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TIE/sa bomber
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems[1]

Product line

TIE series


Twin Ion Engine/sa bomber


Space/planetary bomber

Technical specifications

7.8 meters[2]

Maximum acceleration

2,380 G


60 MGLT[2]

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

850 km/h[2]

Engine unit(s)

SFS P-s4 twin ion engines[3] (rated 125 KTU)

Hyperdrive system

None[3] (can be equipped as upgrade)

Power plant

SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor[3]


None (can be equipped as upgrade)


Titanium alloy hull with quadanium steel armor (50 RU)

Sensor systems

SFS S-c3.4 multi-range TAG

Targeting systems
Navigation system

SFS N-s4 Navcon


SFS F-3.2 flight avionics system

Escape craft

Ejector seat


Pilot (1)[3]



Cargo capacity
  • None in flight pod
  • 15 metric tons in bomb bay[2]

2 days[3]

Life support

Life-support system equpped[1]

"When the TIE bombers first started shelling Yavin 4, I thought the planet would crack right open. Those egg layers leveled the jungle."
Tigran Jamiro

The TIE/sa bomber, simply known as the TIE bomber, was a larger, less maneuverable TIE starfighter used for destroying large starships and pinpoint-precision bombing. The "sa" in the TIE bomber's designation stood for "surface assault."

Due to their distinctive dual-hull shape, TIE bombers came to be referred to occasionally as "dupes" by enemy pilots.



TIE bombers bombarding the surface of Yavin 4.

The TIE bomber had two hulls next to each other; one carried the pilot and the other carried a pair of general purpose warhead launchers, enabling them to carry a variety of weapons tailored for the mission. The bomber was much more heavily built-up than the "fighter"-series of TIEs; it carried more sophisticated sensors to penetrate capital ship jamming and SFS P-s4 twin ion engines powered by a SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor to allow a full payload to be carried at a reasonable speed.

The TIE bomber was capable of carrying one of the following payloads: sixteen concussion missiles, twelve proton torpedoes, eight heavy rockets, six orbital mines, four proton bombs, sixty-four thermal detonators, or thousands of propaganda pamphlets. Its fixed armament was two wing-mounted laser cannons.

The bomber was agile enough to deliver devastating strikes with surgical precision; as shown by a mission when a group of these craft destroyed a Rebel-occupied tower in the middle of a crowded city while leaving the surroundings untouched.

Nonetheless, the bomber was slower and less maneuverable than the original TIE/ln starfighter. Like most mass-produced TIEs, it lacked shields, though it did partly compensate by having a stronger hull. Standard Imperial doctrine required that bombers be escorted to target by other starfighters.

TIE bomber schematics.

While not expected to engage enemy fighters in dogfights due to their slower speed and agility, TIE Bombers could target them from a standoff distance with their large magazines of concussion missiles. During the conflict at Mylok IV, a squadron of Zaarin's bombers held off large numbers of Nharwaak and Rebel Y-wings, allowing the Imperials to aid the Habeen in evacuating their base. Due to a shortage of TIE Interceptors during the pacification of the Pakuuni system, Maarek Stele thrust his bomber into the space superiority role against Rebel and pirates, once defending Thrawn's craft from an attack while he visited the newly completed outpost NL-1. [5]

The TIE Bomber's lack of shields was crucially exposed during the Sepan Civil War. There, the Ripoblus conducted an attack on the Dimok Science Station Youst spearheaded by six Assault Transports. The station's defending fighters, consisting of Z-95 Headhunters and Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles, quickly fell victim to the turrets of the ATR-6 that they were trying to attack. When Admiral Harkov's forces entered the area to repel the Ripoblus, they deployed TIE Bomber to take out the ATR-6s from a safe distance with proton torpedoes. Imperial pilots discovered that a full-strength ATR-6 could survive even three torpedo hits, with several Bombers lost trying to finish off the injured ATR-6 with laser cannon fire. Maarek Stele opted wisely to replace his payload with heavy rockets, which required more careful aiming, but one of these devastating warheads was enough to quickly destroy an ATR-6. Near the end of the campaign, while covering the transfer of TIE Avengers, Stele distracted the gunners of the Dimok cruiser Ben Het so bombers could safely conduct their torpedo runs against it, resulting in its destruction. [5]


"Watch out for those TIE bombers."
Crix Madine during the Battle of Hoth
TIE bombers bombing the Rebel base on Yavin 4.

