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A tanker was a starship classification used for a starship in a support role. Tankers are a type of freighter used for the transporting of fuel. Some tanker classes can be modified for the transporation of passengers. During wars, tankers are escorted by military ships. Very rarely, tankers can refuel other ships. (ST roleplay module: Starships)

Tanker classes

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From The Vault

PMV Valdez

inside: San Francisco
map marker: Tanker
sections: Bridge
Main Deck
Starboard Cargo Hold
leaders: Captain A. Ron Meyers
merchants: Tanker merchants
factions: Vagrants
quests: Get Chip's spleen
Find Badger's girlfriend in the hold below the ship

Interior of the PMV

Once anchored in San Francisco, Poseidon Marine Vessel (PMV) Valdez is an old, decaying oil tanker, that has played a pivotal role in Fallout 2, where it enabled the Chosen One to travel to the Enclave Oil Rig and save the world from destruction.

Despite the energy crisis, the oil tanker ran on oil, rather than fusion. It is probable that converting such a vessel was deemed too expensive (since as long as there was some oil, the payload would be valuable enough to justify the fuel cost) or simply that it was impossible due to the limitations of the fledgling fusion technology. However, while utilizing outdated technology as propulsion, the tanker was fully automated and equipped with a navigational computer secured by a door operated with a magnetic tanker FOB. Additionally, the ship was equipped with an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponder, preventing Poseidon Oil defenses from sinking it.

Post-War history

After 2077, the tanker was disabled by the Enclave (security act 9837-334-27A), possibly as a means of preventing access to the Oil Rig, and the tanker FOB was moved to Navarro military base, while the NavCom Parts were sealed in Vault 13.

After it's abandonment, various creatures have taken residence in the tanker (though some say they were deliberately placed there by the Enclave). The happy bunch included centaurs, floaters and aliens. A band of vagrants eventually occupied the deck of the tanker, forcing the creatures to remain in the holds. The vagrants formed a community, using the vessel as their home, turning it into a simple settlement, selling various scavenged items to visitors.

The community was led by captain A. Ron Meyers, a Navarro technician gone AWOL, a tough old military guy (as described by Marc). The second community leader was Badger, the local hacker and electronics specialist. The vagrants themselves are a diverse collective of solitary wanderers, social outcasts and survivalists from across the wasteland. The vagrants immigrated to San Francisco for the tolerance and respect for secrecy there.

Exxon Valdez

Exxon Valdez was the original name of an oil tanker owned by the former Exxon Corporation. It gained widespread infamy after the March 24, 1989 oil spill in which the tanker hit Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef and spilled an estimated 11 million gallons of crude oil.

The tanker was 300 m long, 50 m wide, and 27 m in depth (987 ft by 166 ft by 88 ft), weighing 30,000 tons empty and powered by a 31,650 shp (23.60 MW) diesel engine. The ship could transport a maximum of 1.48 million barrels (200,000 t) at a sustained speed of 16.25 knots (30 km/h) and was employed to transport crude oil from the Alaska consortium's pipeline terminal in Valdez, Alaska, to the lower 48 states of the United States.

Appearances in games

The tanker appears only in Fallout 2.

Vehicles in the Fallout games
San Francisco
Enclave of the United States of America

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

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Final Fantasy X Enemy
HP (Overkill) MP
1,000 (1,000) 1
Strength Magic Defense
1 1 1
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
1 0 1
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
0 (0) 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
{{{Fire}}} {{{Lightning}}} {{{Water}}} {{{Ice}}} {{{Holy}}}
Location Zanarkand
Common Steal None
Rare Steal None
Common Drop None
Rare Drop None
Weapon Drop {{{Weapon Drop}}}
Armor Drop {{{Armor Drop}}}
Bribe None
Abilities {{{Attacks}}}
Ronso Rage None
Resistant to None
Immune to Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Zombie, Magic Break, Mental Break, Death, Silence, Poison, Slow, Power Break, Armor Break, Threaten, Provoke, Nullification, Protect, Haste, Distillers, Scan, Delay, Doom, Shell, Reflect, Regen, Sensor, Demi, Eject, Bribe

The Tanker is a boss from Final Fantasy X. During Sin's attack on Zanarkand at the start of the game, Tidus and Auron will engage in three battles. The final one of those three will be against the Tanker and Sinscales.


