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Superior Salvage Kit
Image:Superior Salvage Kit.jpg
Superior Salvage Kit
Item details
Cost: 2 Platinum
Image:Recharge.png Uses: 100



The Superior Salvage Kit is identical in function to the Expert Salvage Kit, the only difference being that the Superior kit has 100 uses, versus the Expert version's 25 uses.





It is sold by all Merchants in the following regions:


It can be obtained from the following collectors:


It can be obtained from the following collectors:

How To Use

Double-click the Superior Salvage Kit icon, then click the item you wish to salvage. If the item is ranked above white in rarity (except greens), a menu will appear with any salvageable items avaliable from the item being salvaged, as well as an option for crafting materials. Salvaged weapon upgrades or runes will then appear in the first open slot in your inventory. Common or rare crafting materials will be stacked with like crafting materials (if you already have them in your inventory), up to 250 units at which time a new stack is created in the first open inventory slot. If no free slot is available, the item will not be salvaged and you will see a notification message. Also, there is a chance that the item being salvaged will survive the action, allowing you to salvage additional items from it. The chance is based on your ranks in the titles Treasure Hunter and Wisdom.

Comparative value

Superior and Expert Salvage Kits perform the same function, with the differences being the cost and number of uses.

When purchasing kits from merchants, the Expert kit is a better value. A Superior kit has a price per salvage of 20 Gold (2 Platinum / 100 uses), while an Expert kit has a price per salvage of only 16 Gold (400 Gold / 25 uses).

When trading with collectors, the Superior kit is a much better value. One collector item is equivalent to 20 uses of a Superior kit (100 uses / 5 items), more than double the 8.3 uses one item will get you on an Expert kit (25 uses / 3 items).

See Also

  • For more information on the act of salvaging, see Salvage.
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