The TIE Bomber was derived from the TIE Advanced x1, from which it adopted the "bent-wing" design, and the TIE/gt starfighter. The TIE/gt had its main pod elongated from a sphere to a cylindrical shape to accommodate a bomb bay. Backwater planets and lower priority capital ships had to initially make do with the TIE/gt, though the eventual widespread adaptation of the Bomber phased out the gt in areas such as the Dantooine system where "Deathfire" McDibs was known to pilot one.

During the Battle of Hoth, several TIE bomber squadrons attacked escaping Rebel transports trying to run the blockade, causing significant losses among them. Only the intervention of Rogue Squadron in holding off enough of the bombers allowed the greater part of the Rebels to escape. Shortly afterwards, a group of these craft were used to bomb the asteroid in which Millennium Falcon was hiding.

During the Raid at Bakura, Wedge Antilles hijacked a TIE bomber from the prison facility to help save Derek Klivian, who crash-landed on the surface of the planet. The bomber was later used in various campaigns.

TIE bombers continued to see extensive use throughout the Galactic Civil War, where they often performed bombing runs on enemy forces, and even saw action in the early part of the Yuuzhan Vong War.



A TIE bomber.

The TIE Bomber quickly supplanted the TIE/gt starfighter as the Imperial Navy's front line assault bomber. Despite its disadvantages, notably its lack of speed, shields, and hyperdrive, it endeared itself to bureaucracy as it could be mass-produced like other inexpensive TIEs.

Other warhead-carrying fighters such as the Assault Gunboat, TIE Avenger (despite its lower magazine capacity), TIE Defender, and Missile Boat, despite having shields and a hyperdrive, were far costlier and only found deployment in specific missions. The TIE Bomber thus remained the mainstay of the Imperial Navy's heavy fighters. One of its most notable accomplishments was the destruction of Ali Tarrak's TIE Defender manufacturing facility.

Further development of the TIE Bomber paved the way for the more advanced Scimitar assault bomber, which was designed with the input of Bomber pilots from the elite "Scimitar" wing.


TIE/sh shuttle

A variant of the bomber replaced the warhead bay with a small cargo bay that could hold two passengers. This craft could ferry personnel from one ship to another or from a ship to a planetary base. Captain Lorth Needa used a shuttle of this type to personally apologize to Darth Vader for losing track of Millennium Falcon. However, higher ranking officers usually used the Lambda shuttle.

TIE boarding craft

Another variant of the bomber featured an enlarged secondary pod with clamps and a hull-cutter. This could carry a stormtrooper raiding/boarding party for insertion into a captured or disabled enemy ship. It was used by Darth Vader and a team of stormtroopers to enter Princess Leia Organa's CR90 corvette, Tantive IV.

TIE Interdictor

The modular nature of TIE series technology allowed for expansion of the TIE bomber concept. This variant included two or four ordnance bays giving it two to four times more destructive capability than the standard TIE bomber, though they appear to have been fairly rare.

Gand Starfighter

Gand Starfighters were modified TIE bombers, with a hyperdrive motivator and navicomp, wings cut in Interceptor shape, six concussion missiles, shields, and presumably greater maneuverability.

Scimitar assault bomber

It was 8 meters long, and thus longer than the standard TIE/ln starfighter. Its weapons included two laser cannons, concussion missile launchers, and chutes for thermal detonators and proton grenades. However, instead of two ion engines, it only had one, thus the lack of the prefix TIE. It was designed to bomb planets into submission.

Behind the scenes

While the designs for the bomber and boarding craft were made for A New Hope, the craft did not appear until the comic Star Wars 15: Star Duel, and did not make its first movie appearance until The Empire Strikes Back and had a brief appearance in Return of the Jedi. The boarding craft is shown in the depiction of the Star Destroyer Devastator for Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections.

In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and its sequel, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a TIE/sa is shown to possess the ability to hover in place. This stationary flight is unmentioned in other works save for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns. This latter occurrence, however, is thought to owe to game mechanics.

In Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II, the TIE bomber can hold two people. One pilots the craft, while the other serves as an auxiliary gunner.

While the TIE bomber's reactor is listed as a Sienar Fleet Systems I-a2b solar ionization reactor in Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections, this same reactor is stated in both the same book and other sources to be the same reactor that powers large capital ships like the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, in which it takes up almost half of the vessel. It is described as a "miniature sun", producing stellar-scale energy, and most likely annihilating tens of thousands of tons of fuel per second. There is no known official explanation for this, but it is possible that SFS produced multiple sizes of the reactor model.

In Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, the TIE Bomber was actually faster than the Y-wing.


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Non-canon appearances

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TIE/sa Bomber

Certification Advanced Capability TIE Vessels
Mass ~190k
Role Bomber
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x2
Ordnance x2
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 300
Deceleration 300
Yaw Rate 80
Pitch Rate 80
Roll Rate 40
Speed Modifier 0.95
Pictures Official screenshots

Game Info

The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sa starfighter, more commonly known as the TIE Bomber, is available to Imperial Pilots at the Advanced Capabilities certification level. This TIE features an unusual side-by-side configuration, to allow for larger missile and spacebomb payloads. While not the most nimble TIE variant, the bomber can bring enough firepower to a space fight to even the odds in its favor. TIE bombers can be especially effiective against capital ships such as Alliance Corvettes in Deep Space.

Star Wars Lore

Of all the TIE fighter variants produced by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Empire, the TIE/sa starfighter or TIE bomber is one of the most effective. The heavy assault ship, designed for strategic strikes against surface and deep space targets, is one of the most heavily-armed starships in the Imperial fleet. TIE bombers utilize the distinctive bent wings found on the TIE Advanced prototype. These solar array panels frame a rounded TIE cockpit and a large ordnance pod that can be configured to carry a wide array of destructive weapons. While not nearly as fast or agile as the original TIE Fighter, TIE bombers are much more destructive. A single TIE bomber’s payload can include a volatile combination of torpedoes, missiles, and other explosives. TIE bombers are deployed against space stations, orbital docking platforms, and orbital facilities, but they are especially effective against capital ships. After standard TIE fighters weaken the target's defenses, the bombers swoop in to disable vital areas such as the shield generators and engines.

Using the standard TIE fighter as a starting point, Imperial engineers designed a dedicated craft to deliver explosive payloads through bombardment. Showing its TIE roots, the TIE bomber's fuselage is bracketed by a pair of solar gather panels. For its increased power requirements, the bomber boasts elongated panels with greater surface areas than the standard starfighter. The TIE bomber has twin cylindrical hulls between its panels. The starboard cylinder houses the pilot, while the port pod contains the fighter's explosive cargo, which are delivered to their targets via a ventral bomb chute.

Sienar Fleet Systems' development of the TIE bomber took the robust TIE/gt starfighter variant as a starting point and ended up with a formidable light space bomber capable of delivering devastating attacks of pinpoint accuracy against ground and space-based targets. Previous to the bomber's development, orbital bombardment was handled by the weapons of the capital starships such as Imperial Star Destroyers. While no one would argue against the lethality of such methods, capital ship bombardments would often result in unwanted colateral damage adjacent to the targets. For more refined attacks, such as when the Empire desired to take a target intact, the surgical precision of the TIE bomber exceled.

The TIE bomber marks one of the few Imperial starfighters to come equipped with an ejection seat. Given that this vessel often operates within planetary atmospheres, a pilot stands a good chance of surviving should he need to eject. The port pod contans two bomb bays that can carry a variety of payloads -- proton bombs, guided missiles, orbital mines, free-falling thermal detonators, for example. Advanced sensors developed by Nordoxicon's Micro Instruments divisions grant the TIE bomber unerring accuracy.

The bomber's greatest drawback is its speed and sluggish handling. It is not a vessel meant for twisting, jinking aerobatic dogfights. While its increased armor affords some protection from enemy fire, Alliance Starfighter Pilots consider these so-called "dupes" easy pickings.


Star Wars: Galaxies
OS Databank

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