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Talesan Fry
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49 BBY

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Vivid green

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Rise of the Empire era

Talesan “Taly” Fry was a man from the world of Cirrus who was targeted for assassination by bounty hunters at age ten, a successful businessman, and the owner of an important device that could have potentially decided the fate of the Clone Wars. He personally knew the Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi.


Talesan Fry was a very talented child growing up on Cirrus. Taly, as he was referred to as a child, had a great interest in gadgets and inventions at a very young age. By the age of eight, Taly invented a security system for his family’s home that was voice-operated, and then even figured a way around it by the age of nine. His technological prowess was one of his well-known qualities, however it ended up leading him and his family into grave danger.

When he was ten years old, Taly created a listening device and while testing it, he inadvertently picked up a transmission between a group of bounty hunters, who planned to execute a mass assassination in a matter of days. A frightened Taly told his parents, Nelia and Grove, who later informed the Cirrus law enforcement. The bounty hunters, led by Magus and Gorm the Dissolver, decided to bring their vengeance upon the young boy and his family.

Taly and his family were on the run from the hunters and soon the Jedi Council sent Qui-Gon Jinn, Adi Gallia, and their apprentices Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, to protect them. Upon their meeting with the Jedi, the bounty hunters attacked yet again, and Nelia and Grove decided to leave their son with the Jedi, in order to divert the attackers’ attention away from their son.

Taly and the Jedi were able to flee Cirrus and fake a crash landing on the planet Quadrant Seven in order to trick the bounty hunters into believing that the boy and the Jedi died. Qui-Gon and Adi decided to investigate the nearby settlements, while Obi-Wan and Siri were left to protect Taly in the nearby caves. After receiving a distorted message from Qui-Gon, informing them to leave the planet, the Padawans’ debated where they should take the boy. Taly mentioned that his uncle had a home on Qexis, but this suggestion only led to more debate between the two love-struck teenagers. They finally decided to steal a transport to Coruscant, and because of Taly’s advanced technological skills, they were able to override its security systems.

However, there was one system that the boy forgot to override. The ship’s anti-theft mechanism was activated, which would cause the ship to explode upon coming out from hyperspace. Knowing a way to bypass the self-destruct, Taly sent out a distress call, which he hoped would call attention to Magus’ band of pirates. The plan worked, and the hunter’s ship used their interdiction field to pull in the trio out of hyperspace and avoid the destruction mechanism.

As Magus and the other bounty hunters boarded the ship, Taly willingly gave himself up to them in order to protect the Obi-Wan and Siri. The hunters took him to Rondai-2 where their assassinations were still scheduled take place.

After the Jedi met up with their masters and discovered where Taly was taken, they also learned that the bounty hunters were hired by Passel Argente of the Corporate Alliance, and that it was all of his political enemies that were the targets of the assassinations. Eventually they confronted Magus and the other bounty hunters and were able to rescue Taly. All of the pirates were either dead or captured except for Magus, who was able to flee at the expense of some of his partners’ lives.

Taly was brought to the Senate to testify, and intentionally left out Argente’s involvement in the situation, hoping that it would protect his parents, who were still hiding. However, Magus killed Nelia and Grove Fry anyway. Orphaned on Coruscant, Talesan was indirectly put under the protection of the Jedi.

Over the next twenty years, Talesan was able to blackmail Passel Argente and start a very successful technological company on the planet Genian. Members of his staff included vice president Helina Dow, security chief Dellard Tranc, and executive Moro Y’Arano. However, this success made Talesan a threat to rival companies and soon rumors spread that a spy was among his employees. During the Clone Wars, Genian was able to remain neutral. About one year into the galactic conflict, Talesan’s company created a code breaking device that he was willing to sell to the highest bidder, Republic or Separatist. However, in gratitude for the protection he was given as a child, Talesan made the first offer to the Republic.

The Republic sent four representatives, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, Siri Tachi, and Senator Padmé Amidala to meet with Fry on Genian. Though his offer was quite expensive, the Republic struck a deal, a deal that would be complete once the Jedi did one favor for Talesan – find out who the spy was amongst his employees.

With extensive investigating, the Jedi and Senator Amidala narrowed down to three suspects, Helina Dow, Dellard Tranc, and Moro Y’Arano. In order to determine who the saboteur was for sure, Talesan and the Jedi organized a trap, one that involved a decoy code breaker. When it was made to seem as if the Republic successfully bought the code breaker, Helina Dow was revealed to be the spy. Thinking that she had the device, Dow was also revealed to be in the employ of the bounty hunter, Magus, the same one who decades earlier killed Talesan’s parents. Magus was once again working for the Passel Argente and the Corporate Alliance. Magus was able to get away with the decoy code breaker, while the Jedi captured Helina.

Talesan, the Jedi, and Senator Amidala headed for the Azure Spaceport, where the transferring of the real code breaker would be ensured safely to Republic General Solomahal. What they did not know was that after her realization that the code breaker she found was a decoy, Helina Dow was able to find the real device and install a homing beacon on it, which brought a Separatist attack force to Azure.

During the attack on Azure, a Coruscant-bound transport carrying Talesan and Padmé was shot down, though fortunately, both managed to survive in an escape pod. After reuniting with Siri and Obi-Wan, Talesan accompanied Obi-Wan in a starfighter to help fend off the attacking Separatist forces. After the ship carrying Magus was taken down, Talesan found him and held him at gunpoint, threatening to kill him in revenge for his parents’ murders. However, Magus was taken into custody unharmed.

Following the attack on Azure, it was turned out that General Solomahal was forced to destroy the code breaker, when it seemed inevitable that it would fall into Separatist hands. As for Talesan’s company, the Separatists destroyed its headquarters on Genian.




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