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Syal Antilles Fel
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31 BBY

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"I will be with you soon enough. Nothing will keep us apart".
"You have my word as well as my heart.
Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles Fel

Syal Antilles Fel was the real name of Wynssa Starflare, a famous actress, and the sister of Rebel Alliance hero, Wedge Antilles.



Syal worked with her parents and younger brother Wedge on a re-fueling station though the life was evidently unsuitable for her; at the age of 17 she ran away from home. After leaving the Corellian Sector, she adopted the stage name, Wynssa, and became a famous Imperial actress, starring in several successful holodramas. One actor to co-star with her in several of these holodramas, Garik Loran, would later become a Wraith Squadron pilot alongside Syal's brother, Wedge.

Syal marries Soontir Fel.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin in 1 ABY, Syal married Soontir Fel, remaining with him throughout his entire career and beyond. When Soontir defected to the Rebellion, Syal went into hiding for fear that the Empire would take action against her. Soontir asked her brother, Wedge Antilles, for help in finding her. Three members of Rogue Squadron, Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian and Plourr Ilo were sent to her native planet, Corellia, where Fel's family were hoped to have news of her. While there, the Rogues met two CorSec agents, Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri, who would later become a member of Rogue Squadron, and a New Republic Intelligence agent, respectively. However, Syal had vanished and it was some time before she was reunited with her husband

She joined him in his exile on Csilla in Chiss territory, in the harsh and dangerous Unknown Regions. Soontir and Syal raised a family there, eventually giving birth to six children, all of them born after their move to the Empire of the Hand. Two of them, Davin and Cherith, were killed in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Another son, Chak Fel, became a commander in the Empire of the Hand’s starfleet, but by the time of the Swarm War he had also perished. Jagged Fel, perhaps the most successful of the Fel children, became a military leader in the Empire of the Hand, the Chiss Ascendancy, and later the Imperial Remnant. The Fels also had two other younger children, Wynssa and Cem, their shadow child.

After Syal and Soontir (who had defected back to the Empire), disappeared from known space, Syal's fate remained unknown to her brother, Wedge, for many years. The whereabouts of the Fel family was not made known until 25 ABY during the Yuuzhan Vong War when their son, Jag, appeared in the New Republic as a Colonel from the Chiss military, who happened to be aiding the Imperial Remnant at the time. It was not until this point that Wedge knew that his sister, Syal, still happened to be alive.

Syal and her husband.

Behind the scenes

Syal's brother, Wedge Antilles, named his eldest daughter Syal Antilles after her. At the time he didn't know if his sister was still alive or not.

Syal's youngest daughter Wynssa is named after her holodrama stagename Wynssa Starflare.


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