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"I picked out a nice crawler for us. Pretty handy on this misbegotten, mudball planet."

The swamp crawler, also known as the mudmauler, was a wheeled personnel and cargo transport in Imperial service on Mimban around 2 ABY.

The swamp crawler was commonly used on remote outposts, where Imperial troops and officers expected to encounter rough terrain. The crawler featured a unique central wheel, which allowed its drivers to turn the vehicle almost immediately, in response to the terrain. The crawler was split into three segments, with the two drivers' seats before the controls, and a rear-facing blaster cannon on the end segment. Two more seats were fixed to the middle of the vehicle, which ran on six large wheels.

Though the vehicle was labeled as an all-terrain crawler, it occasionally had trouble negotiating the swamps of Mimban. When an old Force-sensitive called Halla agreed to help Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa track down the Kaiburr crystal, she located a swamp crawler to overcome the planet's swampy terrain. They blasted out of its Imperial garage and into the Mimban swamps, looking for the Temple of Pomojema. However, the deep swamps proved too much for the crawler, which began sinking. Halla thought she had found a safe path through the bog, but it turned out to be a prone wandrella. Before Halla could turn the vehicle around, the creature clamped its deadly fangs into it, sending its riders flying.

Sometime later, after having evaded the wandrella, Halla and the others located another swamp crawler, and used it to reach the Temple. Though Darth Vader intercepted them, Luke and Leia were able to retrieve the crystal and escape in the crawler with Halla.



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