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The logo of Tantalus
"A Tantalus always gets what he sets his eyes on! That's our number one rule, remember!?"
Baku, leader of Tantalus

The Tantalus Theater Troupe is a traveling group of thieves led by Baku in Final Fantasy IX. They appear as performers and entertainers to cover their bandit activity, and put on shows as a distraction while they perform a job.

The Theater Troupe, also referred to as the Tantalus Company, is famous throughout Lindblum, and many simply know them as star performers - clueless of their real activity. However, keen eyed individuals such as Steiner could see that they - despite their fame - look like common thieves.

The Tantalus Theater Troupe travels Gaia on their airship, the Prima Vista.


The main members of the Troupe are:

Other members include the Nero Brothers, Benero, Genero, and Zenero, as well as an entire band.


Concept art of Tantalus by Yoshitaka Amano.

Their intention to kidnap Garnet til Alexandros XVII is what starts off the story of Final Fantasy IX.

Whilst performing their version of the famous play I Want to be Your Canary for the princess's 16th birthday, their plan was to grab the princess and run, whilst everyone was distracted by the play.

However, Zidane runs into the princess and finds out that she actually wants to be kidnapped. Accepting the princess' request, they try to leave quickly.

Things soon go wrong, though, as Captain of the Knights of Pluto Steiner attempts to rescue the princess, refusing to accept the fact that she wants to go. General hilarity ensues, and the Prima Vista is shot down by a Bomb whilst trying to escape.

They manage to crash into the Evil Forest, where the Prima Vista is wrecked. Everyone survives, but their theater days are over.

The group manages to escape the Evil Forest, following a river outside before the forest petrifies, unfortunately leaving Blank behind in the process. It is discovered in Lindblum that Tantalus were not responsible for the plot to capture Princess Garnet, in fact Baku was ordered by his old friend Regent Cid to kidnap the Princess. Even after escaping the forest the group refuse to give up on Blank, researching to find a cure for petrifaction, this leads to the discovery of the Supersoft, owned by Doctor Tot in Treno.

Artwork of Tantalus by Toshiyuki Itahana. From left to right; Marcus, Cinna, Baku, Blank, Ruby, Zidane, and two of the Nero Brothers.

After again meeting up with Princess Garnet and Steiner at South Gate the group travels to Treno with the intention of stealing the cure. However, they are discovered in the act by Doctor Tot, who happily hands over the Supersoft over to his former pupil; Princess Garnet.

After the death of Queen Brahne at the hands of Kuja, the members of Tantalus return to Alexandria for Garnet's coronation, they cheer Zidane up when he's depressed, encouraging him to pursue his 'canary', rather than returning to the group. After Baku incapacitates Eiko Carol whilst wandering around Alexandria castle she asks him to deliver her love letter to Zidane, he drops the letter however and again, hilarity ensues. Marcus and Blank somewhat inadvertently scare away Zorn and Thorn whilst patrolling Alexandria town, which leads the jesters to join Kuja in his Desert Palace.

The group also helps to search for Garnet once she goes missing, in Alexandria and Lindblum.

In the ending sequence of the game, Tantalus comes back to Alexandria to perform "I want to be your canary" for Queen Garnet, although it is unknown what the occasion was for. The play was not to cover up a crime, but instead to help Zidane reunite with Dagger after being away for "some time later" after the explosion at the Iifa Tree.

They are based in Lindblum's Theater District and as such are often seen repairing their home after Queen Brahne's Siege of Lindblum later in the game.


The name Tantalus is mentioned in two later Final Fantasy games.

  • In Final Fantasy, Dawn of Souls and Anniversary version only, they are mentioned in passing on one of the floors of the Lifespring Grotto. A dancer says that she's looking forward to seeing them, and their play I Want to be Your Canary.
  • In Final Fantasy XII, while wandering the streets of Archades gathering chops, a woman mentions how she's just got tickets to the latest performance of the Mummers of Tantalus.

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