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Support Abilities in Final Fantasy Tactics are learned via Job Points. Each character can only equip one support ability. Support abilities usually only let a character equip things that their current job doesn't allow, but they also provide abilities that can protect them in certain circumstances, as well as provide some stat boosts.

Support Ability List

Name Description JP Cost Job
Equip Axes Equip axe regardless of job. 170 Squire and special jobs that replace it
Beastmaster Target friendly monster within a range of 3 acquires new abilities. 200
Defend Defend and prepare for attack. Select act command, Defend. 50
JP Boost Amount of JP earned in battle is increased. 200
Throw Item Be able to throw items and expand range, even if not a Chemist. 350 Chemist
Safeguard Equipped items are immune to break techniques. 250
Reequip Change equipment even in battle. Select act command, Reequip. 0
Equip Heavy Armor Equip armor regardless of Job. 500 Knight
Equip Shields Equip shield regardless of Job. 250
Equip Swords Equip sword regardless of Job. 400
Equip Crossbows Equip crossbow regardless of job. 350 Archer
Concentration Cannot evade your attacks. If enemy is in targeted panel, attack is sure to succeed. 400
Arcane Defense Magic attack damage is lessened. 400 White Mage
Arcane Offense Can cause great damage with magic attack. 400 Black Mage
Barehanded Gain the bare-handed fighting strength of a Monk. 200 Monk
Poach If you beat a monster, you can take it to a fur shop. 200 Thief
Defense Boost Physical attack damage is lessened. 400 Mystic
Short Charge CT is shortened. 800 Time Mage
Attack Boost Can cause great damage with physical attack. 400 Geomancer
Equip Polearms Equip spear regardless of Job. 400 Dragoon
Equip Guns Equip gun regardless of Job. 750 Orator
Tame When enemy becomes terminal, force them into becoming allies. 450
Beast Tongue Speak with monsters and use Speechcraft even if not an Orator. 100
Halve MP MP used when casting magic is half. 900 Summoner
Equip Katana Equip Katana regardless of Job. 400 Samurai
Doublehand Hold weapon in both hands raising destructive power. 900
Dual Wield Use a weapon in each hand even if not a Ninja. 900 Ninja
EXP Boost Spirit is heightened. Gain more Exp. from the same experiences. 350 Arithmetician
HP Boost Raises max HP by 20% 2000 Dark Knight
Vehemence Lowers defense, raises attack 400

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