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Supreme Federation Wrestling
Federation Name Supreme Federation Wrestling (SFW)
Shows SFW Underground
SFW Carnage
PPVs Bi-Monthly
Time open 2004 to present
Owner The Dragon
Corp. Members The Dragon "Reborn",Mr.SFW Steel, & Val Alcan
Based in United States of America
Federation type Free Thinking E-Fed
Website SFW

Supreme Federation Wrestling (SFW) is an E-Fed using the revolutionary Free Thinking System. the members have the power to request matches, decide who wins and who looses, and decide their own storylines. Bigger decisions such as Title Shots/Outcomes and conflict resolution and day to day runnings are decided by The Corporation. The Corp is a ruling body of 3 Members: Bause, Dragon, and Someone yet to be named. SFW was started in 2004 under the name LFW. it was switched to a community of two brands, LFW and TEW, then went to LFTEW in the brand combine, and was later re-named SFW, which is what it is known as today and is currently located in the forums of


The Corp

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a Typical SFW Weekly Match Card
A Screenshot of a SFW Match


SFW Takes place on a Web Forum, and the cards are posted each week, usually on Monday or Tuesday. Each month, a Pay Per View happens. The trick is that Wrestlers post segments of their matches in succession throughout the week. They have a two day window in order to do this. You have a limit of 5 posts (excluding Entrances) and a Maximum of 10 posts (excluding entrances) in which to post your match. This is done to aeleviate some of the stress and workload of having to write a match each week, putting too much work for match-writers and keeping newer members interested. Members post promos when necessary to furthur their storylines.


Free-Thinking System

SFW uses the Free-Thinking System, invented by Adam - AKA The Dragon. This can sometimes cause confusion with some newer members who have experience in other e-feds. To avoid confusion, this is what the Free Thinking System entails:

  • Wrestlers design their own Gimmicks/Characters
  • (In the event someone is filling this role, The Corp will suggest a different idea)
  • Wrestlers decide their own storyline
  • Wrestlers Decide who wins and loses each week, including PPVs, but barring Title Shots

The Corp Decides the winners in:

  • #1 Contender Matches
  • Title Matches
  • Disputes over the winning



On Mike Shalik's Likuid Online Community (LOC), the Likuid Federation of Wrestling (LFW) was born. It was originally concieved by The Game who thought it would add an aspect to the forum. Takerfan182, Taker_2004, Bigman_JC, and TheGame2112 each made up their own characters, and started to roughly have matches against each other. This caught on with other members of the small forum, and the popularity spread. The roster expanded to accept members like Hawkwind, TakerCenaOrtonFan, Barrett, and TheGreek, and The Game asked Shalik to create a section dedicated to this E-Fed wrestling.

The Style was unique however, something that none of the other members had tried before. Everyone enjoyed it, and there were few problems. As the forum expanded, more members joined, and the popularity grew further. It was here that some major changes were made to how the Federation was run.

The first ever champion of the LFW was crowned in the first tournament, as Deadman would defeat Taker_2004 in the final leg. Both The Game and Millenian would soon take part in one of the first feuds. A Tag-Team championship was also introduced, and was soon captured.

Late in the tenure of the E-Fed, The Game would create the Brute Championship, which was immediately up for grabs in a tournament (Won by Millenian), with the final match taking place in a ladders and cage match. As well, The Corporation was formed by three close friends, TheGame2112, Taker_2004, and Bigman_JC, better known as BigGame2004. They took charge of the Federation and helped it run as smoothly as possible, while trying to entice more people to join. Slowly but surely, it grew. Alliances were formed, like The Deadman, The Greek, and Millenian, The Angels (Taker and Bigman), the Soldiers of Fortune (Millenian and Game), and 6:9 (Bigman and Vixi). In one year, the foundation for the future was set.


On June 24'th, 2005, LOC was closed unexpectedly, but the creator managed to notify everyone involved on the forum of the newer version. In case of a mishap, LD Barrett founded the federation True Edge Wrestling (TEW). The members did make the jump, and there was a maximum of at least two cards made. When the newer forum was made, better known as the SES Forums, the members made the jump again. Barrett, however, was upset after all the work he put into the forum, and it was not to be used. The Game decided that it would be beneficial if LFW and TEW were joined together in the same Fed, but have separate rosters. This created the popular LFTEW Brand.

