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TC-54, or Teecee, was a TC-series droid with masculine programming. He was made mostly from scrap metal, though parts of his chassis were from the hulls of other, newer droids. He was fluent in over 300 languages, including Basic, Huttese, Jawaese, and Twi'leki. He possessed blaster functionality, though he could easily be overcome by the least trained of gun-wielders.


Early years (7 ABY - 36 ABY)

His first actual owner was Evon Gane, who bought him in 7 ABY. TC had no specific job with Evon, and basically was hired just to keep him company. They stayed together for many years, and when Evon joined the True Jedi Alliance TC followed him on their voyages.

In 21 ABY TC-54 went with Evon on his mandatory exile. When they crashed into Kashyyyk, the droid was severely damaged, but still functioning. When Kuntugga repaired the ship he also helped fix TC's broken parts.

Later, when Evon and his wife went to fight the invading Yuuzhan Vong, TC stayed with Catherna Jogan-Gane to take care of the departed couple's son, Toven. Evon and Ralka returned once the war was over, and were returned custody of Toven. But their time with him was short-lived, since the leader of the True Jedi Alliance called them to Ossus in 36 ABY. TC-54 and Catherna once again took over caring for Toven, and this time it was permanent, as Evon and Ralka died on Ossus.

Later years (36 ABY - ???)

After Evon's death, TC's ownership was transferred to Toven. When the child grew up and moved out, the droid followed. Soon Toven joined the TJA like his father had, and took TC-54 with him. TC once again took the simple role of acquaintance, and no longer had any real duties. TC stayed in Toven's possession all the way until the Twi'lek's death.

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