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Tactical Evolution (TAEV) is the 24th booster pack released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is the largest GX generation booster, with 90 cards. It introduces a new category of monster like Toons, Unions and Spirits — Gemini Monsters, as well as a new mechanic: Second Summon. The ratio of Ultra Rare cards gets increased, a new rarity above Ultimate Rare is introduced, called "Holographic Rare" in the OCG and "Ghost Rare". It also releases Jesse Anderson's best monster "Rainbow Dragon". Anime fans will be confident with the content. There is also appearances of the "Venom" cards used by Professor Viper. There is also more Elemental Hero monsters and supports, New Neo-Spacians like the Chrysalis monsters. This set also features improvements to the long-neglected Reptile Type, with the aforementioned "Venom" cards and new Alien supports.

The TCG version has 10 more cards (TAEV-EN000 and 081-089) than the OCG. These cards include many powerful Fish, thus bolstering another once-weak Type.

Set Specifications
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1st Edition

Unlimited Edition
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TCG Set Card Ratios

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Facts about Tactical EvolutionRDF feed
Booster Pack EAN Barcodes EAN 0-053334-537544  +
Booster Pack ISBN Barcodes ISBN 1-59945-132-8  +
English Set Names Tactical Evolution  +
OCG Cover Card Rainbow Dragon  +
OCG Release Dates 12 May 2007  +
OCG Set Prefixes TAEV  +
Portuguese Set Names Evolução Tática  +
Set Tactical Evolution  +
Set Release OCG  +, and TCG  +
Set Type Booster Pack  +
TCG Cover Card Rainbow Dragon  +
TCG Release Dates 15 August 2007  +
TCG Set Prefixes TAEV  +

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