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These items are used in the Runecrafting skill.



A Talisman is attuned to the Runecrafting altar after which is it named. For example, an Air talisman is attuned to the Air altar. A player can use the talismans to reach the altars via the 'mysterious ruins' found throughout Gielinor. Players cannot use the talismans until they have completed the Rune Mysteries quest, but it is perfectly possible to acquire talismans, from drops or trading, prior to starting the quest. A talisman can be used repeatedly to enter its altar and is never consumed for this. The talisman only grants access to it altar; the player must have the correct runecrafting level to craft runes there.

Talismans are also used to make Combination runes and are consumed in this process.

A talisman can be bound with a Tiara, creating an altar-accessing item that be worn on the head rather than carried in inventory. All talismans except the Elemental talisman can be bound in this way.

A talisman can be bound with a Runecrafting staff, creating an altar-accessing talisman staff that be wielded rather than carried in inventory. All talismans except the Elemental talisman can be bound in this way.

Note that players using the Abyss to reach the runecrafting altars do not require talismans (or other items like a tiara or talisman staff).

Most types of talismans can be purchased from Wizard Elriss in the Runecrafting Guild. Only Runecrafting guild tokens (awarded upon finishing games of The Great Orb Project) can be used to purchase these talismans. Wizard Elriss does not sell death, blood, elemental, or omni talismans.

Talisman Members? GE price Dropped by Notes
File:Air Talisman.PNG Air talisman No 2033 Men, Imps, Goblins, Wizards, Air Wizards. Freely given by Duke Horacio at the start of Rune Mysteries.
File:Mind Talisman.PNG Mind talisman No 439 Imps, Wizards, Dark Wizards.
File:Water Talisman.PNG Water talisman No 6470 Wizards, Dark Wizards, Water Wizards, Waterfiends.
File:Earth Talisman.PNG Earth talisman No 2332 Men, Women, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Al-Kharid Warriors, Earth Wizards.
File:Fire Talisman.PNG Fire talisman No 5409 Guards, Wizards, Skeletons with no weapons, Dark Wizards.
File:Body Talisman.PNG Body talisman No 656 Guards, Wizards, Hill Giants, Dark Wizards.
File:Cosmic Talisman.PNG Cosmic talisman Yes 3952 Abyssal Demons, Abyssal Guardians, Abyssal Walkers, Giant Rock Crabs, Rock Crabs, Ice Giants, Lesser Demons, Otherworldly Beings Occasionally found in Caskets obtained from big net Fishing and other means.
File:Chaos Talisman.PNG Chaos talisman Yes 5756 Hobgoblins, Skeletons, Ice Warriors, Shadow Warriors, Lesser Demons, Hill Giants, Fire Giants. Occasionally found in Caskets obtained from big net Fishing and other means.
File:Nature Talisman.PNG Nature talisman Yes 1325 Zogres, Hobgoblins, Jogres, Tribesmen, Moss Giants, Chaos Druid, Kalphite, Flesh Crawlers, Green Dragons. Occasionally found in Caskets obtained from big net Fishing and other means.
File:Law Talisman.PNG Law talisman Yes 4817 Abyssal creatures, Guards, Terrorbirds, Tortoises, Ghouls, Paladins.
File:Death Talisman.PNG Death talisman Yes 2185 dark beasts, dragon implings Awarded after Mourning's Ends Part II quest. Another can be obtained during the Within the Light quest.
File:Blood Talisman.gif Blood talisman Yes 87900 --- Awarded after Legacy of Seergaze quest.
File:Soul talisman.gif (Soul talisman) Yes N/A --- Does not exist in game yet but images of it have occasionally been seen on the Jagex website.
File:Elemental Talisman.PNG Elemental talisman Yes 1445 Abyssal Walker, Abyssal Leech Can access air, water, earth, fire altars.
Cannot be bound into tiaras.
File:Omni talisman.gif Omni-talisman Yes N/A --- Obtained in the Runecrafting Guild. Can access all altars.


Tiaras are simply an equipable version of talismans, which free up an inventory slot. A player can combine a specific talisman with an ordinary silver Tiara to get an 'infused' tiara. To do this, a player must have both objects in their inventory and use either one on the corresponding altar. This action also earns the player some Runecrafting experience, shown in the table below. Additionally, making one of these tiaras does not have a Runecrafting level requirement. All tiaras are tradeable except the Omni-tiara. When worn, these tiaras allow a simple left-click 'Enter Mysterious ruins' option to access the altars.

Tiara Experience GE price
File:Air Tiara.PNGAir tiara 25 58
File:Mind Tiara.PNGMind tiara 27.5 67
File:Water Tiara.PNGWater tiara 30 5,730
File:Earth Tiara.PNGEarth tiara 32.5 92
File:Fire Tiara.PNGFire tiara 35 1,386
File:Body Tiara.PNGBody tiara 37.5 20
File:Cosmic Tiara.PNGCosmic tiara 40 51
File:Chaos Tiara.PNGChaos tiara 42.5 84
File:Nature Tiara.PNGNature tiara 45 628
File:Law Tiara.PNGLaw tiara 47.5 60
File:Death Tiara.PNGDeath tiara 50 1,084
File:Blood Tiara.gifBlood tiara 52.5 9,392
File:Soultiara.png(Soul tiara) N/A N/A
File:Omni-Tiara.pngOmni-tiara N/A N/A

Talisman staves

Talisman staves are made by using a Runecrafting staff on an altar with the kind of talisman you want on it. For example, if you want an Air talisman staff you must go to an air altar with the Runecrafting staff and air talisman, then use the staff on the altar. A Runecrafting staff is sold at the Runecrafting Guild by Wizard Elriss for 10,000 Runecrafting guild tokens.

The staff can be equipped in the weapon's slot, allowing players to left click on the altar to get inside, saving an inventory space. These talisman staves may be used to access the particular altars they represent. Jagex had also said that the staff can also be used for "distracting the eyes in the Abyss to help you sneak past".

All talisman staves have the following bonuses, with the exception of the Law talisman staff, which has no combat bonuses to allow it to be taken to Entrana. These staffs are the best weapons available to "obby pures" with only 1 attack in a free-to-play world. With no combat requirements, requiring only 50 runecrafting, the +33 strength bonus is extremely high, compared to that of an Iron 2h sword, which is only +14.

Icon Talisman staff
File:AIR TALISMAN STAFF.PNG Air talisman staff
File:Mind tally icon.PNG Mind talisman staff
File:Runecrafting staff water.png Water talisman staff
File:Earth tailsman staff.PNG Earth talisman staff
File:Runecrafting staff fire.gif Fire talisman staff
File:Bodytalismanstaff.png Body talisman staff
File:Cosmic tally icon.PNG Cosmic talisman staff
File:Chaos tally icon.PNG Chaos talisman staff
File:Nature tali staff.png Nature talisman staff
File:Law tally icon.PNG Law talisman staff
File:Death tally icon.PNG Death talisman staff
File:Blood tally icon.PNG Blood talisman staff
File:OmniTalismanstaff.png Omni-talisman staff
Hover over image for type
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 -1 +7 +5 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+2 +3 +1 +15 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+33 0 0 ?

The Law talisman staff has no combat bonus at all, to allow it to be brought to Entrana to craft runes with it at the law altar.


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