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Image:Quote1.png You talk a good death scene, Metallo - but so far, its still just talk! Image:Quote2.png
-- Superman

Appearing in "Heart of Stone"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Pearl (Lex Luthor's secretary) (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Heart of Stone"

Three months ago, Superman learned that he was an alien from the planet known as Krypton. His foster father, Jonathan Kent, had hidden Superman's birth-matrix/rocket ship in a secret area of the farm, but it has since been stolen. Superman has been searching for the ship ever since.

His trail leads him to a laboratory complex where he finds the body of a dead scientist. Inside the complex are comprehensive computer schematics of Superman. Although Superman doesn't yet realize it, this lab is where the cyborg Metallo was created. Metallo's body had been ruined in a car accident, and the scientist transplanted his brain into a powerful robot body powered by an element he calls Kryptonite. Superman picks up the entire lab and flings it into a safe orbit in outer space.

Later, he joins with Lois Lane in his secret identity as Clark Kent. The two go jogging together until Lois hears a disturbance coming from a nearby bank. Investigating the incident, they find that a large white-haired man calling himself, Metallo, is wreaking havoc. Clark dashes off to change into Superman and faces Metallo. Metallo overpowers Superman and nearly kills him thanks to the Kryptonite heart in his chest.

Miles away, Lex Luthor is monitoring the event and notices that Metallo may actually succeed in killing Superman – a feat reserved only for Lex Luthor. Luthor sends out a hovercraft, which abducts Metallo just as he is ready to finish Superman off.


  • All characters made their last chronological appearances in the Man of Steel limited series.
  • This issue establishes that Superman is twenty-eight years old as of this publishing date.
  • This issue establishes that it has been three months since Superman first learned of his Kryptonian heritage.
  • 1st Post-Crisis appearance of Green Kryptonite. It is important to note that the scientist who created Metallo is responsible for coining the phrase, "Kryptonite".
  • 1st appearance of Pearl, Lex Luthor's secretary. She appears next in Action Comics #595.


  • Prior to this issue, the only one of Superman's classic villains that he has canonically encountered was Lex Luthor. In the revised history, the only super-powered adversaries that Superman has faced were foes he encountered while assisting the Justice League of America. The remainder of his rogues gallery make their first Post-Crisis appearances throughout the course of this series.
  • This comic book features advertisements for the following products:
—M&M chocolate candy
—DC Comics - Superman relaunch: Superman #1, Adventures of Superman #424, and Action Comics #585.
—Lazer Tag home game system
—Westfield Company - comic book subscription service
—DC Comics - Legends crossover comic books: Justice League of America #258, Firestorm #55 and Secret Origins #9
—DC Comics - The Demon limited series comic book

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