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The Sword of Kings.
"This is the sword. The Nethicite destroyer."

The Sword of Kings (覇王の剣 [はおうのつるぎ], Ha-Ou no Tsurugi) is a sword in Final Fantasy XII. The sword belonged to the Dynast King Raithwall and has the power to cut Nethicite.


Given to King Raithwall centuries ago by the Occuria, the Sword of Kings was given to him so that he may cut off Nethicite from the Sun-Cryst. He traveled to the Pharos at Ridorana and cut three shards off. After uniting all of Ivalice with the Nethicite's power, he gave the Sword of Kings to the Gran Kiltias at the time, to keep it safe. The Gran Kiltias did so, by sealing it in the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Seven centuries later, Princess Ashe came to Mt. Bur-Omisace, looking for a power that can counter Nethicite. Gran Kiltias Anastasis told her of the Sword of Kings, and where it was sealed. The party travel to the shrine, and find the sword.

Upon reaching the Sun-Cryst with the Treaty Blade, her own sword from the Occuria, Ashe had to decide whether or not to destroy the Sun-Cryst or use its power to defeat the Empire. She ultimately decides to destroy it. However, before she can, Reddas takes the Sword of Kings from her and destroys the Sun-Cryst. Reddas is killed in the explosion, and it can be assumed the Sword of Kings was destroyed along with him.

Equipment Stats

The Sword of Kings is a two-handed Greatsword with an Attack power of 30 and an Evade of 30. It requires no License to equip. Stat-wise, it is identical to the Treaty Blade. Please note that despite being able to cut through nethicite, it is a fairly weak weapon, lacking in the ability to do much damage.


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