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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese ダハーカ
Romaji Dahāka
Location Ipsen's Castle
Class Flying
Steal Elixir, Mythril Claws, Orihalcon
Item Dropped N/A
Card Dropped Ramuh
Abilities Chop, Blizzaga, Ram, Curl
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Doom, Venom, Death, Float, Mini, Darkness, Confuse, Freeze, Trouble, Berserk, Vanish

Taharka is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. It is fought in Ipsen's Castle. The party comes to Ipsen's Castle to find a way to break the seal to get to Terra. Four mirrors in Ipsen's Castle help the party in doing this. Taharka is the guardian of the mirrors and will fight the party to return them.


During the fight, Taharka will compact into a ball, greatly increasing its defense against physical attacks. This makes magic very useful, so be sure to bring either Vivi or Quina to the battle. For an easy win, inflict Heat on Taharka using Steiner's Flame Saber. It will instantly kill itself on its next turn.

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