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Tactical Points, usually abbreviated as TP, is a statistic in Final Fantasy XI. TP functions primarily in coordination with weapon skills, the incarnation of Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy XI.

TP is displayed as a percentage. Once a player reaches 100%, they are allowed to use weapon skill abilities, though they do not have to use it immediately. TP will continue to accumulate even higher than 100%, rising as high as 300% before it will cap out.

TP is gained through taking damage, slightly, but mostly by hitting an enemy and causing him damage. Players will receive about 2% TP from being hit. Having a spell cast upon a player can raise his TP by 5%. When a player hits a creature though, they gain between 5% and 15% base. This equation changes from time to time with different version updates. No TP is awarded to players for casting offensive magic.

Currently, the amount of TP gained per hit is based on the weapon's delay, or time between attacks. Daggers and ninja's katanas, having the lowest delay, will grant the smallest TP bonus. Weapons like polearms, great katanas, and scythes have the highest base TP for melee weapon. Considering the delay of almost all ranged weapons, they will gain massive TP bonuses as well.

Related Concepts

There are two major ideas that change how TP is gained and lost, in a sense. One is know as Store TP, a Samurai trait and attribute found on many weapons and some armor. This increases the amount of TP the attacker gains when hitting his target. The other is known as Subtle Blow, which reduces the amount of TP gained by a creature that is hit by an attacker with subtle blow or equipment that grants that bonus.

Other Uses

TP is important in other ways, occasionally. All classes can make use of some equipment that gains special latent effects based on whether a character's TP is above or below a certain point (IE: Ronin ring grants +5 Accuracy when TP < 100%). Blue Mages have a number of spells or enemy abilities that deal damage, have status effects or resistance based, in part, by the Blue Mage's current TP. Thus, it is sometimes beneficial for Blue Mage to hold onto his TP for casting purposes.


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