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The following are Support Runes:

Name Words Subclass Dmg. Type Voc Prem Spell Price Mana to Make Lvl to Make Rune Price SP ML to Use Charges Effect
Chameleon Image:Chameleon.gif adevo ina Support Druids no 1300 600 27 210 2 4 1 Turns you into an item. The effect lasts for 200 seconds (3 minutes, 20 seconds).
Desintegrate Image:Desintegrate.gif adito tera Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. yes 900 200 21 80 3 4 3 Destroys movable objects.
Destroy Field Image:Destroy Field.gif adito grav Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. no 700 120 17 45 2 3 3 Destroys fire, poison and energy fields, from any distance as long there's nothing blocking the path.
Magic Wall Image:Magic Wall.gif adevo grav tera Support Sorcerers yes 2100 750 32 350 5 9 3 Makes an indestructible wall.
Paralyze Image:Paralyze.gif adana ani Support Druids yes 1900 1400 54 700 3 18 1 Paralyzes target. Any healing on this target will cancel the spell.
Wild Growth Image:Wild Growth.gif adevo grav vita Support Elder Druids yes 2000 600 27 320 5 8 2 Creates a rune that can only be used by druids to cast a tree when used. It can only be used by druids with level 27 and magic level 8 or higher.

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