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Synopsis for "Last Stand"

Powered by the life force energes of various heroes that journeyed with them to confront the Manhunter Highmaster, Superman and Hal Jordan continue onward through a minefield of energy orbs until they reach the planet where the other Guardians and Zamarons were spending their "honeymoon" on. The two heroes find themselves separated, with Superman trapped underground plowing through it in circles and Hal with his power ring now drained of its energy and facing the Highmaster alone. Hal manages to contact the Guardians and Zamarons who were concentrating their abilities on keeping themselves unseen, but that only enables the Highmaster to blast them once they appear. As Superman finds his way out of the underground trap and zap the Highmaster with heat vision to turn him from yellow to red, the Guardians give Hal's power ring a recharge and immediately he creates with its energy an explosive charge that destroys the Manhunter. The Guardians inform the heroes that once the Highmaster is destroyed, the rest of the Manhunters will go on "suicide overload".


  • This issue is a "Millennium" Week Six tie-in issue.
  • Most of the other characters that are present during this issue appear as life-force energy only harnessed inside the bodies of Superman and Green Lantern.


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Millennium Crossover

The events from this issue are related to Millennium, a 1988 crossover event spanning through all DC Titles, in which the Guardians of the Universe left and Earth was put in danger by the robotic Manhunter Cult.
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