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Support Abilities of Final Fantasy V can be mastered and used outside of their normal job. The Freelancer and Mime classes gain most mastered traits. Traits that are automatic for a job are referred to as specialties.

Ability List

Ability Description
ABP Up Gain more ABP from battles (GBA only)
Artful Dodger Speed increases
Barehand Increases physical attack power fighting barehand
Berserk Characters are always in Berserk
Caution Prevents Back Attacks
Counter Characters counterattack when hit physically
Cover Characters protect allies who are low on HP
Dual Wield Characters can equip a weapon in each hand
Equip Armor Allows characters to equip heavy armor
Equip Axes Allows characters to equip axes
Equip Bows Allows characters to equip bows
Equip Harps Allows characters to equip harps
Equip Katanas Allows characters to equip katana
Equip Ribbons Allows characters to equip ribbons
Equip Rods Allows characters to equip rods
Equip Shields Allows characters to equip shields
Equip Spears Allows characters to equip spears
Equip Swords Allows characters to equip swords
Equip Whips Allows characters to equip whips
Exp Up Increases EXP gained (GBA only)
Find Passages Allows the player to view secret passages
Find Pits The party is warned whenever they are about to step on a fake floor
First Attack Increases the chance of a Preemptive Attack
HP + 10% Increases maximum HP by 10%
HP + 20% Increases maximum HP by 20%
HP + 30% Increases maximum HP by 30%
Learning Allows characters to learn Blue Magic
Light Step Characters can walk across lava without getting hurt
Long Range Attack from back row with no penalty (GBA only)
Lure More random battles (GBA only)
Magic Shell Automatically casts Shell when HP is low (Does not use MP)
MP + 10% Increases maximum MP by 10%
MP + 30% Increases maximum MP by 30%
Pharmacology Effects of recovery items doubles
Read Ahead Less random battles (GBA only)
Shirahadori Allows characters to avoid physical attacks easier
Sprint The party runs faster
Two Hands Allows characters to equip a weapon using two hands
Undead Undead Status (GBA only)


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