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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Grim Tales
Location Taverley
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine A gnarly old man.
Notable features Starts the Grim Tales quest

Sylas is an item collector in Taverley. He starts the members quest Grim Tales. Sylas often repeats what he says in a way that he is reassuring or talking to himself. He seems quite strange and not aware of the world around him.

When the player talks to him, he claims to have beans that are apparently "magical". The player is not impressed and asks what they do and how much they are. Sylas explains how they must be planted in the ground and watered but he will not accept coins for the beans, instead he wants a griffin feather and a helmet from a dwarf named Rupert.

Some items in his collection include the second eye of a mutant two-eyed Cyclops and a hornless Unicorn. He is certain his finds are one of a kind. However, it is possible that the items mentioned above were actually the second eye of a regular Giant and a regular horse respectively (a joke by Jagex referencing the non-existence of horses in RuneScape and the common desire from players for them).



  • Sylas is a Latin name, meaning "of the forest". This is fitting, because Sylas supplies the player with the magical bean used in the quest.
  • Sylas may also be a spin off from the famous fairytale of Jack and the Bean Stalk, hence the magical beans.
  • The phrase "Can't talk! Things to collect, magic beans to plant!" may be a reference to the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

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Old Republic[1]


Sylas was a lieutenant and executive officer of the Black Talon, an Imperial transport ship serving the Sith Empire under Captain Revinal Orzik during the Great Galactic War. Under article 27-A of the Imperial Code of Military Conduct should anything happen to the Black Talon's captain as executive officer command of the Black Talon would automatically be transfered to her with promotion to captain.[1]

Behind the scenes

Sylas was featured in a development diary released by BioWare.[1]


  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (First appearance)

Notes and references

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