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T'Pel was a Starfleet officer through the late 24th to the early 26th century. She was the chief security and tactical officer aboard the USS Pioneer, serving from 2387 until the ship's decommissioning. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))


Early life

T'Pel was born on a small Vulcan science vessel in 2346 the child of Vulcan exobiologist Telok and his Romulan partner Denatra. She was the younger of her two twin brothers S'Ruul and Sloval. The family lived alone mostly due to the controversy that would arise from a Vulcan-Romulan partnership. They travelled unexplored regions of the Alpha Quadrant studying exotic lifeforms on distant worlds. T'Pel was brought up with the mental discipline of a Vulcan however she learned to use her emotional Romulan side in perfect balance with logic being able to seemingly shut one side of her personality out at will.

Her two brothers were also brought up this way however S'Ruul rejected the Vulcan logic and aged eighteen he left the ship to explore on his own. Sloval also had a desire to leave however he continued to embrace Vulcan logic and Romulan emotion. T'Pel regularly recieved messages from Sloval however S'Ruul never contacted her.

During her long childhood in space she learned all she could about the galaxy through the ship's onboard library computer. With a desire to meet new people and to explore even more than she could with her parents she decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy of which she had read so much about.

In 2364 she transferred from her long-time home to the USS Odyssey where she made her first journey to Earth.



Academy years

Though at first overwhelmed by the experience, she soon settled in and found the academic side of things quite easy. Socially however she found it quite difficult to make friends. She did however begin to integrate with the community after achieving the second highest exam score in the entire academy. In late 2366 during the Borg scare the academy was one of the few areas of Earth to be hit by Borg weapons. T'Pel led seventeen cadets out of a burning building and into safety.


In 2367 she was assigned to the USS Zhukov.


She was later transferred to the USS Galaxy in 2373 at the outbreak of the Dominion War. She served aboard the vessel as a tactical officer throughout the entire conflict. During the Battle of Cardassia, the ship's security chief was killed and T'Pel took over at the tactical station. After this she served as the chief tactical officer and chief security officer for the Galaxy until 2379.


She transferred to the Norway-class USS Budapest in 2380.


In 2387 she became chief security officer for the USS Pioneer.

During the 29th century invasion scare she had visions of her brother S'Ruul now controlling the Empty Crown. Even more to her dismay she found Sloval had also rejected logic and was ruling Romulus with S'Ruul. Fortunately T'Pel convinced Sloval to leave the Empty Crown and assist the Federation and Romulan Star Republic in achieving peace.

T'Pel suffered from Chronophobia though she claimed that the amount of times the Pioneer had gone through a temporal shift had cured her fear. This may not be entirely honest as during one of her panic attacks she almost collapsed on the bridge. ("Time's Legacy", "Moebius")

Memorable quotes

"…Is this the β€œmagnificent pink drink” I have heard so much about?"
β€” T'Pel to Captain Maxwell after seeing him drinking a strawberry milkshake. ("Destiny of Freedom")

Service jacket

Awards and commendations

Background information

T'Pel (previous appearance)
  • Most of the information about T'Pel's childhood and time during the Dominion War comes from the flashback episode "Aftermath".
  • In T'Pel's Pioneer images, she was previously portrayed by Carrie Fisher.

"Breakout" episode

Throughout the Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR) series the episode centred around a particular character is known as his or her "breakout" episode. T'Pel's came in "Destiny of Freedom, Part 2" where it was discovered she and S'Ruul were related.

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