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The House of Tagge was a family of wealthy Human nobles centralized on Tepasi. Its progenitor is said to have been one of the original Founders of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY. This Founder's name has not been established, but since the capital city of Tepasi is named Unlos Tagge, it is possible—but not certain—that this is his name and that the city could have been named in his honor.

The head of the family held the rank either of baron or baroness, depending on gender. An official complete list of the heads of House Tagge does not exist, but three have been established: Sanya Tagge was head of the house in the period leading up to the Clone Wars, but there is no indication as to when she ascended to this position. Her oldest son, Orman Tagge, became baron and head of the family early in 20 BBY, at the age of seventeen. Orman became incapacitated in 0 ABY and died later that same year, so the position was passed to the youngest son, Ulric Tagge. No information exists as to how long Ulric held the position after that.

The House of Tagge owned and operated the TaggeCo corporation, as well as a private military of 5,000 armed scout starships and a million soldiers. They supported the Galactic Republic throughout the Separatist Crisis and Clone Wars (although they did not offer the Republic the use of their paramilitary forces) and following the Declaration of a New Order, were firm supporters of the Galactic Empire.

The House of Tagge framed and disgraced the rival House of Balfed.

Family tree

                                    Sanya Tagge
              |            |             |            |           |
        Orman Tagge  Cassio Tagge  Silas Tagge  Ulric Tagge  Domina Tagge


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