Through the year, the two brands were in full swing, with the rosters evenly divided. The Brute Championship was made LFW exclusive, while the United States Championship was TEW Exclusive. Another championship was created for competition between both brands which was named the Galaxy Championship. As the federation progressed, it became apparent that things were not going to work with such a split.

At the LFTEW's second Pay-Per-View, the critically acclaimed 'Unholy Clash', the brands would unite. The Game, GM of LFW, faced off twice that night, once against TEW GM LD Barrett, and TEW World Heavyweight Champion Sean Hawkwind. Both were unification matches. The Game would lose both, due to his heavy alcoholism at the time. The Brute and United States Championships were joined, creating the poorly named United States Brute Force Championship. The LFTEW was united however, and things progressed much more smoothly than before, considering there was such a limited roster at the time.

With the move to SES Forums came a plethora of new talent. The Knockaround Boyz, Night Wolf, The Anarch, The Truth, Christian, The Reaper, Steel, and Victor Von Braun all joined and were immediately fantastic talents.

Half to two thirds through the year, a lot of change would happen. The Game would travel to Japan for two months. Panzer, the first German wrestler, and first wrestler killed, would be introduced. Sean Hawkwind and The Franchise would start their first few matches that would lead to a blood feud. Night Wolf would hold the Tag-Team Championship himself for nearly 6 months. The SFW Hall of Fame was opened. Takerfan182, Bigman_JC, and Taker_2004 would all retire. The infamous Sting Machine debuted. A massive amount of factions were made with the first letter 'R' - Revolution, Revelation, Resolution, and Ressurection. The LFTEW was at an all-time high, and what many would consider to be the best days in the company's history.




in 2007, Sescoops Federation Wrestling realised one simple fact: The SFW was becoming stagnant on the SES network, and we needed a place to grow and prosper.

A new destination was named: WrestleZone. The forum owner was happy to have us, and the SFW roster was all for it, so on (date to be added), the newly re-named Supreme Federation Wrestling made it's debut on the WrestleZone forums to a warm and inviting reaction

Also, with the move to WZ, SFW instituted a Training Camp. this allows the Corp to weed out non-serious people so that no time is wasted on them if they just post and run. it also helps new members get in the swing of things and improve before being sent up to the main roster, making the overall product better. it has been a huge success, graduating a total of 9 members. Some more notable names, like JD Bause and Ghost, soon became worthless...oh wait...they already were.

Recently, SFW moved again and found a new home at the Online World of Wrestling forums. There, the training camp was also a huge success and it has brought many new members to the roster.

After months on the OWWForums, the Federation expanded rapidly, adding a lot of new members that would help shape the fourth generation. Christopher Powell, Wes "Sparky" Cooper, Harlequin, Skar, Val Alcan, and Charles Forde. At the first OWW PPV, those names were established. Some massive feuds were started, noticably Val Alcan vs. Charles Forde, the culmination of Steel vs. Dragon at City of Kings. The PPV following City of Kings, Exodus, One of the most well known factions in the history of the federation was revealed, The Supremacy.

Built up of Valentine Alcan, Ghost, and New World Heavyweight Champion Steel, the faction debuted after months of Viral Marketing. The threesome would terrorize the SFW and helped establish all three members.


In the fourth year of the Federation, there were a ton of new events. Lance Castor and Damon Wolfe would start one of the most brutal feuds ever seen, and at SFW's Vendetta PPV, the first Champions Hell Match would debut. In a low note, some corruption in the federation was exposed, and the corrupt people were dealt with accordingly.

In Early March, the Training Camp grew exponentially. The concept of the Head Trainer was created, and The Dragon was given the title. After applying many changes to the Training Camp for the better, like launching a Reclamation Project, updating the trainers, and making it easy for Trainers to work. He handed the reigns over to Lance Castor, who is currently the Head Trainer.

In April, the concept of having an SFW Wide Royal Rumble style match would create a ton of excitement. At the For Your Life PPV on April 29'th, the match was won by Skar, who would achieve his first championship.

