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Surok Magis
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - What Lies Below, While Guthix sleeps (Minor role)
Location Varrock Palace Library, White Knight's Castle prison (After While Guthix sleeps)
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine (F2P & before starting What lies below) A Very Powerful Wizard. (After What lies below) Leader of the Dagon'hai order.
Notable features New leader of the Dagon'hai.
A detailed image of Surok Magis.

Surok Magis is the head of the Dagon'hai order. He is currently attempting to gain control of Varrock, a plot that is exposed during the What Lies Below quest and The Hunt for Surok miniquest. He also is revealed to be Dark Squall in the While Guthix Sleeps quest, and the player attempts to impersonate him to deceive Lucien, although it turns out to be unsuccessful.



Surok Magis is quite possibly the successor of his father, who led the Dagon'hai after the discovery of the Tunnel of Chaos and exile from Varrock.

Surok eventually returned to the Tunnel of Chaos years later with his followers after almost all knowledge of their organisation faded. He then turned his attention to the plan that had been foiled years earlier at the discovery of the tunnel which was to create a reincarnation of Zamorak's will.

He came to the Varrock library where he met Rat Burgiss, the leader of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard (Surok was unaware of this fact at the time). He sends an adventurer to give a Letter to Surok. After destroying it, he uses the adventurer to gain materials required for the ceremony.


What Lies Below

Main article: What Lies Below

Surok gives an adventurer Sin'keth's diary and a wand and sends him/her to infuse it at the Chaos altar. After giving the Infused wand to Surok, Rat reveals that he is a member of the Palace Guard, and that Surok is actually trying to take over Misthalin in order to fulfil the will of his deceased father.

The adventurer asks help from Zaff (another member of the Palace Guard), who gives him/her the Beacon Ring to take down Surok.

Using the Infused wand, Surok takes control of King Roald's mind and orders him to kill the adventurer. When the king is almost dying, the adventurer activates the Beacon Ring to bring Zaff to the library, where Zaff uses a spell to counter Surok's mind control spell, disabling Surok's magic and imprisoning him in the library.

The Hunt for Surok (miniquest)

Main article: Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok
Surok killing a Fire giant during the miniquest.

In this miniquest, Surok somehow escapes his imprisonment in the Varrock Library and flees to the Tunnel of Chaos where he is confronted by an adventurer. In a desperate attempt to escape, Surok uses the tunnel to flee into the Chaos Tunnels where the majority of the Dagon'hai organisation resides. He is chased down by the adventurer, and ultimately summons a tremendous ork called Bork to kill the adventurer. Upon seeing Bork being defeated, he teleports to an unknown location.

While Guthix Sleeps

Main article: While Guthix Sleeps

Surok Magis is a minor antagonist during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. Surok Magis is revealed to be the long-debated Dark Squall character. During the quest, an adventurer spies on him and obtains his clothes (the Dagon'hai robes), which he/she uses to impersonate him, but ultimately fails leading the player to a disastrous encounter with Lucien. Surok is ultimately captured by the end of the quest and is currently imprisoned in the White Knights Castle.


Of all the luck!
Do you really wish to die so readily? Are you prepared to face your death?
  • Chant uttered to control King Roald:
Annoch Narh Hin Dei!
  • Verse used to summon an attack spell at Zaff in his attempt to escape:
Mirra din naamus!!
These petty distractions are an annoyance. Feel the power of Zamorak!
  • After revealing himself as the Dark Squall, in While Guthix Sleeps:
Remember me now, <player name>?


  • Surok was previously visible to free-players in the Varrock Palace library, until Jagex removed him from free servers on 18 August.He was put back on free player servers, though, wearing dirty gray wizard robes and hat.
  • If Free players had completed What lies below but not started the Hunt for Surok miniquest, they could see Surok near the Saradomin Statue and start the miniquest(but the wouldn't be able to complete the miniquest, because they can't enter the tunnel)

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