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Artist: The Flying Lizards

Album: Top Ten

Appears On (Mixes): Past The Barber and Gymnasium

Song Notes: This is from The Flying Lizards' third album Top Ten. Top Ten was a collection of 10 covers in a similar style to the previous chart successes of their covers of "Money (That's What I Want)" and "Summertime Blues", though much more mechanical in sound. Where "Money (That's What I Want)" and "Summertime Blues" had a loose and kitchen-sink type sound, Top Ten was much more sparse and metronomic. As such, it isn't as engaging as the other two Flying Lizards albums, but it's fun to pull out once in a while, and it's perfect for mixes (not to mention, it seems to have spawned a whole genre, considering most stuff I've heard from bands like Chicks On Speed seems to sound like a rip-off of Top Ten only minus the humor, talent and irony). I think the liners for this album are a particularly apt explanation for it:

these songs are dedicated to mälzel, inventor of the metronome, 
the motto is 'rhythm is not arithmetic' and the interpretation is not innocent


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Dr Who

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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 2000s
Appearances: DW: The Stolen Earth
Actor: Andrea Harris

Suzanne was a UNIT operative working for the American division of UNIT. She was shocked when the Earth was moved into the Medusa Cascade, and was the first in UNIT New York City Base to see the sky filled with planets. When the Daleks attacked attacking the base, she tried to escape but was the first one of the UNIT personnel to be exterminated. (DW: The Stolen Earth)

Suzanne being exterminated

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Suzanne Callis
Suzanne Callis
Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
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Episode count
Centric episode(s)

Suzanne Callis
Also known as
Date of birth
Date of death
Florida, USA
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Kevin Callis - Son
3 other sons
Kate Austen - Daughter-in-law
Kate's mother-in-law

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Suzanne Callis appeared in flashback as the mother of Kevin Callis, Kate's husband, in "I Do".

She appreciated "Monica's" devotion to Kevin, and gave Kate a beautiful locket, which Kate later returned to Kevin's hand when she drugged and left him. Kate commented that "mother-in-laws aren't supposed to be so nice!" She also mentioned that she has four sons.

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