poison
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Float, Doom, Venom, Death, Poison, Heat, Mini, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Freeze, Trouble, Berserk, Regen, Vanish

Tantarian is an optional boss in Final Fantasy IX. It can only be fought two times in the game, once on Disc 2, and another time on Disc 3. It can be challenging if you decide to face him in the early stages because his highly damaging attacks can weaken the party pretty quickly. In addition, battling him in Disc 2 will eat away at the 30-minute time limit that is imposed on the party for the storyline quest of finding Garnet in Alexandria's basement.


The battle begins with Tantarian in its book. Physical attacks will open a page in the book, the page number being the cumulative damage it has taken from the party. Tantarian is generally found between pages 150-160. Its defense is very high while it's in the book. With it out, its defence is lowered greatly, though physical attacks will cause it to go back in the book, causing the cycle to start over again. Its deadliest attack is Paper Storm, which inflicts hundreds of points of damage to all party members, though it can only be used while it is in the book.


Tantarian resembles the enemy Page 64 from Final Fantasy V while on cute form, and when in book form, his cover image is the enemy Page 256.

Tetra Master

  • Card 035
  • Location: Daguerreo, Received from Hippaul's mother

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