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The Syndicate was a four person stable that formerly existed in the NIWF. The stable formed sometime in June before NIWF Global Warfare. They will more than likely be considered one of the greatest stables ever as they won many titles during their existence.


Birth of the Syndicate

Sometime in June, Tornado Hardcore Television Champion Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny decided to meet up with Terror superstar Tony Newton in forming a tri-brand stable with the mission to win all NIWF Championships. They immediately started to recruit NIWF Provincial Champion Jay Swift and after a few days, Swift agreed to join in. Swift's manager Marina Valdivia, followed Swift into the Syndicate and the stable started to take form at the Global Warfare Pay-Per-View.


Every single member of the Syndicate was involved in a title match at Global Warfare (Destiny being involved in 3). Global Warfare was considered a moderate success for the Syndicate. Swift retained his Provincial Championship while Destiny retained the Tornado TV title and won the Storm Intercontinental title. However, Destiny and Newton were unable to win the Unified Tag Team Championships and Marina fell short of the Women's Championship.


After Global Warfare

The Syndicate would go through some interesting developments after Global Warfare. On the July 1st edition on Terror, Swift, Marina and Newton decimated UFO, Mickey Lance and Kerrie Maddox to end the show. Only five days later, Swift turned on Newton and he, along with the returning Tomas Montgomery, put Newton through a table. Montgomery would replace Newton and Newton would never be seen again. The next night on Tornado, Destiny would lose his TV title to the Hell Demon and would be stripped of the Intercontinental Title by then-Storm GM Nick Dime then took a short leave of absence. Destiny returned on the July 22nd edition of Storm, but Montgomery was on leave due to his wedding. Meanwhile, the Syndicate would pick up impressive victories and Destiny became the first ever Storm Heavyweight Champion on July 22nd, giving the Syndicate huge momentum heading into Wrestle-fest


Wrestle-fest was a decent night for the Syndicate. Montgomery was still on leave so he did not compete at the PPV. However, the rest of the Syndicate was involved in title matches. Successes for the Syndicate included Swift retaining the Provincial Championship and Marina finally winning the Women's Championship. Unfortunately, Destiny would lose his title to Anthony Bloodbath.

Beyond Wrestle-fest and the Peak of the Syndicate

The week after Wrestle-fest brought nothing but good things for the Syndicate. Montgomery returned from vacation, Swift and Marina won a mixed tag team match and Destiny not only regained his Storm Heavyweight Championship but won the Canadian TV Championship as well. At this point, the Syndicate held FOUR TITLES! The next week, all four members won their matches. Montgomery defeated the Wraith, Marina defeated Jamal 5000, Swift retained his title against Tim Timmons and Destiny retained his title against JT Bennington. Everything seemed to be going right for the Syndicate at this point.

Death of the Syndicate

August 17th, 2007 would mark what many will consider to be the fall of the Syndicate. It was just a typical episode of Friday Night Terror with Montgomery defeating the Wraith in a rematch and Swift retaining his title against Jamal 5000. The main event of the show would be Sylvaine Gingras and Emmy Rhimes against Destiny and Marina in a tornado rules tag team match with both the Canadian TV and Women's Titles on the line. During the course of the match, Destiny was arguing with the referee over a count. Marina would then turn on Destiny by hitting him with a So Cal Stinger. Marina would then focus on the match and would proceed to get a pin on Emmy Rhimes at the same time Destiny was pinned by Gingras. As a result, Destiny would lose his title and afterwords, Marina quit the Syndicate. Two days later, Destiny would lose his Storm title to Red Travis. Hours after Storm, Destiny announced he would take a one-week sabbatical and Swift announced he would leave the Syndicate and stay with Marina. With Destiny on leave, and with Marina and Swift leaving, the Syndicate was ultimately declared dead on August 19th, 2007.


Members at the time of disbanding:

Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny (co-founder)

Tomas Montgomery

Former members:

Tony Newton (co-founder)

Marina Valdivia

Jay Swift


Tornado TV Title (1x, held by Destiny)

Storm IC Title (1x, Destiny)

Storm Heavyweight Title (2x, Destiny)

Terror Provincial Championship (1x, Swift)

Terror Women's Championship (1x, Marina)


Destiny held four titles during the Syndicate's run

Swift won the Provincial Championship before the Syndicate and would hold the title throughout the stable's run. He would hold the title until September 1st, 2007 weeks after the breakup of the Syndicate.

Tomas Montgomery and Tony Newton did not win a title while the Syndicate was active.

Swift was the only member of the Syndicate to appear at every single show required. Newton was kicked out, Marina took a week off, Montgomery took a vacation and Destiny missed some time due to personal reasons.

Destiny is the only member to hold two titles on two seperate occasions.

Swift and Marina, who were recruited into the Syndicate, were the first to leave.

Swift and Marina were just friends before the Syndicate but started a relationship during their time in the group.

Nobody ever cared about Tony Newton.

Tomas Montgomery,Jay Swift and Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny are all current or former World Champions. When Marina won the HCW World Championship in January of 2009, every member of the Syndicate other than Tony Newton would become a recognized current or former World Champion

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Syndicate (Luke and Matthew) (Earth-1610)
Real Name
Luke and Matthew (surname unknown)
Current Alias



Alice (sister)





Unusual Features
Conjoined heads

First appearance
Last appearance

Ultimate X-Men #58
(June, 2005)
Ultimate X-Men #98
(January, 2009)



Matthew and Luke first met Charles Xavier when they attempted to rob a bank where Xavier has been banking for nearly twenty years. Xavier was there to inquire why all his assets were suddenly frozen. Apparently his account was under investigation ever since his recent falling out with the Hellfire Club and they were trying seize all his assets. Because of Syndicate's mutants powers, he was able to fry the security systems and easily hold everyone in the bank hostage. Xavier attempted to telepathically force them to give themselves up but was unable to due to Syndicate's interlinked grey matter which made them immune to his telepathy.

In order to get out alive, Xavier concocted a plan with his fellow hostages. Xavier tapped into the recesses of his fellow captives' minds and removed their mental blocks so that they could fight off their captors. After Xavier successfully got his fellow hostages out of the bank, he opted to stay behind. Xavier tried to reason with the boys but when that failed, he used his telepathy to read their minds and found out that Matthew and Luke were only robbing the bank so that they could get enough money to pay for their ailing sister's operation. Xavier threatened to telepathically order their sister Alice, who was at Central Bronx Hospital, to throw herself off the roof to her death. However Syndicate did not believe him since no one was that powerful or that evil, but Xavier boasted that Alice's cancer-ridden brain was quite easy to pick and began commanding her to limp to the stairwell leading to the rooftop. Syndicate finally agreed to give himself up to the authorities, but Xavier had something else in mind.

Xavier telepathically broadcasted an invent scenario where Matthew and Luke were gunned down by the police into the minds of everyone gathered there to give them closure. e offered them a chance at redemption, but not as one of his X-Men, but to become one of his many undercover agents. Syndicate's mission was to get back the assets and funds that the Hellfire club took from him and Xavier offered to pay for their sister's operation if and only if they completed the mission without taking a single life. They are currently in one of Xavier's safehouses in Manhattan awaiting further instructions.

In early shots for Issue 75, Syndicate is seen.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electromagnetic Pulse - Heart pumps out an electromagnetic pulse with each beat.
  • Telepathic Immunity - Interlinked grey matter makes them immune to telepathic control


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This article is about the Cularin-based organization. You may be looking for the Phindar-based organization, the Syndicat.

The Syndicate was a criminal organization that was ran on Cularin by Alina Impeveri, during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. It was based in the Ishkik caverns.


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