In late June, at the end of the Never Surrender PPV, World Heavyweight Champion Steel was stripped of his championship after The Supremacy beat down Steel's opponent, Lance Castor. This would send shockwaves through the federation as it would be the first time that particular championship would be stripped. Steel would later get his chance at redemption by facing Lance Castor yet again at the Lethal Lasceration PPV in July in a UDC match. Steel would barely win the match, and effectively ended Bause's career as liason. Bause got his revenge however, and gave his Lucky #4's championship shot to Ghost, who turned on his stablemate and decimated the new Champion, nearly killing him.

A revival of the Tag-Team Division was in full force in late August, featuring the Gold Label Society, the Commonwealth, and the upstart team of The Dragon and 'The Executioner' Lance Castor.

In August, a large changeup occured surrounding the Management. Steel was removed from the Corporation and put into a Booker position. Chris Powell quit the Corp. Wes 'Sparky' Cooper and JD Bause were then named to the corp. In late August however, Wes would have to resign from his position by choice.


Pay Per Views are traditionally held the last full week of the month, though have been know to be the last week if the current month's days outnumber the following month's

The Poster for SFW: For Your Life
One Night of Glory
No Remorse
For Your Life
Never Surrender - June
Lethal Laceration - July
Final Face-off
Unholy Clash
Maximum Impact
City of Kings

Pay-Per-Views schedule (as of 11/9/2008) are as followed:

One Night of Glory
No Remorse
For Your Life
Lethal Lasceration
City of Kings

The Big Four

The four biggest Pay-Per-Views for the company are:

No Remorse
For Your Life
City of Kings
One Night of Glory

The updated list (as of 11/9/2008) of the four biggest Pay-Per-Views for the company are:

Lethal Lasceration
For Your Life
City of Kings
One Night of Glory

Tournaments and Specialty Matches

PPV Match Name Type Prize
For Your Life SFW Survival Match Royal Rumble Wins you #1 contendership or a vacant title
City of Kings Lucky Fours Match Fatal-Four Way Match Wins you a Guaranteed Title Shot for any title within one year (See below)
One Night of Glory Kings Crown Tournament Tournament Wins you the right to face the Champion in the Main Event that Night
Lethal Lasceration Ultimate Death Cage Caged Match Wins you the World Heavyweight Championship

City of Kings

City of Kings takes place each year. it is billed as the Flagship Event of the company. In 2008, it will be the Fourth year it is held. Some of the most famous matches have taken place at this event. In 2007, the event was held in an outdoor arena. Commonly, a Press Conference takes place the previous week, much like the NFL Superbowl.

The Lucky Fours match takes place at City of Kings. This is a four-way elimination match for a title shot for any singles title the company has to offer. In most cases, Whoever makes a successful pin recieves a title shot against the World Heavyweight Championship that lasts one year. The wrestler being pinned recieves a title shot at either the Galaxy Championship or Brute Championship. The two wrestlers not involved in the decision recieve a title shot at the Tag-Team Championships. While this might seem easy, only the best and most deserving are entered into the match.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Event
SFW World Championship Ghost Defeated Steel Lethal Laceration
SFW Tag Team Championships N/A Dropped by Elemental Force 4/29/08
SFW Galaxy Championship Val Alcan Franchise and Charles Forde Vendetta
SFW United States Brute Force Championship Ty Patterson Defeated Skar Never Surrender

Hall of Fame

  • Class of 2005: The Dragon & Millenian
  • Class of 2006: The Exorcist & LD Barrett
  • Class of 2007: N/A
  • Class of 2008: ???

Current Roster


Tag Team Roster





  • Tanya MacLeod - The Dragon
  • Candice "Candy" Neil - Charles Forde
  • Justin Nolan - Charles Forde (Lawyer)
  • Shermonica Day - Damon Wolfe
  • Damien Zachary - Skar
  • Gatorade Spokesman - Harlequin
  • Gerald Drewman - Valentine

Training Camp

Currently Empty


  • Muscular
  • Khufu
  • Stu Nami
  • Jacky Generic
  • Nicky Mason
  • Bob Doblina
  • Corey Quinn


  • Ring Announcer - Joe Atlas
  • Referee - Jingi
  • Interviewer - Anthony Adams
  • Interviewer - Brooke Barrett
  • SFW Commissioner - Mitch Matthews
  • Cameraman - Marc Klose


External Links

  • OWW Forums -

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