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Rise of the Empire era[2]

"We want no trouble here."
―Suu, to the clone troopers.

Suu was a pink-skinned female Twi'lek who lived on the planet Saleucami during the Clone Wars. She was married to Cut Lawquane, a former Republic clone trooper and together they had two children named Jekk and Shaeeah. During a battle on Saleucami, four Republic troopers brought their wounded officer, clone trooper captain CC-7567, nicknamed "Rex" to Suu and Cut's farmhouse. While the wounded clone captain was left behind to heal, the farm became under attack by several BX-series droid commandos who came from a downed escape pod laying in Suu's garden. All of the droids were destroyed by Lawquane and Rex, but the homestead was partially damaged during the fight. The next day, Rex left the barn and he promised Suu not to tell the Republic about the whereabouts of her deserted husband.




Life on Saleucami

Jesse: "Easy with that weapon, ma'am. We're here as friends."
Suu: "State your business."
Hardcase: "Our captain has been hurt. We need…"
Suu: "I'm no doctor. So just…"
Jesse: "We have a medic, ma'am. We just need a place to tend him over night."
Suu: "There are some benches out back in the barn. It's the best I can do."
—Suu, talking to several clone troopers.

Around 22 BBY,[2] Suu lived on Saleucami,[1] a dim and arid Techno Union world.[3] She was married to Cut Lawquane, a former Republic clone trooper who was now a farmer and together they owned a small farm of their own on the wetlands of Saleucami. Lawquane became the adoptive father of Suu's two children, the four-year-old boy Jekk and the five-year-old girl Shaeeah.[1][4]

Suu, armed with a blaster rifle, "welcomed" the clone troopers.

After the escape of General Grievous, the Supreme Commander of the Separatist Army,[5] several Republic soldiers, who were in pursuit of the general, brought their wounded captain, named Rex to a farm nearby which was owned by Suu and Lawquane. After the clones had arrived, Suu opened the front door and pointed a blaster rifle at them, thinking that they were trespassers. She asked the troopers what they wanted. Jesse, one of the clone troopers explained her that they were not looking for trouble, but that they needed a place to tend their injured comrade. Suu agreed to help and she let them stay in the farm. Suu brought some food to the troopers and told them that her husband was away at the moment, because he was delivering the first harvest of the season. Suu gave the food and left the troops alone. Rex placed Jesse in command of the group and ordered the clones to continue the search for Grievous without him.[1]

Attack on the homestead

Suu: "Excuse me. If there is not enough."
Jesse: "That's plenty. Thank you…"
Suu: "Suu."
—Suu introducing herself to the clones, after have given them some food.
Suu and her family

The farmer Lawquane attacked Rex while the latter was sleeping. The men were shocked to see that they were both clones. After their "meeting", Suu and her children entered the room and invited Rex to join dinner with them. While having a meal of roast nuna, the two clones discussed their heritage and individuality. The men continued the debate over a game of dejarik, while Suu and her kids listened. Suu's children, having finished their chores asked their father if they could play outside. He allowed it and Jekk and Shaeeah went outside to go play hide-and-seek in the fields. Suddenly, Jekk spotted a crashed escape pod. He and his sister walked entered the pod, when Shaeeah accidentally flipped a switch causing the pod to power up and activate its deadly cargo of 20 Separatist commando droids. Terrified, the children ran back to the homestead. Suu immediately asked them what happened. After hearing their explanation, Lawquane picked up a pair of macrobinoculars and checked the area around the house.[1][4]

Lawquane spotted the commandos in the fields and quickly shut off all lights, while he told Suu to take the kids upstairs. The clone barricaded the doors and armed themselves with blasters. Eventually, all of the commandos were destroyed by both men, but the farm needed to be repaired after the damage it had sustained. The next morning, Rex packed his gear on an eopie and prepared to leave the barn. Suu asked him if he planned to tell the Republic about the whereabouts of her husband, since Lawquane was a deserter. Rex told her that his injuries might prevent him from stating an accurate report of his mission. Lawquane thanked him for his discretion and for his help on defending the homestead.[1]

Personality and traits

Suu was a brave woman, capable of defending the farm and her children in case her husband was away. Suu had some experience with weapons, which she demonstrated when she used a blaster rifle to confront the clone troopers, believing that they were intruders. Suu was ready to fight for her family and she trusted and listened to her husband Lawquane.[1]

Behind the scenes

Suu made her first and only appearance as a minor role in the tenth episode of Season Two, "The Deserter," which aired on January 1, 2010.[4] She was voiced by Canadian voice actor Cara Pifko, which marked her first appearance in The Clone Wars TV series.[6] Like most Twi'leks in The Clone Wars, she was also given a French accent.[7][1]


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "The Deserter" (First appearance)


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