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Series: Titan
Author(s): James Swallow
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - October 27, 2009
Pages: 400
ISBN: ISBN 1439109141


Publisher's description

From the back cover
The Starship Titan continues on her outward voyage of discovery. Ranging farther and farther from Federation space, Captain William Riker and the crew look forward to living Starfleet’s mission: seeking out new life, discovering new civilizations.
Striking a “sandbank”—a spatial distortion—the Titan is knocked out of warp, her crew shaken up but uninjured. Titan has stumbled across a battlefield, and floating in it, shattered and in pieces, are the remains of a ship. Searching for survivors, they discover the ship never had a crew. The away team removes the computer core, looking for answers. Once the device is restored, it becomes clear this is not just a computer, but a thinking, reasoning artificial intelligence.
It identifies itself as SecondGen White-Blue, it comes from a civilization composed entirely of sentient computers. Eons ago these artificial intelligences were charged to be the first line of defense against The Null—a destructive force so allconsuming that generation upon generation have waged unending war trying to find a way to beat back this terror. Captain Riker offers to assist them, but years of war have left the AIs distrustful and suspicious, especially of organics.
The tide of the battle is turning, The Null is winning. Set free, it will destroy everything in this system and then, unchecked, spread its mindless destruction into the heart of the Federation.


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  • The working title for this novel was Ascension. [1]


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EverQuest II Tradeskill


Synthesis Image:Icon Missing.gif
Casting Instant
Recast 3.5 seconds
Duration 4.1 seconds
Technique Chemistry
  • Decreases success chance
  • Increases durability

What does this information mean?

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Synthesis is a feature in the series that revolves around customizing items and equipment, combining different types to create a new item altogether. It first appeared in Final Fantasy IX where it is heavily used to acquire certain rare items and equipment.



Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Synthesis (Final Fantasy IX)

Synthesis in Final Fantasy IX refers to the Synthesis Shop (or Synth-Shop), where the player can combine certain items (and gil) to make new items that could not be purchased at the present stage in the game (and with the last shop, at all). Many items can be crafted in a Synth-Shop, but it is most notable for being the best, and early on only, place where Zidane can create his polearm-weapons. The most important Synthesis Shop is the one served by Hades; many rare items can be synthesised there, and it is the only place where a Pumice can be created (apart from defeating Ozma.). There is also a master synthesist in the Black Mage Village that you can return to in Disc 4 to get some of the most powerful weapons and accessories.

Final Fantasy XI

Synthesis is the system used in Final Fantasy XI where a player uses a crystal plus between one or other materials to create another object. Crystals can be, but are not always, obtained in the game when a creature is defeated by a player. Only creatures that will grant the player experience can drop crystals. These crystals, one for each of the 8 elements, can be used opening an item synthesis menu. There are recipes for hundreds of items that can be made.


Each crystal represents a different type of action. In the case of fire crystals, this represent adding heat. When you add heat to distilled water and animal bones you can create gelatin.

Types of Crafting

Each recipe of synthesis falls under a crafting category. Some recipes have a subtype which basically dictate the high quality synthesis rate.

  • Alchemy - The creation of potions and powders.
  • Bonecraft - The creation of items made of bone, like armored harnesses, necklaces, gelatin, etc.
  • Cooking - The creation of food for eating or bait for fishing.
  • Clothcraft - The creation of cloth armor, like robes.
  • Leatherworking - The creation of leather armor.
  • Goldsmithing - The creation of jewelry and armor using precious materials (gold, platnum, silver, and gems).
  • Smithing - The creation of weapons and metal armors.
  • Woodworking - The creation of arrows and furniture.

Each recipe has a difficulty. If the player's skill is below the crafting level for the recipe, he has a greater chance of failing his synthesis attempt. If he fails he will lose the crystal he was using and possibly some or all of the materials used in the synth, for short.

High Quality

If the player has more skill than is required to make the item, he has a greater chance of making a High Quality item. A high quality item is basically just an improved version of the original. In the case of potions or other medicine, this means it will restore more HP, MP and/or whatever other effect it has. In the cases of armor, it usually grants better defense bonus. In the case of weapons it usually makes the weapon slightly faster or increases its damage. Special effects and ability modifiers are also greater on High Quality materials.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Crafting is available at the beginning of Chapter 4. The friendly Yarhi Cu Sith sets up a synthesis shop in the airship Galbana after Tomaj rescues her.

Cu Sith is only able to craft weapons, and she requires the use of three Scavenging materials for each weapon, in addition to the instructions from a Recipe Book. Once a weapon is selected to be crafted and the materials have been supplied, Cu Sith will ask the player three questions. The answers to these questions and the Grade of the supplied materials will determine the statistics of the weapon. Naturally, the higher grade of the Scavenging materials, the higher bonus to various stats. This gives you quite a bit of versatility in weaponry if you know what you are doing.

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