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TIE Fighter Construction Facility
Production information

TIE Fighter Construction Facility


Space station

Technical specifications
Other systems

Construction facilities capable of producing hundreds of TIE starfighters per assembly line.

Location information

Y'Toub system

Orbital distance

Nar Shaddaa


Construction facility


Rise of the Empire era

Earliest sighting



3 BBY (Partly)

Present for battles/events

Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility

The TIE Fighter Construction Facility orbited the moon of Nar Shaddaa.


The facility's control room.

These factories were constructed throughout the galaxy to maintain and build up the Empire's massive war machine and typically hung in low orbit above a planet. They were owned and operated by Sienar Fleet Systems though ultimate ownership laid with the Empire. It was protected by several squadrons of well trained stormtroopers.

Inside the facility, the Empire began perfecting its mass production techniques which churned out thousands of TIE/ln fighters. Rows upon rows of TIE components parts moved along a magnetic conveyor where automated laser arms welded the vehicles together before they were transported to loading bays.


TIE facility concept art

It was one of the first of its kind that the Galactic Empire created to build its fleet.

In 3 BBY, the facility was taken control of by former Jedi General Rahm Kota and his comrades. During the ensuing battle, Kota's men detonated explosives throughout the factory which led to the facility deorbiting over the moon, being destroyed in the process.

This was, however, not their main objective, as Kota sought to draw out Darth Vader, but instead Vader's secret apprentice was drawn to the conflict.


  • The Force Unleashed novel (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comic (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game

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