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The Swarm (Planet of the Dead) is a title based on conjecture, using information from canon.
Discussion of this title may be placed on The Swarm (Planet of the Dead): talk page.
For the virus see The Swarm (The Invisible Enemy).
The Swarm
Appearance / Type: Flying stingray-like aliens
Also known as: Alien stingrays
Appearances: DW: Planet of the Dead

The Swarm were creatures that fed on everything on a planet and could travel with wormholes to new planets. They were also named "alien stingrays" by UNIT due to superficial resemblance to the stingrays that live in Earth's seas.


The Swarm were ray-like creatures, with a wide head, a long tail and fins down their side. They were the size of a small car, but were still capable of flight at speeds of at least 300 miles per hour. They were extreme omnivores, capable of eating meat, plants, rock or metal. Any metal they ate would be extruded into their exoskeleton, making them bullet proof (though not immune to explosives). The Swarm would go into hibernation when cold.

The Swarm could travel from planet to planet by use of wormholes. After eating everything on the planet, the whole swarm would start to circle the planet. The sheer mass and speed of billions of individuals would rip open the fabric of space, creating the wormhole. Their metal exoskeleton would allow them to survive the passage. (DW: Planet of the Dead)

The Swarm in motion.


Circa 2010, the Swarm opened a wormhole to the planet San Helios, where they ate everything within a year, leaving only barren deserts. They then began making a second wormhole with which to leave the planet. When a Tritovore ship came to the planet to trade, several individuals were trapped within the ship, causing the ship to crash. These individuals were put into hibernation by the cold.

The wormhole eventually opened up into Earth, accidentally pulling the 200 to San Helios. Though they saw the Swarm from a distance, they were unable to identify what they were without the help of the Tritovore's probe. Later, when Christina de Souza went to retrieve the crystal nucleus from the Tritovore ship, her body heat raised the temperature just enough to revive the hibernating individuals, after which they tore through the ship and devoured the two Tritovore occupants. The Doctor was able to return the 200 just before the Swarm made it to the wormhole and Malcolm Taylor managed to close the wormhole after them. However, three individuals made it through. Conventional firearms were useless against them, but UNIT's mounted missile launchers proved more effective. The ones trapped on San Helios could easily make another worm hole, but the Doctor stated he will attempt to guide all their wormholes onto uninhabited planets, where they could feed on natural structures. (DW: Planet of the Dead)

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The CDS Swarm was a Cardassian Gul Vystan-class cruiser starship of the Cardassian Union's Central Command in the 24th century. The Swarm was in active service around the year 2377. (TNG video game: Armada II)

No history or fate is established for this vessel as its designation was randomly selected for a cruiser by the game software.
Gul Vystan-class cruiser starships
Emblem of the Cardassian Union. AeriAldingBadingBorrDinnbildDiripDistleifEylimiFjotraFrafnirFreigFuraGalfrekGifnhildGinmarGintildGrakiHamidHjodvorHjottarHlotildHroaHuldingImsarirIthjorgKoldaringLostliNarriNirknarNodOrgiSaeringSarSarkmaerSarmarSkjardSlorirSorolfSotiSottirSlurnskarSvidiSvirdSvodingSwarmThoningVariVarmir Emblem of the Cardassian Union.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

File:Bfish scape .PNG The RuneScape feature in this page/section no longer exists due to an update by Jagex.
A swarm.



The swarm is a discontinued RuneScape random event. It used to randomly attack a player, and the player could not attack it back. It hit for either one or two points of damage, however its attack level was very low, so it rarely hit even the weakest of players. Thus, the swarm was mostly just a nuisance for most players.

All a player needed to do to escape it was to do is walk or run away for a short distance, and then the swarm would stop attacking. Make a note that even in a single combat zone, the swarm will attack the player, and make the monster that the player was fighting oblivious to the player.

The swarms still exist and follow players around, but they will not attack the players. These are found in Karamja Jungle.


This random event was in fact attackable with its release, the only problem was that it had an incredibly high Defence and only a few 1's and 2's were able to pierce through. It also had an amazing amount of Hitpoints and healed faster than normal. Ring of Recoil used to be able to work against it, but this no longer happens. If the player had a familiar out in a multi combat area, it would attack the swarm, although it would only rarely be able to deal any damage. As of the 25/02/09 Random event update the swarm has been moved to Musa Point, east of the banana trees on Karamja. Although it is no longer aggressive, it will follow any player who walks past.


  • The item 'Insect repellent', located in a house at Catherby, will not work on the Swarm.
  • If a swarm occurred underwater, the examine text would be "A swarm of vicious plankton!" instead of the usual "A swarm of vicious insects!"
  • The swarm was very hard to see with low detail. In 2007, barely anybody noticed it attacking a player.
  • Swarms used to be attackable, which before it retired, it was not.
  • The new examine text for a swarm when examined on Musa Point is "Insects buzzing around", while when it popped up as a random event the text was "A swarm of vicious insects!". This may be due to the fact it no longer attacks players.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

This article is about the cloudlike evil mass. For issue #9 of the G2 comic, see Swarm (comic issue).
This is why you shouldn't eat Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Swarm is a cloudlike black mass, accidentally created by a misuse of the form of Transformer reproduction called budding, under the direction of the Liege Maximo and the Cybertronian Empire. Though very different from Transformers on the surface, its genetic material and cellular structure are identical to the Transformers, betraying its origin. It seeks out and destroys life, literally "eating" mechanical (but not, apparently, organic) living beings, in a fairly horrific fashion. The Swarm is hollow and blindly hungry for the soul/power/mission of Primus that it lacks, and so is drawn specifically to Transformers, though it will eat other forms of life in its blind attempts to complete itself.


Marvel Comics continuity

Optimus Prime fed both himself and the Matrix to the Swarm, filling it with Primus's vision, and hence turning it into a force for creation rather than mindless destruction. In an attempt to make amends, it recreated Prime in a new body, before departing. A Rage in Heaven! This, however, is after the Swarm killed many worlds and many other Transformers. Great work, guys.

3H comics continuity

The Vok told Primal Prime that they were "tempered by the darkness of the Swarm" and "forged in the purity of the Matrix". Primeval Dawn This isn't very clear, as things go.

(Extra-canonical comments from the Beast Wars creators suggested that the Swarm eventually evolved into the alien race known as the Vok. The details of this were discussed but never formally decided upon and did not make it into the show. The 3H fan club material was intended to solidify this connection, but does not go into very specific detail.)

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Swarming is the process of rapidly Summoning monsters to your side of the field in an attempt to overwhelm your opponent. "Double Summon", "Ultimate Offering", "Cyber Dragon", "The Tricky", and "Gilasaurus" are examples of cards with swarm capabilities. The Six Samurai Archetype is designed to swarm the field to gain power and effects.

Anti-Swarm refers to cards that help to counteract Swarming. "Mirror Force", "Lightning Vortex" and "Torrential Tribute" are considered Anti-Swarm cards. Ultimate Tyranno can aid in defeating weak swarm monsters on the field, since it has a "Continuous" ability which allows it to attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. However, provided that the swarm monsters are strong enough, "Covering Fire" can land anti-swarm monsters into a near-disadvantage.

Sometimes swarming can lead to overextending.

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