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Susan Jean Core was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. A relaxed and fun loving person, she was nevertheless a capable and skilled officer. In 2373 she requested a transfer to become the First Officer of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Susan Core was born in 2340 in the city of New Orleans, Earth. Her father was a career Starfleet officer and her mother a civilian. Not wishing for her to grow up on a starship lightyears away from Earth her parents agreed to have Susan stay with her mother on Earth.

Core was an attention seeker and loved being the centre of attention. She sort enjoyment in any form and was a hand full for her mother as she grew up, especially when she started dating. ("No Rest for the Wicked") Despite her somewhat uncontrollable behaviour she had always had the ambition to follow in her father's footsteps and join Starfleet. So much so that she actually tried to join when she was sixteen by falsifying records of her age but her real age was found out and Starfleet Academy deferred her place until she was eighteen as she displayed all the abilities and attributes to be a Starfleet officer.

Starfleet Academy

Finally in 2358, Core got what she had waited two years for and became a Starfleet cadet. She had difficulty adjusting to the more disciplined environment of Starfleet and came close to not completing her course at the Academy. She pushed the limits of the rules at the Academy and it got to the stage where she was given an ultimatum - shape up or ship out. Her father played a significant role on getting her back on track and keeping her in the academy. ("Into the Fire", "Waiting for the Sun")

She still pushed the envelop with what was acceptable but she managed to find a way to balance out her mischievous activities with her studies. She graduated with average marks but still managed to get a position onboard of one of the few Galaxy-class starships, the original Galaxy-class ship, the USS Galaxy.

Starfleet service

On the Galaxy Core was assigned to operations and by the end of 2366 she had risen to the rank of lieutenant. Then events led to her leaving the Galaxy. A Borg cube attempted to make its way to Earth to assimilate the Federation capital. Starfleet rallied a fleet a Wolf 359 to met the cube and Core's father was in that fleet. He had recently been commissioned captain and was placed in temporary command of the newly commissioned Nebula-class, USS Melbourne. The Melbourne and thirty-nine other starships engaged the Borg in the Battle of Wolf 359. The battle was a disaster for Starfleet with nearly the entire fleet destroyed, including the Melbourne. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Starfleet Command soon notified Lieutenant Core after the immediate Borg threat was over. The captain of the Galaxy released a shuttle, which carried several crew members whose family were killed or missing in the battle. Core spent several months on Earth and joined the grim task of retrieving bodies from the Wolf 359 graveyard. Her father’s body was never found.

In 2367, Core joined the crew of the recently commissioned USS Bonestell. Here she meet and eventually became friends with the then Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Masters. They formed a friendship that would last for years to come. ("Vengeance")

IN 2369, Core was promoted to first officer of the Bonestell replacing Masters who was reassigned. Her promotion was influenced by a positive recommendation from Masters to Captain Jeong Kyu-Seon. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

In 2373, she requested and was granted a transfer to be the First Officer on the USS Swiftfire-A, under the command of Jonathan Masters. ("Vengeance")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

Core was in the Sol system when the Swiftfire was hastily commissioned to hunt for the rogue USS Fury due to routine maintenance to the Bonestell. Her transfer was activated immediately and she was on the Swiftfire as it left for the Federation-Klingon border. ("Vengeance")

After the Swiftfire-A returned to duty following extensive repairs following the Fury mission she was concerned that the captain was not connecting enough with his new crew and helped to foster a closer relationship between the crew and their captain. ("Deployment")

During the retreat from the Guyra system she was forced to take command when the captain was overcome with grief following what appeared to be the death of his father. She had to threaten to get the chief medical officer to officially relieve Captain Masters when he would not stand down. ("Over the Horizon")

While on leave from the Swiftfire in mid-2374 Core returned to her home in New Orleans. During that time she visited Captain Masters and joined him for several drinks at the Outback Pub. Several days later she had dinner with Nikki Whitechapel at Sisko's Creole Kitchen, which she was surprised to find out had a connection to Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

While travelling to met up with Starfleet Task Force 59 the Swiftfire became trapped in a temporal causality loop. When the loop was reset Captain Masters would wake due to a call from the bridge from Core asking him if he was going to turn up. During several of the iterations Core remained on the bridge of the Swiftfire to oversee the evacuation of the ship when its warp cores destabilised. During the last loop Core remained on the bridge as the security teams and Starfleet Marines took care of the Jem'Hadar. She retained no memory of any of the previous loops once the ship broke free. ("Q, Time and Again")

She next took command when the captain was on assignment off the Swiftfire-A during the hunt for the pirate group, the Rough Necks. She was unaware that the captain had infiltrated the group and that on one occasion they met in combat. While see did not mind the extra responsibility of command she was not fond of the extra paperwork. ("A Rough Time")

Not long after this she was again forced to take command when the captain was seriously injured. While trapped behind enemy lines and hiding in the Tong Beak Nebula she made the tough command decision to make a run for Federation territory in an effort to save Captain Masters' life after his condition took a turn for the worse. ("Change in Command")

