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Swamp tar can be found in Lumbridge Swamp and Mort Myre Swamp (just north of the swamp boat). It cannot be bought from Charter Ship employees, however you may purchase swamp paste from the charter ship shops. After starting the Lunar Diplomacy quest, you can also take swamp tar from barrels in the ship. There are four barrel respawns downstairs. A barrel contains one to twelve swamp tars. Cave slimes also drop swamp tar. Swamp Tar can be a good money-maker too.




Making Money

Swamp tar can be an easy way to earn money fairly quickly. Since it stacks, you do not have to bother being close to a bank. Probably the easiest place to collect swamp tar is in the swamps outside of Lumbridge because there are many available and you rarely have competition. If you work in a circular pattern clicking the red dots on the mini map rather than waiting on respawn, you can easily collect 1k swamp tars in an hour and 40 minutes, maybe quicker if you use an explorer ring or energy potion. 1k swamp tar will bring 133K at the GE. It is best to kill cave slimes as they drop 1 - 6 swamp tar as a 100% drop, but they are extremely poisonous (the poison hits 3s and lasts a long time), and will always poison unless you use antipoison, and require level 17 slayer to kill. An alternative for higher leveled players would be to kill Warped tortoises and/or Warped terrorbirds, but this requires a crystal chime and a slayer level of 56, as well as having reached a certain point in the Path of Glouphrie quest.

Swamp Paste

When mixed with flour and then heated on a range, it becomes swamp paste, a sticky item used in the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) and The Fishing Trawler. It also plays a role in several quests. Note that swamp paste can be purchased far more cheaply from stores or the Grand Exchange.

Herb Paste

Swamp tar is used in the Hunter skill as bait ingredient while catching salamanders. The bait ingredient requires herb paste which is made by using a pestle and mortar on a Guam, marrentill, tarromin or harralander. Using the herb paste with 15 swamp tars produces Guam tar (19 herblore, 30exp), Marrentill tar (31 herblore, 42.5exp), Tarromin tar (39 herblore, 55exp) or Harralander tar (44 herblore, 72.5exp). The herb tar making gives Herblore experience. Some make the tar to gain Herblore experience without spending any money, although there are faster, more expensive methods. These mixes of herbs and swamp tar are used as ammunition when a salamander is wielded as a weapon.

Lamp Oil

Swamp tar can also be distilled into Lamp oil using either the still in the Rimmington Chemistry shop or the still at Miltog's lamp stall in the Dorgesh-Kaan marketplace. Note that a still will not load the Lamp oil into any container except an empty Oil lamp, Oil lantern, or Bullseye lantern.


Swamp tar is involved with several quests.

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