During the battle, Auron will mention to Tidus they should focus on attacking the Tanker. Unleashing a few strikes upon it and ignoring the Sinscales will end the battle quickly.

Related enemies

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From Grand Theft Wiki

A Tanker in Grand Theft Auto 1.
A Tanker in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Tanker is a large tanker truck that first appeared in Grand Theft Auto 1, later making appearances in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.



The Tanker in GTA 1 is designed as a straight truck with a cab-over design and a tanker load. It is one of the most durable vehicles in the game, being able to withstand a lot of damage. Despite it being a large truck, the Tank is able to drive over it.

In GTA San Andreas, the Tanker appeared with a semi-cab design. It is one of the more popular of the three trucks in San Andreas, being encountered more than any of the others (the Roadtrain and the Linerunner), and is generally designed as a mid-sized semi truck smaller than the Roadtrain but larger than the Linerunner. Finally, this truck, like all the others can attach a trailer in San Andreas, making the experience even better.

Like the GTA San Andreas rendition, the Tanker in GTA Chinatown Wars is designed as a conventional cab semi-trailer truck, but is only available with a permanently attached tanker trailer.


Surprisingly, the Tanker in GTA 1 has the highest top speed - if driven on a staight road, for long enough, it will keep picking up momentum - much like the Bus and Coach.

After an examination of internal files, it is clearly shown that the Tanker in GTA San Andreas is the slowest of all three but it has better acceleration than the Linerunner. In-game gameplay, however, has the truck performing better than the Linerunner, with an unusually better top speed, as well as superior acceleration and hill climbing power. Its lower body height also makes it less vulnerable to rollovers than the Linerunner.

In Chinatown Wars, the Tanker's long length and large weight makes the vehicle less than suitable for intensive driving, faring poorly in top speed and acceleration, as well as poor cornering (often requiring large turning radius's) and braking. If the trailer is set on fire, it will blow up dramatically, usually killing the player and harming anyone else near the vehicle. Also during a mission the Tanker is shot at whilst the player is driving and starts to leak fuel, this fuel starts to set on fire behind the player and, if they don't pick up enough speed, then the flames will reach the trailer and the truck will explode. This can be renacted outside of the mission also.


  • In GTA San Andreas' game files, the Tanker is always named "Petrol".
  • In GTA San Andreas, the default radio station in the Tanker is K-DST.


GTA San Andreas
GTA Chinatown Wars

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ST Expanded

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A tanker is a limited-role starship with the primary function of transporting large quantities of fuel and other liquid-state items. Loads can include deuterium, anti-deuterium and antimatter waste.

The Osaka-class starship served as a tanker, refuelling other Starfleet starships in at least the 23rd century. (Starship Recognition Files 2)

The Emdor-class starship was an antimatter tanker developed by Starfleet in the 2370s. USS Ragronok was a ship of this class. (Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia)

In 2379, the USS Dauntless and a neutronic fuel tanker collided ner New Gibraltar. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

The runabout USS Willamette served as a tanker for Peregrine-class fighters in 2380. (Star Trek: New Order)

The Kzinti tankers were used by the Kzinti to carry thousands of tons of antimatter at once. (RIS Bouteina: "The Whole Kitten Kaboodle")

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Tankers were ships of various classes that were used to transport fuels. These included both land-based transport vehicles and small and large-scale space transports. These logistics vehicles were important in the supply of fuels around the galaxy.

Tanker classes

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki



The Tanker can take it and dish it out all at once. The Tanker primarily can absorb vast amounts of damage, and hold his own in a fist fight. But the Tanker lacks any long range punch. The Tanker would prefer just to charge straight ahead anyway.

Faction: Hero

The Tanker's power sets are:

Primary: Defense
Secondary: Melee

The Tanker has high hit points and medium damage.

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

A Tanker's primary power sets are designed specifically for defense. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

A Tanker's secondary power sets are designed for melee. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Inherent Powers


The Tanker strategy is fairly linear; first and foremost, the Tanker has to focus on surviving, and then, on gathering attention away from allies. Fortunately, attacking people is a fine way to garner attention, and this means the Tanker's role is not one prone to non-obvious tactics. Advanced combat maneuvers are things the Tanker can experiment with easily, because the Tanker has a large margin of error. Unlike some other archetypes, the Tanker's raw stats allow the Tanker a degree of safety even in the worst of situations.


