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Swamplurk Queen
variations: Mirelurk
Mirelurk Hunter
Mirelurk King
Swamplurk Queen
Catfish Mirelurk
location: Point Lookout
base id: xx00a56c

Swamplurk Queens (simply called Swamplurk in-game) are a variation of Capital Wasteland's Mirelurk Kings that inhabits the swamps of Point Lookout. Like the Mirelurk Kings, they are mutated from snapping turtles native to local rivers. Unlike Mirelurk Kings, the Swamplurk Queen spits acid from its mouth, similar to a Centaur. This acid is not radioactive, however it is highly damaging.



SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 9 PE, 7 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK 20 600† {{{XP}}} 200 60 (claws) 100 (radioactive spit)‡
† Torso shots only do 2/3rds of the normal damage.
‡ Cannot be used if their head is crippled.

Unlike Swamplurks, Swamp Ghouls, and Ruzka, who are all identical to their Capital Wasteland counterparts except for coloration, Swamplurk Queens are significantly stronger than Mirelurk Kings. They have almost twice as much health as a Mirelurk King; combined with their partial damage resistance, this makes them almost as tough as a Giant Ant Queen if shot in the torso. They can still be brought down reasonably well with headshots. They also do significantly more damage with their attacks and have greater strength, perception, and endurance.


  • Although their G.E.C.K. ID designates them as "Swamplurk Queens" in the game they are called Swamplurks.
  • Besides doing more damage, their acid is also smaller, faster, and harder to notice because it blends with the coloration of Point Lookout.


Swamplurk Queens appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


  • You can pickpocket Swamplurk Queens, however they have nothing in their inventory and you get negative karma for doing so.

Behind the scenes

Swamplurk Queens are nearly identical in appearance to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, even more so than their Mirelurk King counterparts due to their coloration.

The Swamplurk Queens are very similar to the Swamplurks and Mirelurks, but their blood is colored red instead of off-beige/white.

Point Lookout (add-on)
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