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Sword Arts are Adelbert Steiner's special techniques from Final Fantasy IX. Many names of these skills were taken from various Job class abilities from Final Fantasy Tactics.


Name Equipment AP MP Description
Darkside Blood Sword 30 0 Sacrifices 12.5 % of max HP to deliver an attack 40% stronger, which ignores Protect status, to one enemy (damage increases as his Spirit stat goes up).
Power Break Diamond Sword 40 8 Reduces enemy's Strength by 25%.
Magic Break Flame Tongue 25 4 Reduces enemy's Magic Power by 25%.
Mental Break Icebrand, Gold Helm 45 8 Halves enemy's Magic Defense.
Armor Break Mithril Sword 30 4 Halves enemy's physical Defense.
Minus Strike Iron Sword, Rubber Helm, Excalibur II 35 8 Deals damage equal to difference between Steiner's current and max HP to one enemy.
Iai Strike Rune Blade 40 16 Causes instant death to an enemy if successful.
Thunder Slash Defender, Ragnarok 30 24 Deals Lightning-elemental damage equal to 19% of its Max HP, but misses almost every time because of a glitch.
Charge! Coral Sword 30 10 Causes all allies with Critical status to attack an enemy.
Stock Break Ultima Sword, Excalibur II 35 26 Deals an attack 50% stronger than normal to all enemies (damage increases as his Spirit stat goes up).
Climhazzard Excalibur, Excalibur II 70 32 Deals a non-elemental magic attack against all enemies, twice as strong as a normal attack (damage increases as his Spirit stat goes up).
Shock Ragnarok, Excalibur II 60 46 Delivers an attack to one enemy thrice as strong as a normal attack (damage increases as his Spirit stat goes up).



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