After Captain Masters was captured by the Vendoth in the Badlands Core once again took command of the ship. She launched an attack on the Pri'tak after the vessel started an orbital bombardment on forces from the Swiftfire deployed on the surface of a planet. ("The True")

Following the First Battle of Chin'toka Captain Masters left the ship to attend Jadzia Dax's funeral on Deep Space 9 leaving her in command. During this time the Swiftfire found the damaged starliner, Fairstar that was ferrying refugees from the front. Core ordered engineering teams to the vessel to attempt to repair the ship's warp drive. However, the ship was discovered by a Jem'Hadar attack force and despite the efforts of Task Force 59 the ship was destroyed. Thankfully all the civilians had already been safely transferred off the ship. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Captain Masters again took a trip off the Swiftfire leaving her in command. This time it was almost a permanent change when the captain was reported killed and Admiral Jennifer Douglas released the ship's command codes to her. Thanks to some detective work by the crew they managed to discover all was not as it seemed. During its investigations the Swiftfire and the USS Annan entered a stand off. Core was unwilling to back down as she believed the Annan was hiding the truth from her. In the end Masters was returned to the ship alive. and she gladly yielded the captain's chair back to Masters. ("Section 214C", "Crossfire")

Core would frequent the ship's Room of the Dead where the casualty reports from the war were displayed. When she visited she made sure she looked through the makeshift memorial the the crew had created in the room. ("Always on My Mind")

During the ship's mission to Echla Core was dispatched in the Lucky to contact Starfleet Command for clarification of their mission. All she managed to get was to continue on with the mission but she did discover that Starfleet Intelligence has involved. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

When the Battle of Sol occurred in 2376 Core was still the First officer on the Swiftfire. During the battle she took command of the vessel after Captain Masters was beamed to the Vendoth command ship by rebel Vendoth. ("United We Stand")

Possible futures

During an orb experience Masters saw two visions that included Core from some point in the future. The first was Core comforting over the coffin of a dead friend and the other was of Core, now a captain, trying to convince Masters to not take a course of action she considered to be wrong. ("Into the Fire")


Core has proven to be a popular member of the crew because of her easy going attitude and fun nature. She has offered help or been asked for help by several crew members in creating or helping with their relationships.

Core gave advice to Maxine Benton when Benton came to her asking for advice about pursuing a romantic relationship with Captain Masters. ("The Front")

After discovering that Ensign Frank Cole was interested in Ensign Autumn Bailey she organised for Cole to have a shift with her. She also roped in the officer on duty to get him to arrange for the two to work one-on-one during the shift. ("Regression")

She spoke to Rachel Daley on at least one occasion about Daley and Masters getting their act together and making their relationship official. ("Section 214C")

Core was still single in early-2375, when asked why she stated it was because she was not looking for a serious relationship at that point. When Rachel Daley commented that she did not seem the type that liked to be tied down, she replied that she in fact did not mind been tied down every now and again. ("Section 214C")


Jonathan Masters

Her friendship with Masters is the most important one on the Swiftfire. The two officers met each other at a trying time in each of their lives. At first neither officer like the other but eventually they formed a extremely strong friendship despite the short time they served together. Following the destruction of the USS Swiftfire she attempted to get into contact with Masters. ("Vengenace", "Deployment", "No Rest for the Wicked")

After the mission to stop the USS Fury Core visited Masters with a bottle of alcohol that she got by trading it for a date on the holodeck. Her visit was just so that Masters had someone there after losing an old friend. ("Vengeance")

On the Swiftfire-A Susan is Masters' closest confidante. She had great faith in him and tries to help him in any way she can. Her light-heartedness and fun personality is often in contrast to Masters more serious nature. Her general advice for him is that getting love slaves would fix their problems. ("No Rest for the Wicked", "Always on My Mind")

While drinking with Masters at the Outback Pub Core called their initial relationship back on the USS Bonestell "messed up" and that she regretted some of the things that occurred. Masters agreed noting that their old relationship was not a healthy one but they had moved on to a better and more stable relationship. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Her loyalty and friendship with Masters drove her to make the decision for the Swiftfire to make its run from the Tong Beak Nebula back to Federation territory after his health took a turn for the worse. After he received medical attention at Starbase 129 she visited him to check how he was doing. The appreciation and pride Masters expressed in her actions during the mission touched her deeply. ("Change in Command")

If there was one thing about Masters that annoyed Core it was his behaviour when it came to his personal safety and his tendency to take too many risks. She thought that he had to be more responsible due to his rank and role as captain of a starship and that he should not run off half-cocked as often. ("Deployment", "The True")

She was fuming after she had to find out from Rear Admiral Jennifer Douglas that Masters had left the Swiftfire. ("Section 214C")

Core was devastated in 2375 after Masters was falsely reported killed in a shuttle accident. To discover the truth she was willing to go against a superior officer and risk a firefight with another Starfleet vessel. ("Crossfire")


Susan has two younger siblings, a brother named Austin and a sister named Emily, with Emily been the youngest. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

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