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race: FEV mutant
affiliation: Followers of the Apocalypse
location: Library
appearances: Fallout
quests: Find Children spy in the Followers
dialogue file: TALIUS.MSG

Talius was a mutant who resided in the basement of the library of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Talius was a vault dweller from Vault 13, sent out by the Overseer to find the Water Chip. Together with Ed, this means there are two confirmed Vault Dwellers from Vault 13 who went out before the PC of Fallout. Having been supplied with a shotgun and some shells, Talius searched unsuccessfully for the Water Chip for some time before hearing of Necropolis's water pump. Presumably hoping that the pump's source was, in fact, a functioning Water Chip, he travelled to the city, not having known of its newly garrisoned detachment of super mutants. With the help of the ghoul leader Set, he was able to kill some of the mutants before being knocked unconscious by Nightkin, and promptly taken to the Mariposa Military Base. He was dipped in the Vats, which led to a rare transformation into a ghoul-like mutant similar to Harold, as opposed to the typical super mutant. He was rescued under ambiguous circumstances by the Followers of the Apocalypse, in his words, "from the full effects of the transformation into a heinous beast". He joined as a full-fledged member shortly afterwards.

Talius will help the PC along by giving him a flamer if he promises to battle the mutants in Necropolis or after having killed them already, or Mentats if the PC is extremely stupid.

Talius is also a part of the Find Children spy in the Followers, a quest he'll give you if you accuse him of being the spy. This quest is broken and can not be finished

It is not known what happened to Talius after Fallout 1.

Appearances in games

Talius appears only in the first Fallout, although given Harold's longevity, Talius also might still be alive.

Los Angeles Boneyard
Vault 13

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