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Superman (Earth-31)
Real Name



Kryptonian; American

United States government operative


First appearance

Countdown: Arena #1
(February, 2008)



In the dimensional reality known as Earth-31, Superman is one of Earth's premier champions who has been active for some time. His specific background is as yet unrevealed. It is known that unlike the Superman of New Earth, this version of Superman works directly for the United States Government as a member of the President's strike force rather than as an independent hero. It is during one of these missions for the President that he is abducted from his source Earth.

As this Superman recognizes Wonder Woman at the Monarch's arena, it is suggested that other superpowered being parallel to those of New Earth also exist on Earth-31, though at present no others have been shown. It is also observed that he is extremely anti-communist, actually talking down his Soviet counterpart from Earth-30. Though the conflict between the Supermen are often peacefully defused by the more clearheaded Superman of Earth-16, Christopher Kent.

Super USA Superman talking down his Earth-30 Russian-raised counterpart (Countdown Arena 1, page 28)

Deciding that Monarch is too dangerous a threat to allow to remain unchecked, the Earth-31 Superman decides to rally the assembled superpowered beings to directly confront the Monarch rather than comply with the selection process. However, Monarch prove himself too powerful for all the combined heroes and villains, including the Supermen, to fight against. When Breach was able to escape to the Multiverse in order to recruit the other Captain Atom counterparts against Monarch, the Supermen provided a distraction for Monarch from noticing Breach's absence.

Eventually, Superman was forced to battle his counterparts. After Superman and his Soviet counterpart were knocked out from absorbing the amount of radiation after breaching the walls of the Arena, Christopher saves them and plans with the Supermen into allowing himself to combat Monarch by distracting him long enough for Christopher to be strong enough to defeat Monarch. Following the death of Christopher and the arrival of the Captain Atom Brigade, Earth-31 Superman was given the transporter rig by Breach who had managed to free himself from Monarch's control, and uses it to free Monarch's surviving prisoners, and escape, but not before carving his signature "S" emblem on Monarch's prison with his heat vision to spite the villain.


  • Writer Keith Champagne has stated that the Superman of Earth-31 featured in Countdown: Arena is the Superman that appeared in Frank Miller's critically acclaimed series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. [1]
  • The President of Earth-31 shares some traits with the real-world Ronald Reagan, as is suggested from the reference of the unseen President asking if Superman would like a reward of jelly beans.

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