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TIE Aggressor
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems

Product line

TIE series[1]


Twin Ion Engine Aggressor starfighter




Not available for sale[1]

Technical specifications
Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,100 km/h[1]



Cargo capacity

75 kg[1]


2 days[1]




Multi-purpose starfighter[1]


Galactic Empire[1]

The TIE Aggressor was a multi-role superiority starfighter-strike fighter.



Like most other TIE series starfighters, the TIE Aggressor sacrificed shields and armor for firepower and maneuverability. It was strong in multipurpose mission profiles, but was more expensive than specialist fighters, like the TIE/In Interceptor or the TIE/sa bomber, and its pilots required more training. As such, the craft saw limited use, and never really left the experimental phase.[1]

A X4 Gunship under attack from a pair of TIE Aggressors.

This ship had a laser cannon turret on the top-back of the craft used to defend the craft from pursuers. With a good gunner, the rear turret could be very accurate and hard to evade, which made attacks from the rear or above very difficult even with all shield power channeled forward. Many TIE Aggressor pilots were trained to skirt the outer edges of a combat zone, letting their gunner take shots at any enemy fighters that were currently engaging Imperial craft. If any enemy fighters attempted to pursue the Aggressor, the pilot would fly away from the combat zone, exposing the pursuing craft to the rear turret, while the Aggressor's wingmate would fall in behind the Rebel fighter. The ship represented a distinct break in typical Imperial Starfighter design philosophy, placing survivability and performance over cost efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Like most Imperial fighters, the Aggressor sported a small profile, making it a difficult target to hit. Its maneuverability suffered however, as what limited space was available was needed to provide additional power for the turret. In addition, as the turret needed extra firing space around the sides of the ship to line up shots, the Aggressor had a distinct shortage of ionization and radiation paneling in comparison to most TIE fighters. Because of this shortage of space, the standard TIE cockpit pod used for the Aggressor was lacking its usual chin-mounted weapon hardpoints, instead utilizing external racks for modular forward-facing laser cannons.


The TIE Aggressor was developed prior to the destruction of the first Death Star as a direct response to a perceived growth in the amount of heavy shipping aligned with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Rebel pilots quickly found that the most effective way of destroying an Aggressor was by using a jousting method of direct frontal attack, or attacking from beneath, though both tactics were reliant on the Aggressor pilot making a mistake to allow the Rebel pilot to get into such a position.

The Aggressor's reactionary style of flight however was a factor in preventing it from seeing further development, as once Rebel pilots had learned not to pursue them, they lost their effectiveness. Rebel pilots generally regarded them as a nuisance that should not be taken lightly, and that the best method of handling them was to just leave them alone. Instead, they relied on the Aggressor pilot to get frustrated and attempt a frontal assault, at which point it could usually be easily destroyed.

Behind the scenes

The TIE Aggressor was created as an Imperial counterpart to the turret-oriented Y-wing for the Jump to Lightspeed expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. They were considered one of the more difficult starfighters to defeat in PvE combat due to the rear turret, but could be easily destroyed by a decent pilot with a frontal attack.

Though not one of the most popular PVP ships due to its low maneuverability, the TIE Aggressor was one of the most versatile ships in the game. It could be very successfully flown with a single player and gun or when utilized with a gunner. As the fourth smallest ship in Jump to Lightspeed, it was difficult to hit, even though it was relatively sluggish, and at ~125k mass, it was able to utilize a dizzying array of diverse ship parts.



Notes and references

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Imperial Pilots can fly this starfighter at TIE Experimental Vessels (Skill). The cannon on the back of the ship, manned by another pilot, can be a nasty surprise to unsuspecting pilots, but can only protect the backside of the ship. However, with practice and teamwork, this can be one of the most effective ships in the game.

TIE Aggressor

TIE Aggressor

Certification TIE Experimental Vessels
Mass ~122k
Role Heavy fighter
Crew Pilot, co-pilot
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x2
Ordnance x1
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 20
Deceleration 30
Yaw Rate 150
Pitch Rate 150
Roll Rate 75
Speed Modifier 0.95
Pictures Official screenshots

Star Wars Lore

The TIE Aggressor is a heavy fighter-bomber multi-role craft that was developed prior to the destruction of the first Death Star and as a direct response to a perceived growth in the amount of heavy shipping aligned with the Rebel Alliance. Its most obvious design feature is an anti-fighter defensive turret mounted on the aft dorsal surface of the fuselage, and a heavier than normal forward-firing laser cannon battery.

The TIE Aggressor is neither fighter nor bomber, but rather something in between. It's a favorite with the more free-spirited pilots of the Imperial fighter cadre who enjoy longer missions away from base where they can be apart from the larger formations normally associated with an Imperial raid on Rebellion re-supply shipping.

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