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Tango Company

United Nations Space Command


UNSC Marine Corps


Training Company


Training of SPARTAN-II super soldiers, most notably Blue Team.



Tango Company is a UNSC Marine Corps company that was stationed on Reach, and participated in the training of the Spartan-IIs.



Tango Company was tasked with playing games of capture the flag against the young Spartan-II trainees. As of July 14, 2523 the Spartans and the Marines had played seven such games, with Tango Company losing every one of them[1]. Tango Company, tired of constant defeat, stopped playing by the rules. They began using live ammunition and abusing Spartan trainees that they caught in their "territory".

The men and women of Tango Company, tired of losing simple games to a few squads of twelve-year-olds, began referring to the Spartans as the "freak Section Three kids"[1]. More than once they tortured the Spartans that were "captured" while playing the game. They brutally beat James, whom they claimed had "fallen down a flight of stairs"[1] in their single story jail while being transferred to a different cell. It took James a full week to recover from his injuries[1].

Despite the Marines cheating, the Spartans were still victorious, winning once again; this time by infiltrating the base and detonating Stun Grenades beneath Tango company's barracks buildings, inflicting many casualties. Then, neutralizing the guards around the flag pole with Narq-dart Pistols, the Spartans snatched the flag and hid in the trees. Tango Company sent a Pelican transport in an effort to trick the Spartans into thinking their exfiltration craft had arrived. But, not fooled, the young supersoldiers once again outsmarted and overcame the hapless Marines.

The flag was green with a single white star.


  • It has not been stated what battalion, regiment, or division Tango Company originated from.

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Tango Company
General information

Clone officer Trap[1]

Notable members

Edge, Havoc, Ox, Pulsar, and Scythe.


22 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era


Tango Company was a company of clone troopers within the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. They all had a striped tiger face logo on their armored shoulder plates.



Tango Company and Ahsoka Tano

Shortly after the Second Battle of Geonosis trooper Scythe got infected by a Geonosian brain worm. Later, on board the medical frigate TB-73 he helped the infection spread amongst the clones, who were mind-controlled by the worms and were forced to attack the Jedi. At least one trooper, Trap was killed by Barriss Offee in self-defense. However, the infection was eventually dealt with, most clones of the company survived the incident.

Members of Tango Company included Scythe, Edge, Ox, Havoc, and Pulsar.



  • The Clone Wars Episode Guide: Brain Invaders on (backup link on (First identified as Tango Company)

Notes and references

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Tango Company, otherwise known as Clone Company 86/25, was a Galactic Republic, and subsequently, a Galactic Empire clone trooper 100-man company of the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment.


Tango Company was led by Captain Ang, a newly-bred clone officer from Kamino with little experience.

Tango Company was also the 25th of 50 companies in the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment.

Operational History

Tango Company was sent to give suppression fire for Ansilon Squad to rescue five clone trooper hostages of Micro Squad during the great shootout of the Mygeeto Insurrection, several weeks after the advent of the Galactic Empire. However, they exchanged heavy fire with terrorists, and eleven troopers were killed and twenty-six injured by the insidious insurrectionists.

When Ansilon Squad successfully saved the hostages, they were given orders to withdraw so that the terrorist base could be demolished. Captain Ang, however, reported to Regimental Command that they were unable to leave themselves from the combat zone without taking further casualties. Clone commando ACE Squad was dispatched to give covering fire for Tango Company to retreat, and both ACE Squad and Tango Company were able to retreat without a single casualty before the base was destroyed by ARC-170s.

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