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The Surprise Exam Random Event.

Surprise Exam is a random event that was released in Game Improvements, 17 July 2007[1]. The Mysterious Old Man teleports players into the classroom, which has its own music track, called School's Out. The reason the event is called "Surprise Exam" and the music is called "School's Out" is that the random event was released at the start of the summer holidays (based in England). When it was released, Jagex described the random event with the quote: "Just when you thought school was out...SURPRISE! It's an exam for you!"


What comes next?
A "select three" question.

Question types

The player must answer three questions from Mr. Mordaut, a red dragon who is the "teacher" in the "classroom" of several non-attackable monsters. Each of the questions are randomly from one of two types.

In the first type of question, players are presented with a set of three items, and they must choose a fourth item that fits in with the theme of the other three.

In the second type, fifteen random items and a clue are given to the player, and he or she must choose exactly three items that fit the clue. If players answer questions incorrectly six times, they will be teleported to a different location upon leaving the room.

After answering three questions correctly, Mr. Mordaut will tell the player to leave through one of the four doors throughout the classroom. If the player attempts to exit through a wrong door, he or she will be prompted to "ask for directions". If the player chooses the correct door, they will be teleported to the location they were at prior to receiving the event.


Players are then given a Random event gift as a reward upon returning to their location prior to the event. However, players may only possess one gift at a time; if a player already has a gift in their inventory, 500 coins are given instead.

List of creatures in the classroom

  • Mr. Mordaut the dragon teacher.
  • The giant in the classroom is named Andre, as revealed in Postbag from the Hedge 30[2]. This is possibly a reference to André the Giant, a professional wrestler.
  • A goblin appearing to be a girl. On the right side of Andre.
  • A goblin in front of the girl goblin.
  • A zombie is in front of Andre.
  • A mummy sits next to zombie. Her examine text: If mummy is at school where are the kids?
  • An imp walks around the table behind Mr. Mordaut. He has a Dunce cap on his head and he has been made the class clown. If you examine the imp's desk, it says "No point crying over spilt ink", probably the reason why he is in the corner. The desk's examine is a play on words on the expression "No use crying over spilled milk."


Music tracks unlocked:


Rune scimitar colored, other than black and white.
  • The tune unlocked during this random event may be named after the Alice Cooper song of the same name.
  • For some reason, the icon that marks your answer in the clue-type question uses the old multi-combat sign instead of the new one.
  • This is the only random event to give the Book of knowledge.
  • There is a glitch when a player is doing the "Select Three"(and the "which comes next") question with one of the options being a rune scimitar, and the rune scimitar is its normal colour rather than black and white. This seems to also apply to the pick axe which is a steel pick with a brown wodden handle.
  • The random event's former location can be seen using the Orb of Oculus.
  • The random event's location, seen using the Orb of Oculus.



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