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Sweet Surprise was a smuggling vessel, aboard which Plaan was first mate, that plied its trade during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. It was a blocky-shaped craft that measured a kilometer in length. In 27 ABY, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo were intent on rendezvousing with the Errant Venture at Nova Station near Carida. When the Venture failed to show, the two instead ran into Plaan. There they learned that the Weequay had left his post on Tholatin and had taken on a special assignment to Coruscant.

Trusting their instincts, they warned Wedge Antilles and General Rieekan of their suspicions. When the Surprise attempted to slip into Coruscant's passenger lanes, Gavin Darklighter and Rogue Squadron intercepted it.

The vessel was found to be smuggling deadly voxyn onto Coruscant in an attempt to hunt down and kill the Jedi leadership. The plan was thwarted by the Solos and Colonel Darklighter and the Surprise was successfully boarded and captured. The vessel would later be thoroughly inspected by Cheklev as part of the Jedi healer Cilghal's efforts to discern the location of origination for the voxyn.


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