Herding is a form of Aggro management, corralling a group enemies into a smaller area. In principle, all archetypes can engage in herding to some extent, by understanding the way enemies react to player actions, but the Tanker excels in this role thanks to their high defensive ability and their inherent power, Gauntlet.

The most basic form of Herding available to a Tanker involves a damage aura (such as is available to the Fiery Aura set). The Tanker moves to engage the enemies, but rather than closing with the nearest enemy and attacking, the Tanker instead moves close enough to the available enemies to deal them some damage with his aura, then closes with their 'priority' enemy, and launch their attacks. Thanks to the damage dealt, and the Tanker's Gauntlet power, the enemy units (unless otherwise distracted) should close with the Tanker, thus keeping their attention focused on the hero best able to take it.

All Tanker primaries have auras that allow this, available at different levels. Invulnerability gets its latest, at level 18 (Invincibility). Also, enemies are less deadly at the lower levels, allowing Tanker players time to learn how much they can handle in this maneuver.

While herding may be broken by heavy area of effect damage, knockback, or other disruption, the effect of a herded group can allow supporter archetypes a focused point where they can orient their area effects (such as Tar Patch, or a large area debuff like Lingering Radiation), or allow a character to peel off small numbers of opponents that they can handle.

What Tankers Want Other Players to Know

A traditionally played tanker's primary concern is with aggro control. Tankers in this role want the mobs to concentrate their attacks on themselves.

Auras and positioning

Some tankers have defensive abilities such as Invincibility and Rise to the Challenge that require mobs to be in melee range of themselves. All tankers can acquire auras that taunt mobs within them, and some of these auras can do damage or debuff the mobs' speed or accuracy as well. Generally speaking, the tanker will seek to collect enemies in a tightly packed group in which the Tanker should be roughly in the middle.

This means that many tankers will prefer that they actually position the mobs this way before immobilizing effects can be applied. An enemy that is immobilized outside the tanker's aura can attack other players, and may not be subject to the tanker's taunt aura effect. If that enemy is simply immobilized, rather than held or otherwise incapacitated, the enemy is able to attack those whom the tanker seeks to defend. Attacks that only prevent enemies from moving should be applied after the tanker has collected them, not during the initial process of collecting them. And, preventing a ranged attacking mob from coming within the tanker's aura may actually weaken the tanker's defense or regeneration.

The tanker typically seeks to "take point". It helps the tanker to be the first player character any enemy sees. This is especially important when dealing with enemies that include enemies that preferentially used range attacks, and that may include snipers, such as Nemesis. A tanker may ask you to remain around a corner, breaking line of sight, while the tanker enters the room and thus makes certain that he is the character that the enemies see first. This way, the tanker attracts the opening fire from ranged and sniper attacks, rather than your character. And, by breaking line of sight himself, the tanker can compel the ranged attackers and snipers to move forward and come within melee range.

Buffs and heals

Tankers appreciate buffs. Generally speaking, any buff that increases the tanker's resistance, defense, regeneration, endurance recovery, accuracy, or damage will also help the tanker hold the attention of greater numbers of the enemy. Stone Armor tankers greatly benefit from Speed Boost and Accelerate Metabolism as the movement speed buffs help to offset the movement penalty of Granite Armor and Rooted. Other tankers may ask you not to include them in those buffs as the changes in movement speed may make it harder for them to take a position where they get as many enemies as possible within their taunting aura. If the tanker does not appear to be having endurance issues, these buffs may not be helpful, depending on the player's style.

Tankers only infrequently require Clear Mind because each primary power set contains an ability that gives the tanker resistance against mez effects. Generally, only in a situation where the enemies can stack mez effects is giving preventative clear mind to a tanker a priority.

Ideally, if a tanker is actually gaining and holding aggro, they also provide a focus for healing. Generally, if the tanker is succeeding here, he should be the chief character that needs heals, and the more confidence the tanker gains in healing support, the more mobs the tanker will be able to gain control over.

Early Play

Many tanker sets are lacking for melee attacks early on, because of the slow progression through the offensive set available to the Tanker. This means that many Tankers are able to make a great deal of use of temporary combat powers (such as the Veteran Rewards powers), or of pool power attacks (such as Air Superiority). At least early on, filling out a decent number of attacks can allow a Tanker to reach the higher levels and therefore, the more powerful defensive abilities.

External Links

  • Summary and Analysis of Tanker powersets
  • Archetypes documentation on official City of Heroes site
  • Official City of Heroes Manual as a zipped PDF file

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