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Sword Dance used by Exdeath in Dissidia.

Sword Dance (ソードダンス Sōdo Dansu), also known as Blade Dance, is a recurring ability from the Final Fantasy series. It is usually a powerful physical attack, and has been usable by both the party and enemies.




Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Sword Dance is a Band ability formed by combining Edward's Bardsong with Cecil's Attack command. It does physical damage to enemies.

Final Fantasy V

Sword Dance is one of four commands that may be used when the Dance command is used. It attacks a single enemy with four times the strength of a normal attack.

Final Fantasy VI

Blade Dance is an attack exclusive to Gilgamesh. It causes physical damage to three random targets.

Final Fantasy X-2

Sword Dance is an attack usable by Full Throttle, Paine's special Dressphere. It does high physical damage to the enemy party twice.

Final Fantasy XII

Sword Dance is an attack exclusive to Vinuskar. It does physical damage to all targets in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Blade Dance is an ability usable by Penelo when she is equipped with a blade-type weapon. It does damage to an enemy twice.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Sword Dance is a Brave attack usable by Exdeath. It is a simple physical attack with his sword, and hits between one and four times depending on if the attack is used as a normal attack or a counter-attack, and if Exdeath is in EX Mode.

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