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Affiliated with: Sycorax Armada
Place of origin: Fire Trap, JX82 System, Mutter's Spiral
Appearances: DW: The Christmas Invasion
Human Nature (in flashback)
Utopia (in flashback)
The End of Time (cameo)
DWM: The Widows Curse
DWF: The Final Darkness
IDW: Agent Provocateur
Mentioned in: DW: The Shakespeare Code
NSA: Snowglobe 7
Notable Individuals: Fadros Pallujikaa

The Sycorax were a superstitious race of warriors.



The Sycorax were humanoid in basic appearance with red eyes. Sycorax had both an endo- and exoskeleton. This exoskeleton covered part of their head (giving them a skull-like appearance), while the rest of their face was exposed muscle. This exoskeleton could vary in appearance, from a smooth, skull-like shape (DW: The Christmas Invasion) to a more jagged, horned shape. Some Sycorax also had long flowing hair. (DWM: The Widows Curse) Sycorax could live for up to 400 years. (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary)

The Sycorax leader, without his mask. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)


The Sycorax were organised in a Sycorax empire, subdivided into large tribes. At some point in their history, many tribes left in Asteroid Ships to expand the empire, looting other planets. Sycorax had a sense of honour and pride, with some respect for the laws of combat. A Sycorax wouldn't turn down a challenge, but would go against the combat rules to avoid losing if they needs be. Though they have advanced technology such as interstellar space travel and energy whips, they were still a superstitious race who believed in magic and witchcraft. (DW: The Christmas Invasion) All we see in that episode is that they made reference to witchcraft, not that they necessarily believed in it. Sycorax wore skull-helmets to impress their enemies, and red-robes as a sign of leadership. They would take trophies of body parts from conquered races, such as bones, skin or hair, They normally wore belts of Judoon Skin implying they had some sort of conflict with them. (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary)

Their skull masks, ritualised society and voodoo-like use of Blood Control are all highly reminiscent of Faction Paradox, who share those traits and techniques. They may be one of the cultures the Faction 'seeded', such as the Remote (EDA: Interference), or inheritors of one of the caches of Faction technology that were left scattered through time following the fall of the Eleven-Day Empire (FP: Coming to Dust).

Among the Sycorax tribes were the Halvinor Tribe and the Astrophia Tribe. The native language of the Sycorax was Sycoraxic. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)



The Sycorax worshipped the god Astrophia. (DWF: The Final Darkness) Sycorax had many ancient rituals involving the suns and moons. As such, they left a hole in their space-ships for the solar and lunar light to get in. (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary) Some Sycorax worshipped in churches. (DWM: The Widows Curse)

The Sycorax Females. (DWM: The Widows Curse)


The Sycorax used asteroids as spacecraft, which were fitted with an All Speed Inter-System Type K engine to move them. They used teleporters to move Sycorax in and out of the ship. The first of these asteroids was the home-world of the Sycorax, the Fire Trap. More asteroids were added later on by other tribes, creating the Sycorax Armada. They were capable of interstellar flight.

The Sycorax used swords, staffs (which they hung trophies, usually bones or hair) and energy whips, which could destroy all the flesh in someone's body, leaving only burnt bones. During the invasion of Earth, the Halvinor Tribe used blood control. (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary)

A Sycorax in armour with the Doctor (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

They had the capability to translate the languages of other species. (REF: The Time Traveller's Almanac)


At some point in Sycorax history, many tribes left their home region in their asteroid ships to explore space, as well as to conquer and enslave other planets, expanding the empire. (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary)

At Christmas 2006 a Sycorax Asteroid ship inhabited by the Halvinor Tribe entered the solar system in an attempt to enslave humanity and steal their resources. A Human space probe, Guinevere One, crashed into the spaceship near Mars. With a sample of A+ blood from the probe, they would use blood control to force humanity into surrendering. Their leader controlled everyone with the A+ blood type, commanding them to stand on the top of the tallest buildings. Then-Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Harriet Jones, and several UNIT personnel were brought to the Sycorax spaceship where they delivered their ultimatum: half of the world to be sold into slavery or one third kill themselves.

UNIT had no record of the Sycorax ever in their files, suggesting that this was their first encounter with Earth.

The Doctor (who had just regenerated) and his allies Mickey and Rose were inside his TARDIS. The Sycorax picked up a signal from the TARDIS' advanced technology and teleported them to their ship. The Doctor activated the blood control but no humans killed themselves; their survival instincts were too strong. The Sycorax were forced to leave Earth and humanity alone after the Doctor defeated their leader in a sword duel. Although the Sycorax ship was retreating and leaving Earth, Harriet Jones ordered Torchwood to fire at it and had it destroyed outright. The Doctor considered this an act of mass murder. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

The Sycorax used an on-board energy detectors to detect this threat. They realised that they would die and so placed a curse upon Earth. (DWF: The Final Darkness)

In 2010 a Sycorax was seen at a bar where the Doctor came to visit Jack Harkness one last time before his regeneration. (DW: The End of Time)

The Sycorax returned to Earth in the late 21st century with hostile intentions but returned home after a short time. (NSA: Snowglobe 7)

During the 41st century, the Astrophia Tribe died out during the Valhalla wars. The Doctor and Martha Jones encountered a lone survivor of the tribe, a hunter collecting the last members of several extinct species. (IDW: Agent Provocateur)

Legend has it that Sycorax will survive till the end of the Universe along with Humans. (DWF: Sycorax File, IDW: Agent Provocateur)

Other References

  • In 1599, the Sycorax became the inspiration for a character in a William Shakespeare's The Tempest, when the Doctor noted how an animal skull reminded him of that of a Sycorax in Shakespeare's presence. (DW: The Shakespeare Code)
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Sycorax was a planet near United Federation of Planets space. On Stardate 7004.1, the USS Enterprise traveled to this world to evaluate Paragon Colony's application for membership to the United Federation of Planets. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1)

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Sycorax was a female witch that died many years before the Battle of Yavin. She clamed that she had the power to revive the dead. Then the people of Necropolis killed her only son and challenged her to revive him. After that action, she traveled across the world of Necropolis and warned the people not to disturb the dead, and then she died.

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Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead (Mentioned only)

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